NFC chip hand implant

Game developer Zoe Quinn recently implanted an NFC chip in the space between her thumb and index finger. Appropriately enough, she's since programmed the chip to send a link to her Humble Bundle page for Deus Ex, a popular shooter game about cyborgs. So, if you bump into her, you can tap your phone against the base of her thumb and get a free video game about human/robot hybrids. Here's a video of the operation, which starts at about the four-minute mark. It's not for the squeamish, and it certainly doesn't help that she had to inject it herself with a giant needle.

This isn't Zoe's first stop on the road to cyborgdom either. She's already implanted a tiny magnet in the tip of her finger, enabling her to feel nearby magnetic fields of all sorts. That's notably less practical than an NFC chip, but certainly an interesting exploration in our relationship with machines. Apparently both are too small to screw with airport security, MRIs, or debit cards. The two implants also don't interfere with one another. As for the pain level of getting the implant, Zoe says it barely hurt compared to the magnet.

The NFC chip in question is an NXP NTAG216 which offers 888 bytes of data transmission; easily enough to issue commands and share links on smartphones, though she's still exploring the possibilities. For the immediate future, she aims to make a game that plays with her implant. Here's a quick look at what she can do now.

Zoe's got a background in body modification, realized this whole thing was crazy, and went ahead and did it anyway. When asked if other should try this, she says "DON'T BE CRAZY. ... I am a dumb, dumb person." The funny thing is, Zoe's not the first person to get this sort of implant, and likely not the last.

A few years down the line, procedures and products for these operations may very well be ironed out and regulated. In that hypothetical future, would you be interested in getting an NFC implant? Why or why not? Would you have the cojones to inject one into yourself if it meant you could get one now? What would you use it for?

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Would you implant an NFC chip into your hand?


Any of you have a reason that isn't based on whack job religiosity that doesn't even make sense within its own fiction?

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Based on your comment, it's obvious you're biased against our beliefs, so other than what I just wrote, I'm not going to honor your comment with a response.

That's true, I am. But to my knowledge the "mark of the beast" has to be willingly and knowingly accepted. If you are tricked or forced it loses its power. Hence all this "mark of the beast" junk people come out with is just that, junk. Even if you believe in magic. :p

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How can you willingly and knowingly receive the mark of the beast, when his greatest deception is his non-existence? Is he at a booth somewhere giving them out and shaking hands?

His mark is known... which is why people are making the correlation. That means there is a conscious disregard for the warning, and a conscious decision involved if you receive the chip. No tricks involved.

Is unlocking your phone with your finger really that hard?

The mark also doesn't bestow any power to the receiver so saying "if you're tricked or forced it loses its power" sounds derpy.

Seriously, this is 21st century. Religious intolerants like you are out. Everybody can practice a religion freely. And also express what you think is a right too!(except if you damage some one or you don't respect his or her beliefs)

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Yup! That's how the Devil works. Not even the slightest bit sneaky, not in any way. Everyone with who's read the bible will be able to catch on to his plans, and even some of the filthy dirty heathens will catch on.

Mark of the Beast is your cell phone, he already got you.

..or maybe the mark of jesus... 888 bytes ???

"Numbers are often used symbolically in the Bible, the number 7 representing perfection. The Antichrist, a man, has the number 666, which continually falls short of perfection. The letters in Jesus Christ supposedly total 888, which goes beyond perfection."


It's funny - I was just looking at this. You say that, and then you look at the syringe they send you to inject them...

I totally still would.

Yeah. The chips aren't *that* small, and the syringe has to be big enough to the chip to travel down, so...

I'm gonna go with "nope" on that one. Not a big fan of needles.

No f#&$%+g way. My dogs are micro chipped. I will not be electronically tracked from something implanted in my body.

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Because that's exactly how nfc works. Especially given the size of the antenna in these chips. You'd be lucky if you could tell there was a chip there at 2 feet. So I'd be less worried about being tracked by my nfc implant, and more about the drone following my hand. Also, if I was someone who wanted to track you, I'd put the chip in your Moto X (which by the way is already there), or your credit card.

Keep in mind that NFC readers are all around us. All I have to do is know where you been then with collide a scope I will be able to see you or where your going.

NFC has a range of about 2cm (at least with this small of an antenna). It's not like they could track you walking through the mall with it.

If the government really wanted to track you, they could just trick you into carrying around an electronic device that constantly reports your exact GPS position.


Only if I could set it to lock and unlock my phone based on my hand (and assuming that NFC was more secure than regular lock codes). That way I could bypass whole fingerprint reader idea.

That would be cool, but as it stands now, you'd have to hold your phone in a very specific way, with the chip touching a pretty small area of the phone, to get it to unlock.

No, but it should be in a glove. Then the phone would know when to activate super sensitivity to work with gloves so that when not using gloves the ultra sensitive screen is not as jumpy. Could also tell the phone how thick gloves are to adjust sensitivity appropriately.

As much as you do not want it, in 20 years or so it will be commonplace. Medical records, banking stuff, "google wallet", tons of stuff. The thing that I hope for is an on/off switch.

20 Years Huh NoNe ? Good..
In 20 years I'm going to Slice Your Ass Open.. Rip Your Chip and Rip Off your Bank Account.....

Meh, it is to be expected from several like Will. Just to answer, I am kinda gonna guess that it will be bio-electrical and tuned you.

Or at the very least, you'll have the same option to remotely deactivate a lost/malfunctioning chip just like with a credit card today.

But Who Knows Maybe Your Ass Will Get Sliced Open And You'll Get Robbed Of All Your Moneys.

That There Is What You Call Your New "High-Tech" Crime..
Circa 2034..
Stop Shaking In Your Boots..
Take A Closer Look At My Pic.. I'll Be Dead In 20 Years...
But That Don't Mean I Won't Haunt Your Ass.

new age self-mutilation? im not into that, and this article is something I would have expected from the verge.

People are not open to change that easily. People thought it was fun seeing those Futurama laser door locks on TV. But in real life, people will hate it because it's not socially compatible and too "techy"

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If I didn't hate needles, possibly. I'd get one of those NFC door locks and all I'd need is my freaking hand to get in the house!

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What do you actually do with them? Have you found them to have real uses or just gimmicky tricks you stop using after a month? Legitimately intrigued.

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No pics or video. They are both em4102 RFID chips that I can read with a card scanner hooked up to my computer. I have the scanner programmed to hit enter after each read and use them as my password with a pin# placed before that I change frequently. I did buy some readers to do my car door locks but never got around to it. Oh... And I injected them into my own hands lol. Almost passed out but succeeded anyway.

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Honestly, yeah. Do I have a reason to, no, not now... but one day, maybe. When I have a chance to and have a reason, sure. Wouldn't mind NFC chipping my gun to my hand that way it only fires when I say to.

Would not give up my freedom that way. Someone would figure out how to access and track your every move. Eventually as became more commonplace would become required conditions of use for a variety mediums.

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I agree. And these chips are only readable within a few inches. Nothing to worry about.

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Unless you turn your Wi-Fi off on your phone when you go out, companies are already able to silently track you.

Forget WiFi. They can track the GPS. And, even if you turn that off, they can determine where you are with a moderate level of accuracy just by triangulating your cellular signal strength against a few cell towers.

Hell yes, I'm not normally a fan of body mods but this??? Hell yes, it's worth it just to blow iPhone users minds.

And if it makes maniacs who still worry about devils, gods and other mythical beings uncomfortable then SIGN ME UP for the "Mark of the Beast". :-P

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Absolutely not. Why would I do that when I could get all the same benefits from using an NFC equipped ring? The ring I could take off whenever I felt like it but the implant is permanent. No, no, no, there is absolutely no need for this now or ever.
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No, because what happens when the latest and greatest comes out?

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Hell yeah! If I could think of a real use... I bought a 10 pack of NFC stickers about a year ago and 9 are still in the cellophane.

I know a few of medical professionals and the odd piercer/tattooist, so I'd see if I could enlist some assistance. I have the cojones, but someone with both hands free would find it easier. Copy/paste from connectedly.

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Cool, good use of Glass. How long did it take to heal? Did it ache afterwards at all?

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I put it in a week ago, and it's been painless until the last day or so - it's aching a bit as it heals, but nothing significant.

Dude... if it *started* hurting after a week, I'd be a little worried about an infection of some kind.

There are all kinds of indicators of infection other than pain, and infection pain is rarely a trivial dull pain. None of those other indicators are present, including verifying that my white count is normal.

It's far more likely that the scar tissue is just settling down.

Not a chance.....
I have my ear pierced and that is it. No tats either.

Enemy of The State
Person of Interest
Mark of the Beast

For he shall have all to receive a mark IN their right hand, or iN their head.. People please I only ask you to read revelation out of the bible Before you take this implant. Please & Thank you. May God bless you all

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14 I think, without any con bonus. But that's 2.5E.

"Jesus saves! And only takes half damage."

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Please go find a better straw to grasp at, this one's beginning to wear a bit thin. And I'd say that your cellphone is probably a better candidate for the mark of the beast. "In your hand" can mean a lot of things, and it's the same with the "original" Latin wording of that verse.

Revelations is all symbolic. Anyone who actually believes an NFC chip is the mark of the beast is just kidding themselves.
For instance, the right hand symbolizes strength, authority, and an close association. Jesus sits at the right hand of the father.
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I see know reason to get something like this done. It's interesting to see that she would go through this for the sake of technology.

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Match one with Moto's trusted sources, and it would be a great security measure for a phone. Never need to enter an unlock password again.

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Ah. No. Really bad idea. How "near" is near field, really? I know I can be tracked by my phone, credit cards, car, etc. But, a least I can put those down or stop using them. Biometrics would be fine with me, but no chip.

You have to be about half a centimetre away, I've seldom been that close to a satellite...

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With a passive system like this, you could probably pick it up at about a meter or so when it's activated (when something is energizing and communicating with it), but you'd probably notice the equipment required to pick up the signal at that range, it's kind of not very portable.

Something that could read a chip with this tiny of an antenna at a meter would probably put out enough EMF to make you dizzy or sick to your stomach.

Something handheld could probably pick it up at 1-2cm, but that's not really a concern for being "tracked" without your knowledge. If you're worried about that, though, it might be time to ditch the cell phone.

Wait... Why is biometrics OK but NFC Not? Biometrics includes everything that makes you, as a person, unique. Your height, weight, facial features, finger prints etc... Many of those features can be seen by the millions of cameras connected to the 'net at any given time. They want to find you? They can. Chips be dammed.
And for all you people who keep crapping on the "Mark of the Beast," be warned: The mark is already upon you. It matters not if you choose to have NFC, tattoos, or any other modification. G-d himself made each of us unique. The tools we have already, and are making stronger as a collective, have turned that uniqueness into the mark you fear.

Certainly not this way. But if this is accompanied by something that could check my blood sugar, then as a diabetic, this would be enormously useful. I would be able to monitor my glucose levels continuously. I'm sure there are other medical uses for something like this.

Yes I would I would set it to unlock my front door so I never have to work about forgetting my keys

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Of course I wouldn't and I also wouldn't trust no one with implanted "chips" .

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There's something really wrong with this ppl tagging themselves. You're putting yourself one step closer into a concentration camp.

well I was going to say "probably not" before people started talking about the "mark of the beast" and being tracked from space through NFC (lol). Now I really, really want one. I'm going to ask if they can make the scar in a pentagram shape.

All the religious whack jobs came out of the woodwork in a hurry for this one.... Android Central, you should identify the Zealots and delete their accounts... There is no room for creationism here. If it were up to me, I would have them exterminated.

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Just because someone is a Christian makes them a "religious whack job"? Christians have every right to express their opinion, just as you do.

See I disagree. The first comment to start the debate was religious based. The heathens didn't say anything about religion until it was brought up by a believer.

So therefore, we are discussing tech here, not religion. It's not anyone's fault for what they believe, but it's amazing how more and more people are now not quiet about not believing. And when they say something back to a believer, who is still not used to someone actually not believing, you have nothing else to say, except something about "I have rights too" blah blah blah. Get over it and keep your beliefs to your self on a tech site. I don't come here for that crap.

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I don't come here for religious discussion either, but e_b_stallings didn't just say "something back to a believer". He went straight to bashing and said they should be removed from the site, as if religious people don't have a right to be here and expose themselves as religious, and that if it was up to him he "would have them exterminated". That's hate speech and there's definitely no room for that - here or anywhere else. Dude, you don't like what someone has to say? Just say you disagree, skip over it or kindly offer a rebuttal. Some people's views of tech are influenced by other beliefs they hold, religious or not, and that comes out at times like this. The poster right before e_b_stallings said he'd do it out of spite for the religious talk and the tracking paranoia. He didn't bash anyone to make that point, just made it clear that he sees things differently. Ok, man, if that's how you feel, go right ahead. Who cares that the first comment was religious based? So far, the majority of comments from believers and non-believers (that I have seen) have not been offensive. Even earlier, e_b_stallings told a poster he doesn't like him because of his belief in Christ. Ok, we don't have to like each other. That's not offensive. This particular comment from e_b_stallings was. If anyone should be removed from the site, it's him.

To be clear, I am a Christian. I would not do this, but it has nothing to do with me being Christian. I just don't think it would be practical. It would be cool to use my hand without a key to get into my house, but I prefer the idea of something like a NFC-enabled ring that someone else mentioned rather than an implant that could go bad or become quickly obsolete. Of course, my phone can serve the exact same purpose right now too.

Shaggie, don't take my first sentence as I'm agreeing with stallings, please. I surely dont. My comment started from reading at the beginning of the the posts, and landed here.

It was responding to pappies part of commenting here, as in having the right. That's all. I'm actually down with ring idea more than anything, but that can be stolen easier than a I've heard.
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Unfortunately. That's all you'll(religious people) say after someone condemned your agree that this isn't a religious forum? That's my point I wish both sides would not bring it up here. If I wish to read that stuff, I know where to look. Feel free to reply, as you pointed out, it's your right. But I'm personally tapping out, as to not further against my own point.
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Well, I'm certainly glad you'll never hold a political office, or position of any power. Close minded people like you are what is ruining the world. Please explain to me how I'm a 'whack job' or should have my account deleted based upon my religious beliefs that NO-ONE is forcing on you? Hmm? It's freedom of religion (or freedom to lack a religion), freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of everything else that we can do (including all the ones that the government is trying to snatch away) that have made this country (and every other free country) great.


A bit more on topic, I'm a Christian, and I don't really think this has anything to do with the 'mark of the beast' thing. Its basically just a little chip that can only be recognized within a few inches, and it can't even be seen outside the body. I definitely don't plan on getting one, but I just don't see the connection. Now, when the government starts requiring GPS trackers, or visible implants/tattoos, THATS, when we know its here.....

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You should be able to do the same. Use this format:

img src="full URL to image file including extension (.gif, .jpg, .png should work)" /

inside a pair of angle brackets (Shift + comma, Shift + period)

Probably not right now, but in a couple of years with a little more functionality, absolutely! I'd like to see it paired with fitness technology in some way as well.

Considering all the other metal objects you can see protruding from her body (and God knows how many she has that you CAN'T see) it's obvious that it's nothing more than a cry for attention. Hey, her body, she wants to screw it up sticking metal objects all over her, it just makes it much easier to know she is a moron, and never to try to have an intelligent conversation with her. As for the NFC? Nope, no way, as others have said...mark of the beast. Revelations, 13: 16-18

Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Matthew 7:1-3

That's the big question. By the looks of things, a lot of people have managed to get the implant without any issues, but without any medical approval or standards, it's hard to say just how safe the whole thing is. A lot of the people that do it dissuade others in order to avoid untrained folks from mangling themselves.

The answer to your question is a thorough 'probably'. It has its risks, mostly associated with placement and infection, but if it's in and settles down then the risks are very low, mostly relating to the tag itself breaking.

The placement in the webbing between thumb and forefinger is designed to provide good padding and to have a reasonable distance from any critical structures like nerves and tendons.

I spent a few days reading up on the anatomy of the hand, best practices for body modification, RF energy inside the human body, and so on, considered it safe enough for me, and that's why I put mine in; you have to make the decision yourself and assume the risks.

I'm no dooms day prepper, but if the metaphorical shit hits the fan, I want to be able to smash my phone and walk the other way without anyone being able to track me. I fear this technology that is intended for good is flirting with disaster.

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I'm not infusing any type of chip into my body. I don't care which body part, it's not going to happen. It's fine in my pocket or on my wrist in the form of a smart watch.

Posted through my Nexus 7!


So want NFC chip in my finger or palm. I like NFC and if there were more uses for it, I might.

Although Bluetooth installed in the ear drums sounds more effective. Would be kinda bad ass. Although someone brought up a good point of when it becomes out of date or no longer used. That would suck.

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I can see that becoming ugly in the future. People getting these to not have to carry around wallets and keys, but in order to break into your home and steal your life savings, they'll just need to chop off a finger or two.... I'll pass for now.

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Just out of curiosity, would this show up on metal detectors? Like at airport security? And if so, what the hell would she tell them?

Yes I would. It would become like a digital fingerprint. Imagine getting into the car and the car turning on because you are in a car. Kinda like having a keyless fob but without the fob. Unlocking and opening a door by just turning the knob because the knob "knows it is you. You could type on a keyboard to your computer and never be asked to input a password because the keyboard "reads" that it is you. I can see endless possibilities.

Deus Ex is not a game about cyborg, it's about augmentation (not that kind you're thinking about).
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Not a chance, unfortunately. It'd be local anesthetic only. General anesthesia is a huge financial cost and an even bigger legal liability.

What about if she needs an MRI?
They are going to have to remove the NFC chip just to perform a procedure that is supposed to be non-invasive and painless.
Not for me
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My friend broke his hand bad, He has steel screws and a steel plate. He had a MRI last year and just had to keep his hand outside the machine.

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I wouldn't consider it until after Apple has replaced it with their own proprietary standard that everyone else is forced to scramble to support. And even then, they'd just change it again in five years.

"Deus Ex, a popular shooter game about cyborgs"
Popular shooter, my ass. It's the best game of the 21st century!

No!never! I hate all the Mark of the beast, conspirations and all that stuff. I dont want to be a cyborg!

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Considering the wholesale cost of NTAG216 implants (not injection kits) are presently about $2.00 each, does anyone happen to have a few laying around for a reasonable price? I'd pay as much as $10 each for the convenience of not having to order 100. I am a licensed body piercer and I really don't need the injection kit.

Furthermore, I'd like to use this to automatically decrypt/unlock my android. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you.