Users have long been nagging at Google to add a system-wide dark mode to Android. It's still unclear if/when that'll happen, but at least for owners of the Pixel phones, Google will soon add an option for manually turning on the dark theme for the Pixel Launcher that's currently featured when using certain wallpapers.

As you might expect, this confirmation from Google resulted in something of a mixed bag.

While it's great that Google's giving Pixel users more control over how the UI looks, the fact that this is being limited to the Pixel Launcher (which is exclusive to Google Pixel phones) has left some folks a bit disgruntled.

There's a lot of back and forth going on in the AC forums over this right now, and this is what the conversation looks like so far.


And it saves on battery life as there isn't a need to light up all those white pixels anymore!


If this dark theme weren't restricted to the Pixel launcher, I'd be all for it. When Google comes up with a dark theme that I can apply to Settings pages and to Android System & the System UI in order to get black notifications, then I'll get excited. My guess on an ETA for that excitement: the 12th of Never.


Bring it on, more choices are always a good thing

Billy Bob Jimmy Joe

Systemwide dark theme or bust!


What do you think? Are you excited for the Pixel Launcher's manual dark mode?

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