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Mobile operator Ting, which runs an MVNO service on Sprint's CDMA, 3G and 4G network, has announced that it's just added support for the Nexus 5. As with most devices on Ting, the setup process is relatively simple — first get hold of a Nexus 5 (the U.S. D820 model, which supports all the right bands) then obtain a Ting SIM by signing up on the SIM priority list. However with Nexus 5 orders still subject to delays of a few days to several weeks, and Ting SIMs still in "very short supply," would-be customers may require a little patience.

If you're still on the fence, you can check out our full review of the Nexus 5 to learn more.

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Sprint MVNO Ting adds Nexus 5 support


i was with Sprint since 2008 until recently. it was a good value then but the data network is shit today compared to AT&T. switch to GoPhone if you want prepaid.

Screw Nexus 5 and screw Sprint! In all my years of messing with stupid ass carriers all the way back to the bepper days I have never seen such sloppiness, poorly trained/equipped people in my life! It will seriously take you 6 to 16 weeks from the time u place your order from play store to the time you receive the device then u start that shit back over again with the shity ass Sim card that is if u luck up as I did and run across the site link u need so that one may be ordered for you! Which as of yesterday is a 4 week waiting period. And all of this just to get on a service that doesn't even work most of the time to send a shity ass text since they have turned on 4g! I will never by a unlocked device again nor a nexus! For you that are on sprint. That have yet to have ur nexus five shipped. Cancel that order! I will gladly pay the hundred to two hundred or whatever sprint is charging extra for the locked version! GLADLY!! Then to go through this. And if u think u are special and will go smoothly like I did. All I can say is good luck with that!

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While I would maybe phrase it differently I agree Sprint employees were clueless about the Nexus 5. Like dumber than a box of rocks. I spoke with several Sprint employees and got many different answers. Some said they were CDMA only and didn't use SIM cards. Some said I probably bought the wrong phone. One woman was hostile toward me saying she didn't have any SIM cards. Others said we needed "special" SIM cards for the Nexus was the same one that the GS4 and HTC One uses.

There was definitely a huge disconnect between the people who were able to get the Nexus 5 to release on Sprint and the people who do the activating/training.

I work for sprint....there was no training at all on how to activate these phones. When new phones come out we find out about 4-5 days in advance. Some times there is training, sometimes there isn't.

I'm in the Chicago Spark network area and I stopped in to 5 different. Sprint stores to inquire about the new network and tri-band phones, i was hoping to get a few questions answered, but ended up telling them all I knew and most looked at me as if I was lying or had no think of a different carrier. Crazy to think they don't get this info out.

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Sprint does let their employees know about this stuff. It's just if the employee wants to read the materials.

Should have just bought it from the store...less issues..and yes the employees are clueless about the nexus 5!

I don't think Sprint's version is actually locked, someone correct me if I'm wrong, and not everyone had the rotten luck you had. If you wanted the thing this badly you should've thought about jumping on it sooner (schedule and budget permitting of course).

Here's my own vastly different experience: ordered the black 32GB Nexus 5 the Friday it came out at about 2 or 3 PM, a couple hours after it was officially available (wanted to confirm Sprint compatibility and a few other details, I knew I wanted the phone already tho). Paid for two day shipping (no tax, like three bucks extra for 2-day), got a shipping estimate for the 8th (following Friday).

The phone shipped ahead of schedule and actually arrived on the 5th (three work days later). On Thursday the 6th I strolled into a Sprint store at my local mall and got a SIM, took about half an hour but I was satisfied after having heard a couple horror stories (and reading of people going as far as paying Best Buy thirty bucks for it).

Yeah the store guy was clueless but I didn't get hostile with him and he quickly armed himself with the necessary info after looking online. I hadn't brought the phone with me so he hesitated to hand me a SIM again after having accepted he'd need to find one, but he went as far as opening a Nexus 5 in the back to check what size SIM it needed for me (they hadn't released it at that point).

Yeah he should've just looked online and I shouldn't just brought the phone but he did his job IMO despite Sprint's lack of preparation. Zero charge for the SIM.

Oh and as far as Sprint in general, I've been relatively satisfied with them after switching three and a half years ago... Good value, and I've gotten good customer service whenever I've had an issue or complaint. Perhaps I didn't suffer thru them at their worst or they were never quite as bad in PR though.

When they first took yearly upgrades away they gave me one additional yearly upgrade out of courtesy (as they did to most people who called and complained). Went from the OG EVO to the 3D. Shortly after that they gave me an Airave free of cost when I complained about signal strength at home (I should actually shut it down since I now get 4G inside even).

The following year I was able to upgrade yet again by renewing after paying a modest fee to buy out my contract (I believe they've since raised the fee tho), so I got the EVO LTE. I bought most of the phones thru Wirefly and never had to pay activation, or full upgrade price for that matter (usually $125-150 as pre-order sales). At some point they also floated me 350 extra daytime/landline/work week minutes (not that I used even half of my 400).

They did raise the cost of insurance at one point, mildly annoying but they're still a good value given my 23 percent discount.

LTE has been in deployment for about six months in Puerto Rico and they finally have most of my work/play locations covered (they actually had coverage around most of the island before the metro area where I'm at). I'm pleased with the progress and speeds I'm seeing, even 3G's been improved. I'll still be comparing it with AT&T over the next few months tho...

I bought the Nexus largely so I can keep my options open come this summer (when my contract ends), but I'm in no hurry to leave Sprint right now. AT&T still has better building penetration but I wanna wait and see how soon they expand Spark/800mhz rollout to other markets. Right now I pay like sixty four clams (thru a discount) for unlimited data, 750 minutes and free mobile to mobile...

There's a fully unlimited no contract Sprint plan for sixty but I'm not sure it's worth it to give up the occasional device subsidy for 4 bucks... AT&T would definitely be more money for less data, and they're pretty saturated here since there's no VZW on the island. I've got less experience/friends with Tmo so I'll probably get a prepaid SIM and try them over the summer (before dropping Sprint).

Just putting it out there, not EVERYONE is going thru the fifth circle of hell with Sprint.

If he had at least said first,I could've given him credit for something :-)

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It's Gekko's fault,it's his comment that unleashed the beast.

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Two small points. First, Ting is not prepaid. It's just "different".

Second, androidcentral really shouldn't be telling people to just get "the U.S. D820 model, which supports all the right bands". Ting has said quite specifically that ONLY phones from the Google Play store will work. Phones sold by Sprint, Amazon, BestBuy, etc, will not work even though they be the correct model and support the correct bands. It's sort of a Sprint "requirement".

You know there is no difference between the D820 sold by Google and the D820 sold by Sprint, Amazon or Best buy right? The ones sold by Sprint and Best Buy just come with a Sprint SIM preinstalled.. Per this little posting you have to have a Ting SIM card so all you'd have to do is pop out the Sprint SIM and replace it with a Ting SIM and your up and running.. I bought my D820 directly from the play store and activated on Sprint with no real problems.. They just had to give me a Sprint SIM to insert into the phone so it would work on their network.. I can pull out that SIM and put in an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM and go off and running on their networks as well.. Plus several people have posted they got one directly from Sprint and just popped in their AT&T SIM and were up and running on the AT&T network...

Try telling that to someone who isn't trained but you still need their cooperation to get your phone activated. It isn't fun. The SIM On a CDMA network is required for the LTE. They still need to activate your phone.

Yeah, I wish it were as simple as getting the SIM... It can be, but not necessarily.

It actually was pretty simple for me, got the Sprint SIM without much trouble after visiting my my local store, and the call to activate didn't take long. There's an online activation process but I opted just to call since everyone who tried online was getting shifted to calls/chat at the time.

Anyway, technically speaking there's a whitelist of device IDs and Ting could very well only have Play store units on the list even though they're all physically identical. I'm not saying that's the case, but it's a possibility.

For instance, the first batch of people who tried activating 32GB models on Sprint ran into trouble cause they weren't yet on the list... Must've been resolved within the day because one or two days later I activated mine, but it happened.

Hopefully Ting's employees are better prepared than Sprint's were but customers should go in with their eyes open to the realities of CDMA. I'm glad they're making the effort to open up to the Nexus like this, hopefully the early teething pains don't make them reconsider this next time or next Nexus.

According to Ting you are incorrect.

From Ting's official Nexus 5 forum thread (apparently I'm not allowed to post links or I would link you there).
"p.s. It's been asked a few times, so to be absolutely clear: only Nexus 5 smartphones from the Google Play store are eligible. Nexus 5 smartphones from Sprint, Best Buy, and Amazon cannot be brought over as part of the Nexus 5 BYOD program. This likely will not change until late 2014 at the earliest."

It's not that there is a difference in the hardware, it's that there is a difference in what ID's are eligible for what as Impulses said. I imagine it's that all devices meant for Sprint have their ID's entered into the system in one way and Ting cannot use them.

It's not that you can't use Google Play phones, it's that you can ONLY use Google play phones. And yes, of course, you can take those phone on and off of GSM networks all you want and it won't matter. Perhaps you could bring phones you purchased from a GSM carrier and get it to work, but if so Ting hasn't said so. I do know that if you purchased one meant for Sprint it will not work.

Gotta say, I'm really impressed with Ting. I was only on it for 2 months with my GSII, and even though the network sucks (Sprint), the people at the call center are great. There is no menu; they just pick up right away, and they're very knowledgeable. I'm giving t-mobile a shot, but if it doesn't work out, I'd go back.

I'd still take Republic Wireless over Ting. While the Nexus 5 is a gorgeous and fantastic phone, the Moto X is in the same league and there's no beating Republic's prices and flexibility.

I'd rather Republic Wireless's plans, but I don't like the idea of being stuck with a phone that only works on one provider. At least with the Nexus 5 on Ting you can take it to another MVNO later if you want.

You've got to love it...

Ting, a Canadian company that offers service in the US but not in Canada. A sad day for us all indeed...

This is great for everyone. Now you can pick up the D820 and choose, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Ting or whatever other GSM MVNO is compatible.