Sprint Galaxy Nexus

An early Sprint LTE landing page listed the Sprint Galaxy Nexus as having 16GB of internal storage, compared to the 32GB offered by the Verizion version. Sprint got in touch with us today, however, to confirm that its version of the Galaxy Nexus will ship with a full 32GB, just like Verizon's. So that's that.

We got to play with the Sprint Galaxy Nexus at a CES gathering last night. Check out our hands-on coverage for more info (spoiler alert: it's a Galaxy Nexus, on Sprint).

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xeroslash says:

I was actually looking forward to the possibility of a $199 price point. Ah well. Will probably still pick this up once released.

themuffinman says:

I think I will pick one up as well. I have an evo 3d and to be quite frank its a great phone but I am getting very tired of it. HTC got a lot of catching up to do. I played with my friends galaxy nexus and I got to say, I was seriously impressed.

everyday17 says:

I have an Evo 3D also but I'm going to wait and see what the ICS update looks like before I make any life-changing decisions.

themuffinman says:

I think my excitement of getting a galaxy nexus is mainly fueled by my frustrations with htc not to mention I am also frustrated with sprint. If the nexus comes out fairly soon then I will get it to test out their lte service. I live on the south side of atlanta and wimax for the most part is every where except inside my house. If I go outside on the deck I can get 1 bar but nothing once I step inside. In either case though I will just buy it straight up and not re-sign a contract and wait to see whats on the horizon and if need be I can just sell the nexus or just leave sprint entirely.

NYCHitman1 says:

The reason your WiMAX sucks inside of your house is because the frequency it is on. It doesn't have good building penetration. I don't think we'll see the LTE switches turned on until at least late May - early June, which should be right when the Sprint GNex could be released. However, I do believe that I will get one also. The upsides are far greater than the down.

TheBigFerret says:

HTC hasn't shown any signs that they are going to pull out of their current nose dive.

My opinion

Gekko says:

agreed. HTC designs are starting to look tired and dated compared to the Samsungs like the new G-NEX. sleek, all black, rounded, slightly curved, no lines, and no buttons is the way to go. these HTC square slabs with big thick edged bezels and backings and cheesy ornamentation and faux markings and designs don't look so hot anymore.

the EVO is a year and a half old. HTC and Chou need to go back to the drawing board and start innovating again rather than be lazy and spitting out EVO variants all day long (EVO, Incredible, Thunderbolt, Desire, Inspire, Aria, EVO 3D, Design 4G, Rezound, etc.) Chou better kick it up a notch and get his ass in gear or he and HTC are going to keep on getting smoked by Samsung and ultimately be put out of business.

Orion78 says:

I totally agree with you there dude. HTC has become boring and stale. Their devices are just too repetitive. Samsung is kicking their ass. I'm going to give them a chance and see what they do with the next EVO. But chances are my next purchase will be from Samsung......mainly the Galaxy S III.


Samsung has some great looking hardware, but HTC is always current with all of their updates. I will never own another Samsung device just for that reason. Everyone has their opinion about manufacturers and devices, but I hate waiting a whole year for an update.

Gekko says:

uh...doesn't Nexus solve that problem?

cctpitts01 says:

Sprint has been doing a good job at avoiding the higher price for there 4g phones for example when the Galaxy S2 came out for Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile Sprint stuck with the $199.99 price tag. Verizon has been charging people $299.99 for all there 4g devices and i believe Sprint will stick with this sweet spot cause they could probably pull some subscribers from Verizon with there high data plans and plus they have a unproven 4g lte network i think there going to try to get as many people on there first before they try to go for the throat and charge people $299.99 for a phone that we dont know if the new network will be worth the premium on the phone. At the most they might dab at $249.99 but not $299.99. Either way i'm all over this phone. lol :-)

cowboys2000 says:

I bought the EVO 4G on launch day when they were selling it for $299 less $100 rebate via mail. I purchased at BB for $199.

I live in a WiMax market, so 4g was awesome when it first launched. He has gone downhill since in my area. I have traveled a bit and current 4G is either really fast or non-existent. The initial $10 up-charge was worth it. Not so much anymore. Then Sprint started charging all smartphone users $10 a month more. Why not just charge the heavy users?

I have a GNex and might return it cause the battery is worse so far than my EVO 3D!!! :(

George West says:

I'm in the same boat I've got the EVO 3D but I've got one last update till I revert back to the 20 month contract. I'm gonna see what ICS does and maybe in June see whats on the horizon.

smooth3006 says:

i assume this phone will not be launched until spring perhaps? i mean lte is barely functional anywhere yet for sprint.

cctpitts01 says:

remember they are improving the 3g as well as adding the new 4g lte network. Either way this is going to be my next phone you know there going to lighting up Boston soon after the launch of the network.

NYCHitman1 says:

I wouldn't be too sure about that. In terms of overall coverage, Boston and NYC should see LTE at the same time due to the capacity and population. Smaller markets will get it first.

imrf says:

The same could be said for WiMax. ;-)

I mean they sell 4G Wimax devices in areas that don't have it and now won't ever have it and still charge them the additional $10 for the service.

Go Android! says:

The $10 is NOT for 4G, people.

cowboys2000 says:

True, but is started that way didn't it? They IMHO made it worse by charging ALL smartphones users the fee and has the network improved since then? Not in my area.

NYCHitman1 says:

You are still paying less and getting more. If it bothers you that much, go pay for tiered data on another provider.

uranidiot says:

my contract ending in july, guess the epic 4g touch gotta hold me until then.

lilotimz says:

and then the epic 4g touch gets ICS and it becomes galaxy nexus becomes irrelevant hardware wise....

nbell978 says:

the gsii should have ics by then... and since it has superior hardware to the g-nex, why would you switch??

NYCHitman1 says:

It's not about hardware. It's about synergy.

csierra72 says:


dmanlee says:

Hey Sprint, how about a release date? I NEED this phone!

xelrey#AC says:

its coming out mid 2012 - i work for sprint cust serv.

Gekko says:

you're a mushroom. they feed you shit and keep you in the dark.

emaddox84 says:

Hahaha. I seriously lol'ed.

Gekko says:

my guess is that you will see the Sprint G-Nex FOR SALE by mid-March 2012.

mark it down!

Marked :)

I say July

Gekko says:

Google's own site says "Coming Soon". "Soon" isn't 6 months.

Galaxy Nexus


Introducing Galaxy Nexus. Buy Now. Watch a video. Coming Soon: Galaxy Nexus on Sprint ...

olorin says:

According to HP it is...

NYCHitman1 says:

I'm in agreement with you here, Jerry. I am expecting a Summer release for the Sprint GNex.

Cubfan says:

I like the way Moto is heading with the Razor Max. If there's a version of anything similar coming to Sprint, that's the phone for me, not this old news.

tommydaniel says:

How is the Razr new news when all they did was add a beefed up battery?

Cubfan says:

I absolutely LOVE how they added a beefy battery and kept it really thin... on a device that I really liked from the start. That's heading in the way I want phones to go. Moto is hitting the right buttons for me, and still really satisfied with the Photon.

dorelse says:

I also really like the Moto designs...keeping the corners all cut similar across all the phones & tablets is a nice design cue that makes them easily identifiable.

I'd also like to see a Razor Maxx come to Sprint.

SpaceDroid says:

@cubfan a 720p screen is old news?

Cubfan says:

It will be by the time anybody has LTE available on the Sprint network. That's my point. There will probably be a new Nexus device before I have it. And I'm not buying an LTE phone until I have the network.

NYCHitman1 says:

You are not the majority, just sayin'

tim242 says:

Verizon has a 6 month exclusivity on this phone.

Gekko says:

please stop repeating this lie.

Ryanalan82i says:

Unless this supports an external sd card, who the hell cares. I have an eVo 3d with a 32 GB card, and it's not enough. Not even close. I've been waiting for 64 GB cards and phones that support them for yrs. Where the hell are the phones 2012 phones that have 8 - 32 GB internal and 64 GB external. I would love to get this phone but not to back track on memory...... Hey nexus phone line...... Kick rocks until you can insert additional memory. If I wanted a memory crippled phone I'd have my head shoved up apples ass. Sorry for the rant but this is 2012, rite?

NYCHitman1 says:

You are a moron, kthxbai.

droidcruzer says:

That would make you what, blind and stupid? Or are you just so rich that you don't care about having to buy a new phone to get more memory? If so, I have a research project that I need funded.

DaEXfactoR says:

I have the Epic 4G Touch, and I love it. I know it will kick even more but with ICS. This makes waiting for the Nexus not so bad. I like the E4GT, but I am ready for some pure Android goodness. The way Google intended. Plus, that screen is amaaaazing... I'll most likely hang on to the Epic a bit after picking up the Nexus just to be sure...

DaEXfactoR says:

I have the Epic 4G Touch, and I love it. I know it will kick even more but with ICS. This makes waiting for the Nexus not so bad. I like the E4GT, but I am ready for some pure Android goodness. The way Google intended. Plus, that screen is amaaaazing... I'll most likely hang on to the Epic a bit after picking up the Nexus just to be sure...

DaEXfactoR says:

I have the Epic 4G Touch, and I love it. I know it will kick even more but with ICS. This makes waiting for the Nexus not so bad. I like the E4GT, but I am ready for some pure Android goodness. The way Google intended. Plus, that screen is amaaaazing... I'll most likely hang on to the Epic a bit after picking up the Nexus just to be sure...

folarino says:

Will this have the GPS issue that plagued the Epic and Epic 4G touch?

droidcruzer says:

This phone will SUCK for one very good reason, NO SD CARD!!! Samsung is fast becoming the fruit company of the android world. Their tabs don't have an SD card slot (except for some of the 7 inch models), now their phones are going to come limited. If you want something that can't be upgraded without having to buy a new phone, why don't you just go get a cry-phone??!! On top of the "IF you get an update" issue (reference http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-12-23/tech/30550083_1_android-p...), who in their right mind would buy this phone? HTC may have a dated design, but at least they don't make you buy a new phone when you find out you have too many pictures, or too many songs, or run out of storage because of your 1080P videos (which eat up a ton of space). I'd even buy a Moto phone with that blur crap before I'd get this. At lest the blur can be removed with a custom ROM.