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Your Android smartphone is your go-to device to keep current on just about everything, so it's no wonder that weather applications have become so popular. There's an abundance of weather apps on the various Android markets out there, but many of us are looking for something simple, that sits in the app drawer waiting for you to need it versus something that's more in-your-face with widgets and animations. I think I just found the one I'm looking for. 

Weather Here does only one thing -- display the weather for where you're located. There's nothing to set up, it just checks to grab your location (it uses Wifi and cell tower location first, keeping the GPS off unless absolutely needed) then tells you the current weather, a forecast, and a local radar map. Using NOAA/National Weather Service data, it seems fairly accurate, and the application is fast to load and doesn't bog down your phone with fluff. If you like the fluff, I can understand and Weather Here probably isn't for you. Think of it as a no-nonsense approach to show weather data on your phone, but done well and great looking.

Just because it's lean, doesn't mean it's lacking in features. It's warm(ish) and windy here today, and I get a weather warning alert about wildfire dangers with just a tap. Tapping on any day in the forecast list gives me the details, and Menu>Radar shows me the animated precipitation radar map for my area. Again, with nothing to set-up -- just install, and go. The free version has mobile ads and a timed dialog when opening the radar screen, but the full version for $0.99 removes both. Add in no goofy permissions, and you have a hell of a nice, simple, app that does exactly what it says on the tin. Hit the break for a couple screenshots and download links.

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Weather Here [Android app review]


Yes, it is US only.

Weather data comes from NOAA which is the US national weather service. I'm using NOAA because they provide weather reports for GPS coordinates. In the future I will look to expand the coverage to other countries with similar services, but for now it will remain US only.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


I'm sorry you are having problems.

Make sure you have 1 or more location services enabled, such as GPS, cell tower, or wifi. Also check that you are not in airplane mode, which will prevent some of these services from providing a location.

If you continue to have problems, feel free to contact me at

Paul, any chances of getting a tablet-friendly version? ...or even one that will still install on one? I have a Transformer & would like a good weather app on it... I also plan on getting a 7" tablet soon, as well, that I'll be carrying with me even more...

Thanks for your work!!

Yes! In fact it will run on a tablet now, but I have restricted it on the market since it isn't optimized yet for large screens, and I don't have a tablet to test with yet (beyond the emulator).

Maybe I should just enable tablet downloads anyway? For now if you would like to try it on a tablet send me an email.


Paul, I think it is awesome that you are reading these comments. And responding to them. That is a great developer! I usually would not look into another weather app, but i will now... It is worth spending money money on someone like you who actually cares about feedback, and is not out to just make a buck. I wish you the best of luck and i hope you do well with this app!

What are the limitations of the free version? I don't see them listed in the app description. It's hard to know if it's worth buying the premium version if there isn't a list showing what extra stuff I'm getting. Just a suggestion! You seem to be a good developer just based on your attention and responses to questions in this post. Trying free version now!

The limitations (at least currently) are just that you have to wait 10 seconds before loading the radar screen. When I add new features, I might restrict them to the paid version as well. I'll see if I can come up with some wording that makes this more clear.


Wow love this app !
Better than the HTC weather app hands down !
I had to get it by using the link in the article
because searching the play store did not find it.
Wonder why a play store search doesn't work ?

Edit: Device - HTC Amaze

Great app! Please add the ability to save some favorite cities so I can check the weather at my destination when I travel.

Thanks. This feature is high on the todo list, but I can't give a time frame right now. It will probably be a little while though, and I want to make sure to implement it in a way thats simple.


there is quite a lot of weather widgets in play store. one of my favorites is weather app by weather services - you should try it. probably because of nice design, but also data is correct, so it makes the app nice.