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We usually scoff when we hear about Android tablets going for $199. But when we hear about stalwart retailer X10 selling one for $199, we'll at least give things a listen. The X10 AirPad promises to be the "best tablet on the market for under $200."

X10 AirPad Let's talk specs: You've got a 7-inch display with a measly 800x480 resolution. (By comparison, the Acer Iconia a100 and HTC Flyer each has a 7-inch touchscreen at 1024x600 resolution.) So it's fewer pixels, but that means less work for the 1.2 GHz Rockchip 2918 processor. That's all pushing Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so it's got that going for it, which is nice. There's 512MB of RAM on board, and 4GB on internal storage. There's a 2MP camera, which we're probably safe in ignoring on spec.

The 4000 mAh batter is rated as 6 hours of movie or music playback (we have a hard time believing music playback takes as much juice, but whatever), or 4 hours of Wifi Internet accvess. And speaking of Wifi, it's got 802.11 b/g. There's also HDMI out for 1080p playback, a full-size USB port, mini (not micro) USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

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X10 AirPad promises to be the best $199 tablet around, sports full USB port


Not horrible if you're looking for a real cheap tablet. Beats a lot of the competition fighting for the same price range.

I have a 7" crap pad and my wife has an iPad. I prefer the smaller device, as I don't have a purse. The Crap Pad (Seriously, it's a Gentouch 78. It can't get much crappier) even fits in my back pocket, although I have to be careful not to sit on it.

I wouldn't buy any tablet until.after ice cream sandwhich. Though I like the smaller dayplanner size ...especially if the out one in a dayplanner rather than the cumbersome 10 incher

on their forums, they mentioned that when ice cream sandwich is released, they will be building an update for it.

I love working at best buy and having a employee stash of 20 HP PADS in the back office. Haha

Can I make phone calls on this obsolete device?
I mean if I wanted Gingerbread I would just use my 4.3 inch screen on my EVO 3D.

Gingerbread is not obsolete (yet) and when it is the Airpad will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes you can make phone calls from the AirPad by using a WiFi hotspot.

"There's a 2MP camera, which we're probably safe in ignoring on spec." It's a front facing camera, not rear.. I assume they put it there for video chat, not shooting video of your kids playing, in which case, it's more than capable..

I think this is a pretty good device for who they are aiming at.. People who either dont have alot of money and want to get a tablet, or people who arent sure if they want to spend $400+ on a power tablet like the xoom/transformer/etc. Its got pretty good bang for the buck, and the fact they are already stating they will update when next version comes out, shows they are making the effort.

Oh and might I remind you.. while there advertising practices were horrible during the early internet ads days, those little X10 camera's worked AMAZINGLY! and were pretty well built. I would probably pick one up to play with (and eventually donate to the wife/son) if they were offering them to Canada.

I would buy one of these for my 6 year-old son in a heartbeat, if it had GPS.

I do not want another tablet w/o GPS.. 1st-gen WiFi iPad, I am looking at YOU... :-(

LOL y'all need to calm down I was just kidding. But in the end you're the mad one without a touchpad. And as for a teenage job, I work and go to school. What else do ya want?

Same exact tablet is sold as R9 and sells for $178 at other locations.

The wopad i7 has ddr3 ram and flash 10.3 support. $171 at merimobile with 5% off coupon. It's slightly better performing.

Wish X10 would come out with a better android app than X10 Commander. If they're going to have a tablet with android, they should make an X10 home automation app!

I agree, and wouldn't put it past them. I would rumor that it might be the reason they are selling the tablet in the first place. I bet they have a few apps by middle of next year.

Anyone else notice the fact that it says 2 MP for the camera but on the closeup pic it shows it as 1.3 mp. Hmm. Interesting. Anyone know if you can use these HDMI ports as INPUT ports instead of OUTPUTS. I'd love to use this as a little portable monitor for my HD cam which has an HDMI output. Anyone know if this is possible? I doubt it but I figured I'd ask if ANY of these 7" tablets can be used as a "monitor" in this way (via HDMI). Thanks!

The "spec" for the camera is 1.3 M pixels but it actually produces 1600x1200 images, that's 1,920,000 pixels, i.e. just short of 2 M pixels.

Sorry, but you can't use an MDMI output as an input.

rpankoe wrote: Wish X10 would come out with a better android app than X10 Commander. If they're going to have a tablet with android, they should make an X10 home automation app!

Yes, this will be coming soon. Other apps too!

I have ordered one of these but have yet to receive it, has anyone else heard of someone getting theirs yet. Seems odd since the website claims they sold out of the first shipment.

We sold out of our first and second shipments but will be getting more in on Tuesday. If you call 1-800-442-5065 they will be able to tell you if yours has shipped.

If X10 sold out of the first and second shipments then how come we can't seem to find anybody who has received one???

I have searched high and low and have only found one person who has one and they have reviewed it and that is UISGEEK.COM.

I ordered one and have sent two emails asking when it will be shipped and have yet to get an answer...


I just called the above number and my order hasn't shipped yet. The X10 representative said they were expecting another shipment either tomorrow (Friday 09/09/2011) or Monday (09/12/2011) and my AirPad should ship shortly after they receive the Airpads in their warehouse.

When I called the above number nobody answers it just comes up with some lousy music so no way to know who one is in touch with. I waited for a long time until someone finally answered and was given the above information.

I have never ordered from X10 before and don't really know anything about them except that I was getting ready to order some security equipment from them and so was on their mailing list when the add came up for the 7" AirPad tablet and I have been looking to buy a 7" tablet. And so I ordered it.

It remains to be seen what I end up thinking about doing business with the X10 people


Jim, don't do it, you'll be sorry, they are quick to take your $$ but that's all. most of my friends had been taken for a ride.

X10 = bad/dishonest company. they Lie, Lie and more Lies!!! So where is my refund?? NEVER NEVER again to deal with this company. Someone from the state should close down their Marysville sales office!

Do not take a chance with this very dishonest company, there are 100's of 7" out there selling for $60~$149... google is your friend!