Give your GS7 and GS7 edge a second life with a battery pack.

I know, camping is supposed to be a way to get away from society for a while. But some of us just can't fall asleep without crushing some candy before beddy-byes. If you're going to be on the go for a day or two and simply don't have any time to waste near a wall socket, then you should consider an external battery pack or power bank.

They're entirely portable, relatively inexpensive, and could keep your phone going when you need it most.

We've rounded up the best battery packs for your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge — and for your lifestyle.

Updated March 2017: These are still solid options for any Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge users out there.

Aukey Portable Power Bank (10,400 mAh)


The Aukey Portable Power Bank will charge your Galaxy S7 twice over with a little bit of gas left in the tank, just in case. It offers over-current and short circuit protection, and it won't overheat or become overcharged itself.

As a portable bank, it's a little on the thick side, at nearly two inches, but it is relatively inexpensive, often starting around $20.

This one's for those of you who just want a basic fast-charing battery pack and only need it for a day at a time. If you're having to go days without seeing a wall socket, then you'll want to consider one of the bigger battery packs below.

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EasyAcc Monster (20,000 mAh)


Charge your Galaxy S7 and up to three other devices at the same time with the EasyAcc Monster. They're not kidding about the name. This baby has enough juice to charge your GS7 around six times over, which makes it great if you're headed out of town for a few days and aren't sure if you'll see a wall socket any time soon.

It's got a built-in flashlight and can auto-detect components and adjust the maximum output accordingly, which makes it great if you've got multiple devices on the go. Does the whole family have Galaxy S7s? Charge them all at the same time.

No need to worry about overcharging and shorting, since the EasyAcc has a built-in surge protector, which is ideal since you'll have to wait 6 hours for this one to charge fully.

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KMASHI (20,000 mAh)


KMASHI's external battery bank can charge two devices simultaneously, making this ideal for anyone who's carrying around the Galaxy S7 and tablet (because if both die on you, that's one long bus ride home from work or school). It's got one regular USB charging port, and another Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port.

At 20,000 mAh, this bank has enough juice to charge your Galaxy S7 around 6 times, so you could go for days without seeing a wall socket and be just fine.

This battery pack comes with a flashlight for emergency situations and offers a sleek, somewhat rugged design, which means you can take it more or less anywhere with you. Size-wise, it's about average for an external battery pack of the capacity, at around 6 inches by 4 inches.

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Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack (5,200 mAh)

Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack (5,200 mAh)

If you're brand-conscious when it comes to accessories and also want a reliable battery pack, then consider the Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack. At 5,200 mAh, it'll give you at least one full charge nice and quickly.

Samsung claims that their battery pack will take you from 0 percent to 50 in about half an hour, thanks to its Quick Charge 2.0 support. Best of all, it's sleek enough to fit in a pocket, being around the same size as a Galaxy S7 edge.

You can also match your GS7 or GS7 edge with your battery pack, since it comes in gold and silver.

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Unifun 10,400 mAh Waterproof Power Bank

Unifun 10,400 mAh Waterproof Power Bank

Calling all campers! Unifun's power bank is rugged and waterproof, so you can charge your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge when you're really on the go. It's rated IP66 for water and dust resistance, while also having anti-shock and anti-skid protection.

This pack even has a strap hole, so you can attach to a belt loop or clip, which is great if you're working outside all day or constantly on the go; just run a cord to your pocket and away you go.

It's a little bulky, at 6 inches, by almost 3 inches, but you'd expect something so rugged to be a little on the bulky side.

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What's your favorite?

Which battery packs are you using to charge your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge? Sound off in the comments below!