What are the best tempered glass screen protectors for the Moto G5 Plus?

The new Moto G5 Plus is an awesome budget phone with a 5.2-inch LCD screen that's sure to impress — but only if you keep it safe from scratches and cracks.

Your best bet? Buy a tempered glass screen protector.

Sparin tempered glass screen protector (two-pack)

Sparin has consistently produced great tempered glass screen protectors, so you should be good to go with this two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors.

Designed to cover the flat portion of the screen while leaving no unsightly halo around the edges, these leave room around the edges for a case which is good for those looking to completely protect their new phone. You'll also enjoy the 2.5D round edges on these, which are kind on your fingers and looked cleaner when you look up close. This screen protector features cutouts around the ear speaker, front-facing camera and fingerprint sensor, so you'll feel the difference of those softer edges.

This is a dry-install screen protector should go on easy with a bubble-free installation, and thin enough to maintain the full touch sensitivity of the screen.

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Yootech tempered glass screen protector (two-pack)

If you're looking for a tempered glass screen protector that's backed by a lifetime warranty, Yootech has you covered. This two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors are ultra thin at only 0.33mm, with a scratch resistant surface featuring an oleophobic coating.

Featuring precise laser-cut cutouts around the ear speaker, camera, and fingerprint sensor, this kit comes with everything you need for a clean, bubble-free installation including alcohol wipes and dust removing strips.

Spend some time to make sure your get the perfect fit on installation and you're good to go!

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Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector (three-pack)

Two is good, but three is better! This bundle from Supershieldz comes with three tempered glass screen protectors for your Moto G5 Plus. If value is your main goal, you simply can't beat this bundle.

You'll get near edge-to-edge coverage here with enough room to accommodate a case, along with 2.5D edges for a nice smooth feel for your fingers.

Supershieldz are known for making really quality screen protectors that are anti-scratch, hydrophobic, obeophobic and backed by Supershieldz no-hassle lifetime replacement warranty. If you're a serial phone abuser and feel like you might run through more than a couple screen protectors during your phone's life, this is a great, affordable option.

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LK tempered glass screen protector (three-pack)

While the other three options on this list offer a very similar design, this three pack from LK takes a different approach, doing away with the thin ridges around the cutouts and just swooping right down around the ear speaker and camera at the top, and cutting up from the bottom edge around the fingerprint scanner.

On one hand, this leaves more of your screen exposed, but it also should help improve the overall integrity of the screen protector by removing those weak points around the cutouts.

Scratch resistant, shatterproof, and oleophobic, these screen protectors will keep your Moto G5 Plus screen protected, and are backed by a lifetime, no-hassle replacement warranty.

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