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We've been seeing plenty of Sony leaks leading up to IFA 2014, and the recent invites they've shot out for their press conference at the show provide a glimpse at what new devices we can expect. The Sony Xperia Z3 is a pretty safe bet and its little cousin the Z3 Compact is a distinct possibility. A new QX100-style camera is clearly shown in the invite as well, and that top-right image could be a new tablet.

Of course, nothing's officially official until IFA, but things are firming up nicely. There's also what looks like a standalone computer in there, if you're in the market for that kind of thing.

Between Sony, Samsung, and all of the other big names making announcements, we're going to be crazy busy at the show come September, so be sure to follow along with all the IFA 2014 news here.


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Sony IFA event invite hints at upcoming devices


hI we're Sony,

we're hear to introduce more crappy plastic products with insane huge bezels that defy all logic and physics for 21st century devices. Of course we will include all the bloated laggy software that will recieve little to no updates just like you are used to. oh, and then we won't bother releasing the devices anywhere except timbuktu, and then complain and scratch our heads when we can't figure out why we keep on making a massive loss in mobile divisions.

guys seriously, do yourself a favor, avoid sony like the plague. get a samsung.

I like sony products! Except I totally get you with the big bezels, My Z1s could have came with a bigger screen lol.

Posted via Android Central App

Sony only invests in markets in which people care about them.They dont want to pull a Nokia/M$ throwing money at USA for a 0.01% market share gain and forgetting about the countries in which their brand counts.
Oh and plastic products?Seriously?Ever hold the Xperia Z2/tablet,that thing is easily more premium than all those expensive galaxy note tablets and arguably matches the iPad in build quality

Don't entertain this. I stopped caring reading cheap plastic and then suggesting Samsung. I didn't even find it funny or trolling. Just a bunch of asinine ignorance.

Posted via Android Central App

nice troll...

I am pretty sure you hit all the normal talking points for an iPhone user and it was a nice touch throwing Samsung out there to stir up the haters.

6/10, would troll again.

People this guy is all iPhone just causing issues

You're thinking of Samsung's devices. Sony's phones are premium built. Most of the newer ones are waterproofed. It's their pre-installed software that bothers me the most.

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I would still take the Z2 over a Z3 or any Samsung device. I've owned a Z2 and now using a OnePlus One; miss the Z2.

Android and Blackberry fan

I like my z2, but no more glass devices for me. I have enough to deal with without worrying about my $600 glass phone.

Posted via Nexus 5

Ha I feel the same way. Never had to be so delicate with a phone before.

Posted via Android Central App

Not build quality. Fragility. I worry about my glass breaking or scratching. I baby my z2. In fact, I brought my Nexus 5 on vacation this week and left my z2 safe at home!

Posted via Nexus 5

I took my Z2 on vacation for 3 weeks and abused it, taking it underwater in lakes and rivers, out on jet skis and boats and it's still in mint condition. The phone is very durable and I'm not worried about breaking it because I have a 5$ a month insurance plan with Square Trade that covers everything but losing the phone. I don't understand why people baby phones when insurance exists. Either way, for vacation, you want to be using the great Z2 camera, not the nexus 5

I hate drop test as much as benchmark test as they never prove anything in real world environments and situations.

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I can't wait for a new q100 lens, I bought one and love it except for the speed of taking pictures. Hopefully the new will fix that.

Posted via my Sony Xperia Z2