Points for creativity here. USA PRISM Plus plays off the recent NSA flap and attempts to turn the tables by randomly taking pictures with your phone and then Tweeting them at the @NSACareers account "to determine that you are not engaging in illegal activities."

The result is, well, pretty much what you'd expect. Random pictures, Tweeted at the NSA.

Wanna see what folks have been snapping? Ease on past the break.


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USA PRISM Plus trolls the NSA on Twitter


Microsoft still haven't done anything about their NSA Approved Kinect unit for the Xbox One, that needs to go before the console goes on sale.

Don't bother argue with the tinfoilhats. They seriously think NSA would have access to the kinect-cameras and would use them to record people while ignoring the fact that every phone now has cameras not to mention basically every notbook and every pad.

The kinect is always on, always listening, and has built-in facial recognition. If you are always connected to the internet, then yes the NSA can view it if they choose to. What is stopping them? They could choose to snap photos from your ipad or notebook but will usually just get the celing or your face. The connect will those with access to see everything in your living room. Will they look, probably not.

It is funny that this is not disconcerting to you.

Fail, fail and fail some more. "always on, always listening, and has built-in facial recognition." Again, these are all features found in any smartphone or tablet.

One more thing. Are you ready for me to destroy this whole stupid argument and blow your mind?

Are you ready?

Unplug it.

Wait that works you are saying for the new Xbox you don't have to bolt it down with unremovable bolts? Simply amazing guess the NSA didn't think of everything, take that NSA!

or better yet, this is what i will do with my xbox kenekt, put it in a dark shelf behind the xbox one since i never use the kenect anyways

Unplug it. Effectively destroying alot of "features" Microsoft has baked into their new Xbox OS. Yeah, you really thought that one through. Also, are you forgetting the comment one Microsoft employee said about how Kinect could check and make sure that there arent too many people in the room when watching DRM protected content? So Microsoft is probably already watching, even if they arent recording pics and videos. Not to mention, if they can do something like that, whos to say the NSA wont use it against us? All of these big companies give into the governemnt. The only reason some are showing some resistance is because its public and they want to impress their customers.

Never would have thought drones would be flying around spying on Americans either. Ha.

NSA Approved Kinect Unit for the X-Box One? Hang on Gearu, I'll make up another Tin Foil Hat for you

Get the playstation then. lol That's what i'm getting

But Microsoft did change the policy after seeing the playstation pre orders were 10 to 1. But that reversal is subject to change. You do have options man.

I bet they're waiting for the phone to be awake first, however they go about doing that.

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Thats what I thought most of the pictures would be also. If it was my phone it will most likely be pictures of the ceiling or just pocket pics

"Wanna see what folks have been snapping? Ease on past the break." it just me, or is there nothing after the "break"?
No source link, or anything. :/

And when I looked at it the first picture was a guy texting while driving. You could see the steering wheel. Priceless.

But seriously folks, two lines of code and the NSA would filter all of these out.

It's all fun and games until someone accidentally catches a pic of their actual illegal activity.

So how long before the NSA shuts down this twitter account? :)

Or simply creates a script that blocks "#USAPrismPlus" from their view of the feed.

I'd be a little careful with installing this one as it might constitute a denial of service, though the case is stronger against the developer than it is the end user. The NSA lacks a sense of humor...

I don't see who would get this app because people can see the pictures taken on their twitter. Also they can spy on us.

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