Sony Xperia S

Manufacturer tells Android Central it 'encourages and supports external innovation'

When Google's Jean-Baptiste Queru announced plans for an "experiment" that would make the Sony Xperia S a "target" for the Android Open Source Project, nerds and neckbeards got all flustered over the prospect of a non-Nexus device seeing some official AOSP love. It would be "a new challenge," Queru wrote in the Android Building group, later noting that "the potential end result that could be visible would be upgrades arriving very slightly earlier for Sony devices." And who wouldn't want that?

The other side of the equation here is Sony. (Or Sony Mobile, to be precise.) How's the manufacturer feel about all this mucking about with its hardware? They're all for it, a company spokesman told Android Central today.  

"Sony Mobile encourages and supports external innovation and the openness that Android brings," Sony told us in an official statement. "Our Developer World team have supported community driven Android projects for a long time

"It is now great to see that representatives from started this project, which aims at putting latest Vanilla Android on Xperia S, thanks to our unlockbootloader service. It is great to see that the project already received support from community of Android developers who can contribute to the project Google opened up. This project is driven outside Sony Mobile, however we will of course follow the progress and see if there are things we can contribute with along the way."

That shouldn't come as a surprise. Queru in an April Google+ post gave kudos to the code that Sony's been providing back to the AOSP in the first place, noting that it's made things easier for the company in the long run. And, indeed, Sony's on a bit of a tear when it comes to updating its devices.

Said Queru: "Since Sony has been contributing a lot to the Android Open Source Project, they have fewer changes that they need to maintain on their own: those changes of theirs are already there when the source code is first released."

And that, ladies and germs, is what this open-source thing is all about.


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Sony applauds 'experiment' to build AOSP for Xperia S


That's not what I heard when they rebuked a developer for fixing their touchpad problems for them. Look up markpythonsics_final-1 Rom on xda

If Sony can match the spec of the SGS3/HOX and actually make a pretty phone. They'll easily eat away at HTCs marketshare.

How ironic is it that SONY of all companies is the most open and supporting of AOSP?!

Here's hoping Sony's dedication with more AOSP code givebacks, giving their drivers and devices to CyanogenMod team, etc. is made an example of and they are awarded the next Nexus opportunity.

Don't expect this to last. Remember this is the Sony-Ericsson branch speaking, and as soon a Sony Corporate gets a chance you can be sure that those boys will be sitting in a corner wearing their Dunce caps. Sony is not now, nor have they ever been a Open Company.

Amen, unfortunately. You don't have to look any further than the PS3. Of course, they don't need to build market share in gaming, either.

Sony, please make a push to sell more of your devices in the US. Google, have them design the next Nexus.

k? thx

Sony's got it right!! they are definitely going to be a force to reckon with if they keep things headed the way they have. I am hoping and praying that we see a sony rep on the stage this fall to announce the new nexus!! This is definitely a huge step in that direction, exactly, I think...and it makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!!

This is the type of article that will get me to buy a Sony phone. I know people say that people who root there phones are a small majority. But I won't let my family buy anymore Motorola phones. Because in a year they will be out of date and they will want me to put a new rom on it for them. So right now I have my family get Samsung phones, and now Sony. But my next phone will probably be the Note 2, so if you want my money Sony, you better come out with a big ass phone real quick.

Fuck the nexus man... I have the sprint samsung galaxy nexus and I don't even have jelly bean this is a joke . I have it now because my phones unlocked but come on man I bought this phone for a reason thinking it should get all the official updates first. Smh

Openness is cool and all but regarding all this "Sony Nexus" talk, I'd rather take a LG made Nexus over a Sony. LG has never had the software but decent hardware from time to time. Sony on the other hand has nothing going for them. At all.