International Samsung Galaxy S II

Rumors of a March launch for the Samsung Galaxy S II's Android 4.0 upgrade have been circulating for a while, but now it seems we may have the first official word on when the update will land. Samsung Mobile Israel has today made a statement on its official Facebook page, saying it expects ICS for the Galaxy S II to roll out on unlocked and carrier-branded handsets in Israel from Mar. 15.

Roughly translated, the post reads --

We promised we were working on it. You waited patiently. And on 15 March it'll arrive: Android version 4, ICS, to tens of thousands of GALAXY S II devices purchased from cellular companies in the country or directly from us. We are very excited for the launch, hope you are too :)

While this is great news for Galaxy S II owners in Israel (as well as those with the unlocked international version upon which it's based), other territories may have a little longer to wait. We'd expect this to be particularly true for the U.S., where hardware differs from carrier to carrier.

So far, the steady trickle of leaked ICS ROMs for the Galaxy S II have shown Samsung making progress towards stable builds over the past couple of months. We'll keep you posted with any further announcements, while we cross our fingers for a Mar. 15 launch.

Source: Samsung Mobile Israel; Thanks, Orenium!


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Samsung Israel says Galaxy S II ICS update coming Mar. 15


wow..... Nexus came out 11/15 in UK...
after 4 months, S2 is gettin ICS. wtf?
every manufacturer's horrible with ICS updates.

Will this be the first time a non-nexus (non tablet) device has a higher version number than the official Nexus OTA? Possibly.

ummmmm..... so what about my US Nexus S 4G? SURELY this would mean my NS4G would be updated before that Non-Nexus phone right? Right Sprint!?!? *curls up in a ball and hyperventilates* ;D

Let's take a look at what Google is doing with their OS and their own line of Nexus phones. When Google can not efficiently or speedily update their own OS on their own line of Nexus phones before the OEM's, there is a major problem. It is now March and we still have no idea what went wrong with the ICS update for the Nexus S and 4G as Google has been completely silent on the matter for the last three months. Three months without a word from Google does not instill any kind of confidence in their competence of supporting their own OS on just their own line of Nexus phones, let alone every other device with Android on it. Not to mention that this is a long time to strand your users on an OS (rooting and flashing a downgrade is not a viable fix as it voids manufacturers warranty) that is draining their phones battery in less than six hours. There is also a very large problem with Google's customer service for Android and the Nexus line of phones. The Nexus is special in that if there is any kind of software problem the manufacturer (Samsung, HTC) and the carrier (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon) will refer you to Google to find any kind of help. They are not on the hook, as the Android OS is Google's responsibility on the Nexus line. Problem being that Google does not have any kind of customer service for the Nexus and it's OS other than a forum. This forum goes largely ignored with even the most basic of questions and problems. Imagine if Apple only supplied a forum (no 800 number, no e-mail address, no Genius bar) as customer service for the iPhone. People would flip out. How is it okay for Google to treat it's users and customers in this manner?

Please take a look at Google's forums here:
Almost every question marked as answered is not actually answered. They are just some reply from another user saying they have the same problem. On the off chance you finally find a question that Google has responded to, it is just some low level employee stating they know it's a problem (offering no solution) or asking for bug reports. In fact it has gotten so bad on these forums that it's Nexus users have resorted to spamming Android's Google+ page in the hopes that Google will finally say something, anything on the issue. There are a lot of ignored and angry Nexus users out there.

Frankly I am tired of beta testing Google's android OS and am appalled by their lack of customer service for the number one mobile OS in the world and their Nexus line of phones. Really, all of you should be too.

I totally agree Petro and I feel people can ease up on all the "OEM skin significantly delays updates". Where is the tech blog backlash towards Google about the nexus phones lack of ICS? All we hear about is how everyone hates Blur, Sense and Touchwiz cos they slow down phones and delay updates. What's Google's excuse? At least the OEMs respond on Facebook and have been much more transparent.

I already talked to an editor here about this very thing a week ago. Apparently Android Central thinks it is not news worthy. I have tried to get news of this published on many other Android blogs as well, with none ever writing a story on it. Kinda odd how none of the Android blog's want to talk about how Google is screwing up.

Comon Phil, Jerry....How did no one ask Google about this debacle at MWC? You guys need to be our voice. I'm very disappointed in the way Google is handling this, letting their OEM partners take all the heat instead. Just looks like Google doesn't really have a plan for android and just stumbled on this success kinda like how RIM was the popular smartphone by not really trying. Did you see Rubin's response on their poor tablet sales...they will DOUBLE DOWN????WTF does that even mean??? I just noticed that Zite, the flipboard type app on IOS released a version for the Touchpad in Dec but there is still no android version yet. I think its telling that developers would release apps for a "dead" platform before android....pretty sad

I even had a response from an editor at Droid Life this week agreeing that a public outcry was probably needed. Still no article though. You are right original00 these kind of blogs should be our voice and find out what is wrong with Google and the ICS update. They never have a problem jumping on an OEM when there are issues, how is it Google is never questioned? I guess that might have interfered with their MWC invites to Spain.

Write your own article on it then. You're obviously more passionate about it than the people you're trying to get to write it.


Agree with your post, bought into the "Google Experience" promise when I got my Nexus S 4G but so far the experience has been less than stellar. As for my phone I must say the current version of 2.3 is quite stable and there are no major bugs. However, the promise of quick OS updates from Google for a Nexus device has been seriously damaged in my opinion. Other non-Nexus devices have been or are going to be updated in near future and still no word on the Nexus S line of phones... somehow I am begining to feel like a bastard child that no one wants to address.

This represents Android fragmentation at it's best; even if AC editors continue to deny the obvious and continue to apologize for Google's mess rather than report the realities of it.

At this point I believe I am officially done with Nexus devices. Seems like lately, OEMs have better commitment to keep their user base updated than Google itself!

I strongly feel is time for the AC editors (and the other Android blogs) to start reporting on this and asking Google for an official answer about the delays. I am not suggesting there is not a good reason for the delay, there may well be, but the lack of transparency from Google is not acceptable, and the apparent complicity of the major Android blogs (AC included) with Google's silence on this issue is very disappointing at best.

Is obvious that Google is ignoring their customers, no matter how many times we complain on the Google forum or Google+, we won't get a response. As some others suggested, AC should become our voice on this issue because they are likely to get Google's attention. I am sure that an honest editiorial about how we the user's feel in regards to Google's silence is posted on AC, it will be picked up by most if not all other news sites making it more difficult (if not impossible) for Google to remain silent.

How about it AC editors, are you willing to stand up for us - YOUR readers.

I can't agree more, AC should help us all out. It doesn't matter if 500 new android devices come out each day if there is no support behind them. The way Google has handled the nexus s ics debacle is unforgivable. I went out of my way and spent extra to get a Google experience and the wizard behind the curtain at Google was a phony.

Well, now we all now know were AC stands on actual news reporting of facts and the Android climate when it comes to what Google is doing. Why do that when you can do article after article of press releases flogging more of the same Android shtick. For sites that review the Nexus line of phones, to never mention the horrible customer service Google provides that comes along with purchasing these phones just proves how complacent sites like AC really are to Google's actions. I for one can't wait to see the lack of news on how pissed Galaxy nexus owners are when the same crap happens to them, because of course Google will be behaving exactly the same way a year form now, as no one is willing to call Google out on the awful way they treat their customers. So let me just say, Good job AC at protecting your bottom line instead of your customers/readership.

Exactly, how many times have we seen this response.

Google can not update it's own Android phone with it's own Android OS and this is not news on Android news sites? Does no one else see this as very odd?

SG S II pics will still have Samsung kick to is nothing to be compared with galaxy nexus stock ics.........pfffttttt......

Don't you guys understand that they have alot more important things to write about, like weed maps or drunk green robots?
AC has priorities ya know!!! :-D

Hilarious, but unfortunately true...

Just look at the front page review of an new android pizza app! Now that's important...