Unlimited texting to any Simple Global country from the U.S. now free, even for prepaid accounts

It's hard to deny that T-Mobile is enjoying the positive effects of introducing and iterating on its Simple Choice no-contract plans. This is going to be another interesting month for the carrier, as on March 23rd T-Mobile is increasing data allowances for all of its customers automatically without increasing prices on any but the highest tier plan.

T-Mobile's basic Simple Choice plan at $50 per month will give you 1GB of high-speed data (unlimited at 2G speeds, of course), double what is currently offered. Additional lines still cost just $30 for the second line and $10 for additional lines thereafter, each having the same 1GB of high-speed data. Any line can spend another $10 monthly and get 3GB of high-speed data, up from 2.5GB previously. A new option will give data-hungry customers 5GB of high-speed data for a $20 upgrade instead (that's $70 monthly now instead of $50).

But of course the truly unlimited plan isn't going away. T-Mobile will still let you use as much high-speed data as you'd like, along with 5GB of tethering (up from 2.5GB) for $30 additional each month per line — this being the one slip-up as it's actually $10 more expensive than its predecessor. Just as before, all plans give you access to all of your high-speed data for tethering or hotspot as well.

T-Mobile new plans

Further, T-Mobile is also expanding its Simple Global initiative by including international texting to any country for free. Previously its plans only covered texting when you were roaming in other countries, but now the street goes both ways — a huge deal for friends and family who travel internationally regularly. T-Mobile's international roaming now includes seven more countries — 122 in total — and international texting to international numbers will also make its way to prepaid accounts on April 26th.

The best part about this all is that you don't have to do a single thing to be moved to the new, higher tiers of service. Every customer will automatically switch over to the higher data buckets, with current $70 truly unlimited customers being given the option to stay with their plan or bump to the $80 plan for 5GB of tethering.

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T-Mobile 'doubling down' on Simple Choice, increases data allotments but not prices


For those currently on the $70 truly unlimited plan: "Customers currently with unlimited 4G LTE data will continue to get unlimited 4G LTE data with no change in price, or they can opt for the new unlimited 4G LTE option with twice the tethering."

I really hope they stick with that philosophy, because recently they removed all grandfathered plans and put them on new plans.

What I don't get is why the title says "... increases data allotments but not prices", yet he states in the article that truly unlimited is now $10 more.

The increase is only for new customers. if you already have the unlimited plan you're tethering goes up to 3gb and you keep the unlimited 4G. If you want the doubled tether that's the new plan.

also seen how international text messages used to cost like $8 or $10 its not a bad deal that it's now free

Ehh hopefully not! They pride themselves on unlimited data. They would take a serious hit to their reputation

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I honestly don't think that that'll ever happen. It's one of their big selling points and would probably isolate potential new customers to Sprint if they stopped offering it.

Oh, it will, for sure. Down the road, I fully expect TMobile and Sprint to get rid of it. But, right now, it's their ace-in-the-hole, for attracting customers.

If Sprint buys TMobile, then you can say goodbye to unlimited data for good. The only people that'll still have unlimited data will be grandfathered Verizon customers. And, that may not last too much longer, knowing Verizon.

Why do you think that? I think even when they merge it is still a vital weapon again Verizon and att

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Right now, TMobile has unlimited data to compete with Sprint. And, the same can probably be said, vice-versa. If they merge, then it only seems like good business sense to remove that option. Now, there's nothing preventing a Sprint/TMobile merger from offering a higher data tier for that same price. But, as more and more people are upgrading to smartphones, and as bandwidth is becoming more and more scarce, the days of unlimited data are increasingly becoming numbered.

A merger can still be competitive without unlimited data.

Bandwidth does not become scarce due to amount of data. Only amount of data at once. The only way to keep bandwidth in check is to throttle speed, not data limits. Currently, T-Mobile has it right.

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I meant to say spectrum, not bandwidth.

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I agree, but it would ultimately depend on who is in charge after the merger really IMO. Cutting it becuase you merged and dont have anyone to compete with on that level would be a verizon / att move.

Unfortunately I think you are right. They can offer unlimited 2G all day long. I just put my phone on 2G and tried Pandora, that is a no go. So I think the unlimited 4G will probably go away at some point but they can keep unlimited 2G after certain limits and claim in their advertisements that they have "unlimited" data.

I have the same issue with 2G. I spend close to 20 hours a week in the car. About 3/4 of that time is on major interstate roads that only offer unusable 2G data. In most of these areas I can't even get GasBuddy to load local gas prices. It makes no sense to have T-Mobile as your carrier if you plan to use mobile data outside of the major cities.

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Unlimited data will be going nowhere on Tmobile. Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period.

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Richard, you're crazy, if you think these carriers will continue to offer unlimited data out of the goodness of their hearts, lol. T-Mobile is a business, just like any and every other carrier. If/when it no longer makes sense or provides a competitive advantage to offer unlimited data, then they will pull the plug, just like Verizon did, just like AT&T did. Plain and simple, period.

Really? You responded to richard?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

What's wrong with that? Lol, I did it to keep the discussion going. Who knows, maybe he might've responded with a well thought out reply?

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"Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period" ...Except when you're 20+ miles outside of most major cities and can't get even decent 3G, if any data at all, as T-Mobile's own coverage maps attest. Typical delusional fanboy.

Typically T-Mobile basher no troubles here outside the city on T-Mobile

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Squiddy20 isn't bashing T-Mobile, as much as he's countering what Richard says.

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I hope not, as a former Sprint customer, I'm VERY happy with T-Mobile. I just got back from the Philippines where I enjoyed unlimited 2G and text messages and I went WAY out to places like Palawan and had slow, but consistent coverage (courtesy of a local Philippine carrier called Global). Note, I live currently in the Northern California Bay Area, where T-Mobile has very strong LTE coverage. Yes, I know the rural areas are probably very weak and T-Mobile has no coverage in select geographical areas...

Did you get free text messages to US as well as Phillipine numbers while IN THE PHILLIPINES? Just to clarify... this whole texting internationally thing seem to confuse their reps and everyone. I want to know what I get before signing up.

If I am in another country, can i text phones in that country or only text back to usa for free?

For a second, I thought TMobile was upping the cost of admission, for unlimited data customers. Even if they were, I still wouldn't switch. But, I'm relieved that I'll be grandfathered and my unlimited plan will remain untouched.

Yeah, I should have clarified that I meant for current customers. I initially thought my bill would go up 10 dollars per month, simply by keeping my plan and doing nothing.

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Wow this makes me happy. I haven't got anywhere close to using up my 2.5GB, but having that little extra bump makes me feel that much better

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Does this cover the family plans where each member gets 500 mb? They're all going to get 1 gig each?

So can you still get the old $70/unlimited plan till march 23rd? Lot of people will be trying to get locked in.

Go Sprint!

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

My company just changed to TMobile and couldn't be happier, constant LTE, Wifi calling and cheap. apart from the EIP on the handsets 5 lines on a small business plan is $150 per month, that's over $100 a month cheaper than the local carrier we was with. And that includes jump insurance on 2 smart phones.

They also gave a $500 number port credit, a bonus $500 bill credit and paid our ETF on the 5 lines which was $1250. You really cannot beat TMobile right now.. and no contract!

I sound like one of their salesmen lol but I'm not, I'm just that impressed

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How dare you...... just because I have John Legere tattooed across my scrotum and a pink T on each ass cheek does not mean I'm a fanboy!


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Haha, I kinda wish you hadn't said that. I inadvertently have an image in my head that's going to be difficult to erase... To the bottle, I go!!

Yeah, I have been drinking for a few hours. Not helping

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Oh, no, it's definitely helping lol.

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Hope you never have to be on the road and use mobile data. I've been testing T-Mobile for almost two months and the 2G Edge data is totally unusable on major interstate roads. LTE is fast while I'm in the city, but it won't work at all during most of my longer trips.

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Yea, tmobile isn't very good for traveling until you get to your destination as long as it has great coverage. If you travel for a living Verizon or AT&T are probably a better choice. I don't travel much except for vacation and so far I'm very happy with T-Mobile.

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I'm glad they are grandfathering in/letting us decide for unlimited plans. I don't use tethering so the 5gb tethering for $10 more wouldn't do much for me. Then again, now that the lower tier is 3gb I could save a little money off my bill. I have unlimited because I use slightly more than 2gb regularly and on a few months go over 2.5gb. Then again when I travel or spend a couple of weekends in a month away from home I can use well over 5gb

Yeah, I'd downgrade to a cheaper tier, but I'm traveling right now. The wifi here is ok, but my phone and tablet data connections are keeping me connected more reliably.

When the average data consumer, even in the US where data usage is pretty solid, uses less than 2GB in an average month yes that's "data hungry."

You think that's data hungry? Tell that to my friend who used 83GB in a month on his phone! Thank God for Three!

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Since they keep mentioning texting and calls, I assume this does not apply to their Simple Choice hotspot plans

Unless they plan on changing the hotspot/data stick prices at the same time without mention, this only applies to the phone side of things.

Andrew: T-Mobile is indeed raising prices. The $70 Unlimited Tier (which most people were recommended to sign up for in the past) is going away entirely.

You should consider updating the post to reflect that.

What a shame, as well. That was such a great price point for Actually Unlimited LTE.

While that is true, the headline is partially misleading. T-Mobile is, indeed, raising prices on the unlimited option for non-current customers by $10/mo.

Strangely, I almost expected this to happen (that and raising the data allotments). And I expect it will probably happen again within a year (just a guess, I have absolutely no evidence or inside info).

It's a good guess though, brother. Let's face it, T-Mobile bled some serious cash, last year, and investors want their money back yesterday.

Not to mention, AiO Wireless increased data allotments and dropped prices on its plans and Verizon just announced a similar move. So, it's not too surprising to see T-Mobile do the same in an effort to keep up.

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Sprint lowering prices, Tmobile raising prices.


Bad news....

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Sure hope there is an option to upgrade or not. I'm on the Unlimited Plan right now plus I pay for JUMP! If there is no option I'm gonna have to drop JUMP! I'm not gonna pay $120 more a year if I don't have to.

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Believe or or not, I've barely been scraping by on the 500mb plan, so a bump to 1GB is awesome news indeed!

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Someone actually said they "enjoyed" 2G speeds on T-Mobile while abroad. Seriously. Enjoyed.

Posted from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii

Emphasis should be on "while abroad".
I travel a lot internationally. Being able to just turn on my phone and use email, hangouts, texting and even uploading photos and not worry about a penny extra on the bill, is indeed extremely enjoyable.

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I've been with Tmobile for the last 15 years and I'm happy about this bump in data allotment. Ever since I upgraded to the note 3 from the nexus 4, it seems as if I've been using more data when I do the same routines.

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This makes AT&T's 10 GB shared data for $130 (2 lines) that much more attractive.

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This is a great deal until you want unlimited 4G LTE. We switched from Verizon where we were paying 210 for 8gb. With tmobile we are paying 80 for family, 20 a piece for unlimited plus 52 for our 2 payments for the s4s and finally 20 for Jump for both phones. So 192 for everything. But now if we want unlimited it will be an extra 20 now that they bumped it up from 20 to 30?

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You will keep your current rate plan, you aren't being automatically put on the newer pricing tiers. Essentially, you are grandfathered in. Your monthly bill and service provided will not change unless you ask them to change it.

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anyone know where i can see what counties are included in that text plan

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