Nexus 7

Previously purchased tablets can be activated after a software update.

Finally, Verizon is getting the Nexus 7 tablet. It'll be available Feb. 13 — that's this Thursday — in stores and online. It's the same price as on Google Play — $349.99 off contract. But if you sign up for two years of service, you can shave $100 off that. If you want to add it to a Share Everything Plan, it'll cost $10 a month.

And what's more — those who already have a cellular-enabled Nexus 7 — which Google from the start said would work on Verizon — will be able to activate on Verizon as well (as you should have all along) after receiving a software update.

Google at the Nexus 7 launch event in July 2013 said the cellular-enabled version would work on Verizon. But the carrier never officially certified the tablet. Verizon gave an update in September, saying they were working on it. And in November, Verizon released its own $250 tablet, the Ellipsis 7

Source: Verizon

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grydlok says:

Just skate around the rule Verizon

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What year is it again?

ajpri says:

2014. The Nexus 7 is about to turn 7 months.

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DWR_31 says:

If you're on Verizon and this doesn't tell you that you're being screwed, then......

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery and ZeroShock Case/the OtterBox Defender Series like case for real battery enthusiasts)

tdizzel says:

I'm on Verizon. I'm not sure how them getting a tablet that I have zero interest in means I'm being screwed

MarkSeven says:

Then it worked.

wezi427 says:

Who buys a tablet from from a wireless provider anyway?

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

MrJazz says:

Just in time for the Nexus 8...

CR6 says:

We already have both versions of the Nexus 7 which we've been using since they both came out. FoxFi tether via Verizon S3 works amazingly well. Don't really see the appeal of a "cell enabled" tablet but that's just me.

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ArclightX says:

After a software update? F**k Y** Verizon and your software update. No dictates what does or doesn't get loaded on my device but me.

jonathan3579 says:

I wonder what this update entails and why it's necessary for activation.

You forgot the giant 4G LTE logo.

TechyMexican says:

Verizon would replace the Nexus with Verizon and add three logos in the front :]

MarkSeven says:


hmmm says:

I heard a Nexus 8 is being released in April...

NoNexus says:

Doubt it, it will come with the next version of Android (but that is not coming that soon).

I would guess June

AOSPrevails says:

Google I/O is in May, if there would be a Nexus 8 it would probably be released then(and the press gets free samples to review right there).

NoNexus says:

Why? The Nexus 7 was late July at a special event (breakfast with some higher up, I do not recall who) so if you go on a yearly cycle, look for it in July/August again this year.

Now a Nexus 10" tablet could happen before then but i have long since given up holding my breath there.

thatguy97 says:

Man we've been waiting for a new N10 since late 2012 its needs a refresh bad even though its a moderately fast tablet with stock it needs some updated specs but I'm sure there are plenty satisfied users out there

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Grahaman27 says:

rumor has it, google io date will be announce next week. I am guessing it will be late early may.

NoNexus says:

BUT it was not announced at the last one.

I think a ton of wishful thinking is going on here, the N7 is only 6-8 months old...

anthonok says:


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tr-1 says:

If the box has Verizon logo on it (saw it on other site), does it mean Verizon also did something to this tabled (bloat, etc)?
What SW update are you referring too, Phil?

drokssilva says:

Nope. No bloat. The box just has the vzw logo on it.

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BigDinCA says:

In other breaking news, the Motorola StarTac will also be coming to Verizon by Q3 of this year.

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MarkSeven says:


planoman says:

Just in time to see the Nexus 8 announced!

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ErnstMach says:

W. T. F. Verizon. How does this even happen in 2014?

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Because people are willing to overlook it and keep pumping money into Verizon because of its network.

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kylecordiano says:

Really late Verizon.

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Left big ted and now on Straight talk and if I leave st then at&t although these big corporations royally screw the consumer like Richard the third to a village peasant.

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jeddo45 says:

Now the Nexus 5! Oh wait....

Nexus 5...enough said

ErnstMach says:

I forgot that verizon was slowpoke the pokemon!

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fillossofer says:

Google using Verizon to clear out Nexus 7 inventory.

Who would add a tablet to share everything when you can buy a wifi version and tether it to your phone (same data plan)? Save $240!

BB_Bmore says:

My guess is people with money to burn.


newboyx says:

Because not everyone wants to fry the battery on their phone.

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cctpitts01 says:

Well seeing that you are bringing the Nexus 7 to Verizon how about giving us the Nexus 5 support as well :)

NoNexus says:

It is cold here on the East Coast, but hell is still warm so it is not gonna happen this year I think

TheMimic12 says:

That would mean Google and LG launch a Nexus 5 with support for Verizon LTE as well.
This is not entirely Verizon's fault. Google left Verizon support out of the Nexus 5 because of their terrible treatment of Android, particularly Nexus, devices.
GNexus: Bloated down and update handicapped (still hasn't got 4.3)
Nexus 7: Tried to evade requirements for certification by Verizon by making the Nexus 7 compatible in LTE only. Verizon still wouldn't allow it on their network.
That is why the Nexus 5 deliberately left out Verizon support. Honestly, I don't blame Google at all

jerrod6 says:

After being on Verizon for years and years and leaving I wasn't going to comment, but. I have found very good coverage with another carrier in my area and if you have this, there is really no reason to be mistreated by Verizons, arrogance toward users.
I had them, I left them, I have good coverage, I have cheaper rates, and I have phones and tablets that get fast updates, and aren't hampered by a CDMA network, and Verizon policies. They won't change until more people realize that there IS a good life ..... after Verizon.

ibcop says:

Going to be following in your footsteps as soon as the S5 launches.

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alistairs says:

Yep me too. I actually did run the Nexus 7 on Verizon for a while (just cut down a SIM from an old Xoom line), but when the Nexus 5 came out with no Verizon support, that was the end for me. Switched the whole family to AT&T, coverage is comparable for us, cost was about the same but I could use any device I wanted. One month later AT&T reduced prices for bring your own devices, then this month they more than doubled my data for the same price! Verizon really need to wake up or they will loose many customers as more people figure out how expensive they have become.

bllackkman says:

Now if Sprint could finally get a Nexus 7 that would be nice

Benny Bowen says:

I guess this means the Ellipsis isn't selling well.

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gamefreak715 says:

Real shocker there!

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thatguy97 says:

Too little too late ppl been waiting since the tabs release in July

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drathos says:

Just saw an ad on TV where they referred to it as the "Verizon Nexus 7."


Just in time for the Nexus 8 to be released...

Saiyajin says:


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tmiller679 says:

The nexus 7 just looks so ugly to me..

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

Nexus series is gonna die next year :cries: :-(

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MarkSeven says:

Verizon doesn't deserve the Nexus 5!

Robbzilla says:

And no fucks were given.

flighinhigh says:

Good old Verizon, late again as usual. They need to change there top people with some new awake people that support there customers, so they will MOVE.

diesteldorf says:

This may be a question no one knows the answer to, but I've been enjoing LTE and Verizon fot the last 2 months just fine. Can anyone see the benefit to receiving this "necessary" software update?

I may go back to stock at some point, but not for the benefit of Big Red.