It isn't a given that your next Android phone will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Many of the best overall phones available today just don't offer the port, despite being one of the most-requested features from smartphone buyers. Thankfully, some companies have heard the call and kept the headphone jack around. These are the best phones you can get that still have one.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung keeps carrying the torch with consumer-friendly features like a headphone jack. The Note 9 is one of the best phones you can buy today, and it also has kept the 3.5mm jack around. It's big, powerful, feature-packed, and has a unique stylus — plus great battery life and a tremendous display.

$900 at Amazon

Great audio quality

LG V40

The V40 is effectively a middle ground between a Note 9 and a Galaxy S9+. It's big and powerful with all of the latest features and a great screen — plus a fun triple-camera setup on the back with a unique wide-angle lens. It also has a great DAC supporting its headphone jack for great audio quality.

$950 at Amazon

Amazing value

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is the standard by which all other mainstream phones are measured. It has all of the appealing aspects of the Note 9 (minus the S Pen), shrunken down to a manageable size. Several months into its life it's starting to come way down in price, which makes it extra enticing. This is still a flagship-level phone, but now it's not priced like one.

$620 at Amazon

Budget pick

Nokia 7.1

Nokia's making great phones that check all of the boxes in terms of daily experience and features and doing so at a fantastic price. It keeps the headphone jack and fills out the rest of the experience with components and specs far better than you'd expect for a sub-$400 phone.

$350 at Amazon

With a keyboard

BlackBerry KEY2

People get a BlackBerry KEY2 for the keyboard and security features, but it also happens to have a headphone jack. This is the kind of productivity-focused phone that you don't want to have hung up with a dongle or Bluetooth.

$615 at Amazon

When you have to have a headphone jack, your options are more limited today than they were a couple years ago. But there are still several amazing choices. Pick up a Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, LG V40, Nokia 7.1 or several others and you'll get a great phone that also still offers that necessary audio port. If we were to recommend one, we'd highlight the Galaxy Note 9, which is packed full of features for less than $1,000.

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