Rogers Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Not wanting to be left out of all the fun, Rogers has now announced they will also be releasing the Galaxy Nexus in Canada. Their release time frame simply states January for now but as of tomorrow the Rogers reservation system will be loaded up with the device so that anyone wishing to be among the first to get their hands on one can do so with ease. When the system goes live we'll be sure to let you all know -- hopefully, it may offer some indication of price as well.

Source: @RogersBuzz

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...where's Verizon when we need them?

Premium1 says:

Playing with their razr's and rezounds.

kinda unfortunate they'll have to wait till January.

orlanka says:

There's a chance the US may be waiting a while too. That said, at least the Canucks know when they're getting it

jboogie1289 says:

How nice. The Canucks can get their order in while we US citizens sit on our hands ............ and wait, and wait!!! WTF Verizon!!!

griftercm says:

Yes! Not to gloat, but I think that's what happens when all the carriers become GSM. Competition for the best phones. Before Telus and Bell changed their network, third-world countries had better phones than us in Canada. All we had were Blackberries and Nokia dumb-phones. I guess I have Steve Jobs to thank for that.

st0ic_1 says:

quit your b*tching.. be glad Verizon is even releasing this phone.

bold1193 says:

What does that mean? No matter what verizon was going to get some kind of sgsII or the nexus.

st0ic_1 says:

A SGS on Verizon would have had a bunch of bloatware that users would have to get rid of on top of what Samsung would have on there. I'm sure Google/Samsung would have been just as happy to release this one on another carrier and leave verizon out of the equation, so it's kind of a big deal that they're releasing another pure device. Also, you can't blame vzw for wanting to sell more devices that are going to potentially make them more money(with their services attached) before releasing a phone that won't... it's a business they aren't running it for the hell of it. Don't come back with a customer satisfaction excuse either because the crowd that's really interested in the nexus is a minority in verizon's eyes.

TallyHo says:


Calm will get your phone in due time. It really wasn't that long ago that the phone was confirmed. You are just skewed on timeframe as you have known about it for longer than most people due to reading the blogs.

xemtra says:

relax V will be getting in a matter of weeks

hmmm says:

I doubt they will run out.

jedah says:

So, does this mean it'll work on AT&T?