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After local search was mistakenly stripped out in the most recent software update for the international Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3), the manufacturer has this morning issued another update to restore the feature. The update weighs in at just 5MB, and also purports to offer "stability improvements." Delving into the "About device" page, we can see a new software version, XXBLG8, along with a new baseband, XXLG8, plus a new Linux kernel built just yesterday morning. The software's still based upon Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The feature has been the subject of an ongoing legal dispute in the U.S., where Apple has been granted a patent broadly covering searching from multiple databases on a mobile device and displaying the results in a certain way. Apple's patent complaints recently resulted in the Galaxy Nexus being briefly withdrawn from sale.

Samsung first pulled local search on the international Galaxy S3 on Wednesday, giving the impression that it, like the U.S. versions, were having functionality stripped out so as to avoid further litigation from Apple. Yesterday the company released a statement indicating that the move had been made "inadvertently," and that it'd be restored within in a few days. Just 24 hours later and it's back on our unlocked UK Galaxy S3, so kudos to Samsung for the quick turn-around.


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Samsung restores local search on international Galaxy S3 with new OTA


I haven't heard any coverage about other devices, but there was a July 17th update to Samsumg Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 that disabled this feature on that device. It is interesting that we are still forced to live under Apple's thumb even when we purchase Samsung. And, it is likewise interesting how fast Samsung can pop out this update when it took months to push out ICS.

i didnt get the update that removed local search so i guess this update wont be coming in my direction.

can anybody tell me what other features got updated with these updates?