Big update for HTC One owners on T-Mobile US

Right on schedule, the Android 4.3 update for the HTC One on T-Mobile US has begun rolling out, bringing T-Mo's version of HTC's flagship up to the latest platform version. The update also brings some extra features to HTC's Sense 5 UI, including new video highlight themes, Instagram support in BlinkFeed and greater control over the way "home" and "menu" button functionality works.

If you're rocking an HTC One on T-Mobile, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on. Next up is Verizon's HTC One, which launched with Android 4.2 and already has many of the new Sense features. That device is due to get Android 4.3 around the end of the month.

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T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update now live


Downloading now!!! Chicago. Yasssssss. I was up since midnight waiting on this.

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Good luck guys! Its a huge download for very little changes. But I still love mt HTC One minus the lame widget lockscreen. Only allows ONE widget...Kinda disappointing. Otherwise its a good update.

I was pretty pissed about this too... However you will be happy to here that in Sense 5.5 (if your rooted, you can get this now and its AWESOME) they changed that AND its WAAAY easier to use and implement. They actually made some pretty awesome changes to 5.5

HTCs don't have incremental updates like other OEMs, hence the large file despite minor changes

because I can

Was excited this morning to see my HTC One ready for the Android 4.3 update. All that excitement was short lived when I discovered T-Mobile’s version still limits me to 5 screens, one of which, the main screen with media, social, whatever mash up, still cannot be removed – it simply does not fit my needs. In addition, it appears to be the only Android version since 2.0 that doesn’t allow me to continuously scroll from screen to screen, I still have to reverse direction to get to the other side.

It is very annoying to have two separate Android devices (both 4+) that function and navigate so very differently.

Simply the most disappointing update imaginable.

I don't know what you are talking about. Even on stock android you have to go back in reverse. Samsung devices let you keep going and return to the default screen or install a launcher. This has nothing to do with the update.

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I appreciate you clearing that up for me, I did not know that as I do have a Samsung as my other device.

Although, my previous phone was an HTC Evo and it had continuous scroll.

Exactly. I currently have the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and I have continuous scroll. I wanted to get the HTC ONE, but I'm just going to wait for my 4.3 update next month, or in December. But I'm happy for you folks.....even tho Sprint did get it first....just wanted to rub it in a little. LMAO

Dude. Seriously? Just a few days ago there was a write up on how to disable BlinkFeed, "that main screen with media, social, whatever mash up" that you so elegantly refer to. I'm quite surprised to see somebody posting without knowing this. Also, you could also install a custom launcher to get more homescreens and get rid of BlinkFeed at the same time.

I don't know about any other versions of the phone, but my T-Mo One doesn't have that option with 4.3, and I'm not at all surprised to see someone lambasting another user without knowing this. Such is the Android "community".

The confusion is because the Sense 5 update for the One X had that option, along with the upcoming Sense 5.5 update (included with the One MAX at launch) . I don't know why that feature wasn't bundled with the US 4.3 update.

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I'm using Nova Launcher on my HTC One. It allows a max of 9 screens, continuous scroll and it lets you get rid of Blinkfeed. You should try it.

I'm using Nova Launcher on my HTC One. It allows a max of 9 screens, continuous scroll and it lets you get rid of Blinkfeed. You should try it.

Updated to 4.3 and it has provided many convenience features. One underrated feature or adjustment is that Zoe now saves in mp4 format instead of the 20+still images.

Sadly mine seems to be stuck at Updating Media database for the last 30 minutes. Scared to turn it off for fear of f'n something up....

Woke up and had the update ready to download. What a nice way to start the day. Excited to finally be able to use some of the 4.3 features with Trim most welcome. And the change to Zoe files will free up a lot of space.

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To bad they didn't put in a easy way to turn off Blink Feed. Other than that it was a painless upgrade.

Downloaded it, tried to install. all it did was reset the phone to stock and i have to download again. THANKS OBAMA!

New update is nice but I can't post anything to Twitter from my home screen anymore... Only facebook...

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Anyone know how to disable the HTC lockscreen? I couldn't wait to use dashclock but now the lockscreen has 2 clocks. I just want to use a stick lockscreen.

You can disable the HTC lockscreen under settings. Go to Security, then Screen lock and you'll see "none" as one of the choices.

Hard to believe how I lived without the quick toggles all this time. Now I can remove all the individual system toggle widgets from one of my home screens. Can't wait till Sense 5.5 comes though...

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I'm so happy for my T-Mobile friends. Enjoying the update on my Sprint HTC One.

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I bet someone on Verizon is reading this right now mad as all get out......LMAO, Don't will get your 4.3 update for your HTC ONE, when I get mine on my HTC EVO 4G LTE. LMAO.....

Wtf they took away developer options. So much for making the animations quicker....

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I'm using the Revolution HD 30 rom from XDA which is also 4.3,but with the new sense 5.5.Highly reccomend for u guys.

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I'd like it if HTC added the quick response for messages in the notification bar like stock.

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i have to give credit to Jason Mackenzie pres. at HTC America, he did try to keep us informed of what has been going on with updates, Thanks!

Downloads but won't install. Just reboots. Oh well guess it's a sign to go try out Rev HD

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And I just noticed it wiped all my photos and videos. Thanks a bunch.

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ehh, they added new button to notifications bar, other than that it was a 500mb update to change the digit from 4.1.2 to 4.3.


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Very informative and pleasant.

Could have sworn this sense update was supposed to get rid of the persistent power saver icon/notification bar. What gives!

When will my magnificent Evo 4GLTE and my fellow Evo Brethren receive this update? Personally, I won't accept any response unless it is more specific than "by the end of the year". Thats not enough for me, and that time is approaching rather quickly. Please tell me somenone knows. I know @PhilNickinson likes it and wants the update. I want it too!