There are fitness trackers, and then there are Fitness Trackers. It's fair to say the folks at Garmin know a thing or two about fitness tracking, since they've been making GPS watches since 2003. Their most recent efforts demonstrate clearly how much time they have had to perfect adding complex parts to their watches, if for no other reason than the battery life on these products is just outstanding. The Garmin VivoFit promised a year of battery life on a single charge, and it's successor is taking that same bold claim and adding a bit of style.

CES for Garmin this year means showing off the entire collection, which includes everything from the $130 VivoFit 2 to the $500 fēnix 3. The VivoFit 2 is going to work its way into several different band designs to suit your needs, and with Connect IQ acting as a developer kit Garmin hopes third party support will make these wearables even more useful. They're simple, stylish, and the battery life alone is worth giving Garmin's wearable efforts a serious look.