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There comes a time in every Android user's life where you want to install an app not found in the Android Market. If it's your first time, you're greeted with, "For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from the Android Market" message as you try to install. But how do we get there?

To allow app installs from non-Market apps, tap the menu button on your home screen, then choose Settings >> Applications >> Unknown sources.

Who are these "Unknown sources," and what do they want? Simply put, it's anything other than the Android Market. Could be an app sent by e-mail. Or downloaded from a website.

If you're worried about the security implications of allowing unknown sources, there's an easy fix -- install the app from outside the Android Market, and then hit the checkbox again to turn them back off.

If you're on an AT&T phone, you won't have this option, but Android Central's got you covered. Head on over to our very own Sideload Wonder Machine on the forums to get your non-Market install on.

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Allow app installs from 'unknown sources'


I'm pretty sure few people give a shit about SWM. We AT&T users would most likely just root our phones. Root>SWM

Actually, I'm quite appreciative of Jerry's work with creating the SWM for us AT&T users. I've only had to use it once so far, for the new SwiftKey 2 beta, but it was a simple 2-3 clicks and done. Why root when I have no need to root and will only occasionally ever even need to install non-market apps? Do I wish AT&T would stop being controlling and just enable it already? Sure. But thanks to Jerry's help, it's no big deal.

Thanks for trying to speak for me though. It was cute.

Plenty of people have no need for root access or no business messing with their device to obtain it... The SWM is a perfect solution for them. Don't crap on other people's work just because it's of no use to you.

I'm on sprints and have no need for this app but i would like to comment on the first post. Nevermind not worth the time. I wouldn't have posted if it wasn't for that looser.

thanks for the info ive got a thunderbolt and was woundering how i was going to get wireless teather on it after i root it seeing as its not on the market plase any longer i do have the file for it so if i email it to my phone it should install right a little help on this would be great im new to all this smartphone crap but willing to lurn