The Samsung Captivate has a new Gingerbread build in the works, and as evidence the UCKJ1 build has been leaked for your flashing delight.  While everyone is extolling the virtues of  AT&T's Galaxy S II, this is great news for folks who are still on that two-year contract they signed about 16 months ago and want to get everything they can out of the OG Galaxy S.  Of course, with a new build comes new custom ROMs as well, so hackers can be happy as well.  The original Galaxy S phones are no slouch with the right software, so this is welcome news!

More in the Captivate forums

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Geikamir says:

So does that mean the Fascinate will finally be getting the same?

GameBoi says:

I hope the Vibrant get updated. I think we galaxy s users are always gonna be a step behind. But lets hope they fix the lag. I'm one of the few that like Touch Wiz over stock.

slmhofy says:

Man, aside from the GPS, this thing was such an awesome phone with the help of XDA.

nbell978 says:

Yay, my forum post made the front page! Haha

uranidiot says:

this is y i won't buy the galaxy s2....they take toooo long with updates.

s14tat says:

I doubt verizon or any other major us cell carrier is going to update the og galaxy S's. I mean us fascinate guys have to turn to the samsung mesmerize to get the leaked gingerbread build. Thank the carriers guys.

ChillFactorz says:

Isn't the Captivate a AT&T phone? I would consider AT&T a major US carrier. Those who want to hack, root, or customize know where to look. Those who don't want to hack, root, customize, wont care, even if there is an update.

ctleng76 says:

There have been 6 semi-official leaked builds of Gingerbread for the Captivate by my count. The first one was back in June. I have got to believe that over the course of 4 months they have been able to get the software stable enough for release. So far the leaked builds have been fairly stable with only a few minor glitches here and there.