The U.S. carriers have kicked off pre-orders for LG's latest ahead of April 7 street date.

Our favorite phone of 2017 so far is now up for pre-order on American shores. The big four U.S. carriers have started taking orders for the LG G6, meaning you can secure yours in time for the April 7 release date. All three are offering a free Google Home, courtesy of LG, if you order your G6 before April 30.

Buy the LG G6 from Verizon

Verizon is offering the G6 for $28 per month with $0 down, or $672 if you're paying the full retail price, in black and platinum colors. Pre-orders are set to ship by March 30.

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Buy the LG G6 from AT&T

AT&T has the same two colors available for $24 per month, or $719.99 outright, with pre-orders due to ship between April 4 and 6. Get your G6 on a two-year AT&T Next deal and the carrier will hook you up with an LG Watch Sport for $49.99. (That's in addition to LG's separate promotion for a free Google Home.)

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Buy the LG G6 from Sprint

Over on Sprint, it's $29.50 monthly on a 24-month plan, or $299.99 with a 24-month contract. Full retail price is $708, and Sprint is throwing in a free 49-inch LG TV to sweeten the deal — again, on top of that free Google Home.

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Buy the LG G6 from T-Mobile

As of March 22, T-Mobile has launched pre-orders for the LG G6. T-Mo's G6 will set you back $650 outright, or 24 payments of $26 after $26 down, with the same free Google Home promotion if you buy before April 30.

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Buy the LG G6 from other retailers

Meanwhile B&H Photo has the U.S. unlocked G6 (LG-US997) listed, but without a price or release date.

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