Verizon Note 10.1

Nothing's ever official until after it happens, but we just got wind that the Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE will be available on March 7 from Verizon stores. We've already seen the accessories in Verizon stores, so we know it's soon. The 10.1-inch tablet from Samsung includes the popular Wacom digitizer screen and S Pen support, which makes it stand out in the sea of full sized tablets. Paired with an LTE modem, this just might be the tablet you're looking for if you're in the graphical arts field, needing to take quick notes, or have a business that requires signatures. 

If you've been waiting for this one, be ready this coming Thursday!

Thanks, Anon!


Reader comments

Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE to hit shelves March 7


I think I would rather keep my wifi tablet and tether it to my phone if I needed internet rather than wait on Verizon for updates and have bloatware.

Verizon is actually quite decent when it comes to bloatware on 4G LTE tablets.

I have a wifi-only Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0. I compared it to the Verizon 4G LTE
version at the Verizon corporate store. Didn't really notice anything extra.

That's cool but it would still take longer than it does now for updates not to mention cost more for the modem.

Samsung Nexus 10 is being upgraded with a new processor and will be shown at Google I/O in May, that's what I am waiting for

Why buy a tablet on a carrier let alone Verizon's. Their price for tablet and plan are really not worth your money b/c it will cost so much more than your average cell phone bill. Plus u r stuck with that tablet for 2 years. Tablet comes out just as fast as phones so why force your choice to 1 tablet?.

Verizon does not require a contact for tablets, unless it's a special promo. The plan price is on par with the rest of the market, $10 on shared data, and starting at $30 for stand alone. And yes the tablets will cost more than WiFi versions as they need the necessary equipment. So it is purely up to the person buying the product to find the value in it. People need to stop making blanket statements assuming we all need the same things.

Very well said. Just go into the store and the sales rep will tell you the in's and outs of the different devices. Its only $10mo to have on SE plan. Its obvious that Verizon has the best 4G LTE coverage to best support the higher end tablets coming out now and in the near future.