Swiftkey on Xoom 2

When it comes to third-party keyboards on Android devices, there are two roads developers take. You have the likes of Swype, which makes its money getting preloaded onto devices (but also has a "beta" line for anyone else to download). And then there's most every other keyboard developer, which uses the Android Market (among others) for distribution. Such has always been the case with Swiftkey. Until now.

Pocket-Lint first reported -- and we have independently confirmed -- that Swiftkey indeed will come preloaded on the Motorola Xoom 2 (and Media Edition) Android tablets. That's less of a big deal for us, the users, but it's a pretty big deal for Swiftkey.

We're seeking official comment from Swiftkey. Swiftkey replied to us with a simple "No comment." In the meantime, are we about see two keyboard giants go head-to-head in the OEM space? News at 11.

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Reader comments

Swiftkey confirmed to come preloaded on the Xoom 2


Nice! I first tried Swiftkey when it was the free app of the day on Amazon. I used to be a Swype guy but after using Swiftkey for a few days, I was very impressed. Now I can't live without it. Literally - I went into cardiac arrest after I flashed a new ROM and waited a few days to re-install it.

swiftkey is the only app ive every bought on the market. Its seriously the best keyboard ive ever tried. The word prediction is also great for use terrible spellers