Night owls, I understand your perspective. Night time is the right time to hunker down, light a few candles, and get into the zone with your Chromebook. But all that blue light shining in our faces is detrimental to our sleep health, which is why Chrome OS will soon have a native night mode.

By way of Android Police, there's a Night Light feature that's just entered the Canary channel, where new features get tested out before they're made public. Like Nougat's built-in Night Mode feature, the Night Light tints the screen a subtle red-orange to help mitigate the effects of staring into a computer display so late at night.

Chrome OS's Night Light feature.

Per Google+, the feature works as thus:

You can turn it on and off quickly whenever you want from the Status Menu (Alt + Shift + S) or go into Chrome OS Settings, adjust color temperature from cooler to warmer. In Canary 🐥 channel, you can now also set it in "Sunset to Sunrise" automatic mode or use a custom schedule as you can see below.

Since this feature is only recently making its rounds through the developer channel, it may take a few more months before we see the feature added to every version of Chrome OS. In the meantime, you can try out a Chrome extension like Screen Shader to get you through the night, provided you do most of your work through browser-based clients.