Note 10.1 2014

Prices for Samsung's new stylus-enabled tablet start at $549.99

Right on schedule, the high-end, hyphenated Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 edition is now available for sale in the U.S. The Wifi-only version of the new Note 10.1 launches today in 16 and 32-gigabyte models for $549.99 and $599.99 respectively. The 32GB version comes in white and black colors, while some online retailers only have the 16GB model in white.

On all the Wifi-only models you'll get Samsung's latest Exynos 5 Octa CPU, 3GB of RAM, an eye-popping 2560x1600-resolution display and the full range of "S Pen" stylus features found on the Galaxy Note 3. Retail partners or the U.S. launch include Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile,, Amazon, PC Richard's, Fry's, Tiger Direct, Walmart and

Samsung's latest Android tablet isn't cheap, so you'll want to hit up our full Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 edition review to see if it's for you.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 edition launches in the U.S.


Dat screen and all, but let's face it, the Android tablet app ecosystem still isn't there (at least for me). I am loyal to Android phones (have an HTC One) but as far as tablets go, there are still too many compromises. IMO as usual.

If I'm dropping $600, I'm going to do it on a retina iPad Mini.

Yet with the Android app ecosystem as it is they are only competing in price, in every other category it's not even really a competition.

You're right. The Samsung tablet is cheaper, has an SD card slot and s-pen, and a MUCH better OS on top. No way iPad can compete with that :P

Yes and the fact that you have to pay for each and every one of them, no third-party. Also, just because the play store doesn't have all the apps that the appstore does doesn't mean that it is lacking. As far as productivity goes, there is an app on the play store that can do anything an app can do on the appstore. The one area apple has a legitimate advantage right now is gaming, and that is because they choose wisely to endow the majority of their tech with a beefy gpu that devs love. However, there is still a plethora of games on the play store.

Anybody have any thoughts on if and/or when Samsung may drop the price on the original Galaxy Note 10.1? Its guts are more than capable of just taking lecture notes on it so I'd rather buy a year-old one for at least $100 less.

Should be available today. I was at a Best Buy two days ago and they already had them in stock but their system wouldn't allow them to sell it early. And contrary to the information in the article, the 16 GB model was availably in both black and white.

Unfortunately the black model isn't being sold online in the 16GB model. My guess is that it is due to a shortage of that particular model, that they would run out selling them online and it is more important to have them in stores for people.

Hey guys, you can get both colors and sizes at the Samsung Experience Shop inside Best Buy as of today. The new tablet has higher resolution than the Retina display, which Samsung makes for Apple, and it is a more powerful device.

graphics for the ipad 5 will likely have a very slight edge in certain things involving high texel through-put, however the mali-t628 will only be slightly behind it in texel through-put, and will have an advantage in some other areas. Also the Mali-t628 is fully gpu compute capable, I'm not sure that the powervr rogue gpu that is likely to be in the ipad 5 is. As far as cpu goes, if apple goes quad core they will most likely have the cpu advantage do to the fact they they generally implement better quality cores. If they stay dual core though they will likely still lag behind in total cpu through-put, however since the cores in apple chips are generally better, they will most likely be very quick, and very powerful. Capable of everything that the average user would do.

The price, wow. They are either arrogant, out of their mind or both.

The only Android tablets that sell well are the Kindle series. The rest of the Android market share is made up of the cheap Android tablets you get for free from furniture stores.


The Nexus 7 (2012) and (2013) seem to be selling pretty well.

I see Galaxy 2, 3 and 10.1 daily as well.

And yes, there are many cheap/basic/inexpensive tablets out there as well.

And the Nexus 7. A better tablet than the Kindle Fire, at the same price.

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I like my current Note 10.1, but I don't see anything about this one being great enough to make it worth 550-600 bucks. I'll hold on to my current Note until they come out with the 12 incher that's supposed to be on the horizon. And even then, I may spend the money on a good touch laptop that can run my drafting program!

I'm with you ZR2.. I just am not feeling the reason to upgrade right now. My 10.1 has a multiscreen mod that handles all apps and I just don't see anything earth shattering about this one that would make me want to put a for sale sign on my current one. Looks like these incremental changes are becoming more insignificant, but the price keeps getting higher and higher.

Manufacturing cost for this years model is likely to be much higher than last gen. Quadrupling the resolution of the lcd panel likely increased its price significatly, the cpu is the latest exynos 5420 which is a very expensive chip to manufacture compared to most mobile chips. They gave it more Ram, and upgraded it to ddr3 which likely increased costs. Those things alone secure it far above it's predecessor as far as tech life goes.

I'm about ready for a tablet. Not wanting to depend only only wifi, I want one with LTE/3G.

This means if I choose Apple, I'm at $629 for a 16GB Model.

This screen is bigger than the regular Ipad so I'm guessing that is where the high proce comes from.

Still, it's great to have multiple tablet options. Apple only offers the regular and mini at 16,32 and 64 with a nice premium from model to model.

no the high price comes from the wacom digitizer(the pen) I have both an apple tablet and the original note 10.1... the note 10.1 beats it hands down.. it is not even funny. But then again I am a mechanical engineer so I actually need a pen so I can sketch things out and use Autodesk. If your a hipster get an apple.. if you want to be productive get a note 10.1, no other tablet can touch them as far as productivity goes. I am about to outfit my engineering firm with them and samsung tv's so they can screen share their drawings in the assembly lab and other work areas. Get the note you won't regret it.

Here's the thing. Its the same price as the 32GB iPad. I think everyone thinks that just because it's android it should be cheaper than an iPad regardless of the feature set. Why is that? I migrated from an iPhone 4 to a Note 2 last year and at first I found the app eco system to be sub par but the flexibility in what I could do with my media and what type of media I could easily play on the device pretty much made up for it, not to mention that S-Pen! With the 10.1 2014 edition you're getting a better device than the iPad. Yeah it may seem a little cheap on the materials, but the screen, CPU/GPU, amount of RAM, S-Pen and not to mention the thinness seem to make up for that. I think people need to understand that there can be premium Android devices and thats ok. As for me I can't wait to pick up my 32GB today!

For me, the design needs to be outstanding to warrant this price. It's not good enough. The stitching, pleather, and cheapish faux metal border don't cut it. The landscape orientation with button is a bad design too. It's a shame. I have been waiting for a top shelf android tab, but I don't think this will get my money.

@TechDaddie:I had gone to Bestbuy yesterday looking for it and they had it but could not sell it to me so they held it for me. I picked it up as soon as they opened.

@Brian: On the back of the box it says 1.9ghz quad + 1.3.Quad Core Processor so it looks like it has dual quad cores in it. However it is sluggish.

On the flip side PDF versions of magazines look amazing and are readable without having to pinch and zoom!

Id like to know why the heck is this thing sluggish. ESPECIALLY if it has 2 Quad Core Processors in it???!!!

Because as of yet, they don't work in unison with each other. When the cortex A-15 cores are running, the cortex A-7s turn off, and vice-versa. Samsung is working on a software patch that will allow for a process called Heterogenous Multi-Processing that will enable all eight cores to run simultaneously on the Exynos chip. It is unclear as of yet whether or not the 2014 edition of the Note 10.1 will receive this update.

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Really???? Why would they release a product that is not prepared to operate at peak performance???? Walking into BB to check it out.

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Went into BestBuy and played with it for 20 minutes. Screen is beautiful and crisp. Not sure what is meant by stating it is laggy. Seemed fine to me. I went to settings and check to see if there were additional OS updates and there was one that is 11.2MB in size and described as stability fixes. It did seem to have more zip to it. Any time my devices receive and update, even to an app, I always restart and it does cure the lag I experience at times. Not sure if anything I am writing will help but maybe someone can do a little research and see what the additional 11.2MB update fixes.

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I've had it all day and this thing suffers from sluggishness. Even after installing the 11.2MB update it did not improve performance. Opening a webpage with pics and then flicking up and down reveals stuttering. Accessing pics through the gallery that were backed up in Picasa EXTREMELY sluggish to the point that there were delays between touch. Then there were the occasional app crashes which don't happen on the Note 2. And then just the way it stutters when scrolling through text. I have a Bible app that I use which is mainly text and scrolling up and down in it is not smooth at all. My Note 2 out performs it. I even tried a different launcher which runs like butter on my Note 2 but performs sluggishly on this. I don't understand. There are 8 cores in this thing and even if they only lit up the 4 1.9ghz it should out perform the Note 2.
I am really disappointed especially as they were positioning this as a premium tablet. I even called Samsung and the person wanted me to do a factory reset! I told him on a tablet I just got today? He then said I could send it in to them for repair. What? or that I could return it to the store and get my money back! I did do a factory reset this evening and it did not improve anything so I guess its back to the store it goes. :{ I'm very sad to say that everyone needs to stay away from this thing at least until they fix it. For $600, since I got the 32GB, its NOT worth the money especially with these issues.

Really? I don't believe you have it, sorry. But if you do, you can send it back, you still have time to do it. And then buy an iPad mini, I think it fits your expectations in a better way. Good luck.

I'm not a fan of the iPad and I LOVE the features of this device as I have them in my Note 2. After spending more time with the device and loving the features I'm wondering if I can live with the performance hit even though the cost of this device is at a premimum. I'll stick with it through the weekend. The problem with Samsung is that they promise to update their devices and never do. The Note 2 is still at 4.1.2 and not even 4.2. They are "promising" 4.3 in November. We'll see. So this concern of lack of updates then turns to how quickly they will update and fix the 10.1 2014 edition. I must admit when I got it yesterday there was already an update, however people are reporting a lot of sluggishness with it so I hope Samsung addresses it quickly before they get a lot of them returned.

This is really the 1st time I've ever seen anyone challenge someones claim to actually own the product being discussed.

I own this tablet, and since the second update that was released yesterday any semblance of sluggishness has gone. It wasn't bad before the update, but now it is smooth as can be.

Samsung's touchwiz was a little sluggish at first, but there has since been two software updates that make it very smooth.

I have one, and it isn't laggy in apps, or the home navigation at all anymore.

It's a really great tablet. However, I just did a factory reset (not because anything was wrong), and for some reason certain settings are missing, such as face unlock and ripple effect for the lock screen. Anyone else with this tablet having this issue.

Did you ever get anything further on this? We just got a 32 GB and a 16 GB and the 16 GB has the unlock effect and ink effect (though the ink effect is greyed out) but the 32 GB doesn't.