Falcon Pro

The Falcon Pro Twitter app is probably the biggest third-party Android client to have run up against Twitter's Draconian new API rules that significantly limit the number of users an app can have. But Falcon's doing its best impression of a phoenix, once again rising up (ugh, we know, but that's what it's doing) for another go.

Developer Joaquim Verges today announced that while Falcon absolutely has run out of user tokens, the app itself absolutely is not dead. And if you still have a token through Falcon Pro, you'll be able to use version 2.0.4 of Falcon Pro.

That said, those who don't have a token can use a bit of black magic to still get things working. We're not going to spoil the fun here, but we'd recommend checking out the Falcon Pro beta community on Google+ if you can't find it on your own.

Download the updated app at the link below.

Download: Falcon Pro v2.0.4


Reader comments

A revived Falcon Pro brings a hidden feature to keep on Tweetin'


Who's going to play spoiler for those of us that don't use Falcon Pro but are as curious as a cat about how he circumvented Twitter this time?! Oh, right. Google+

1. Go to the login screen (logout if you're logged in, token won't be lost)
2. Press the Falcon logo, then press all corners until all squares are on, then turn off the orange one
3. Shake your phone!
4. Follow ALL the instructions (Press HELP).

So, was anything done to solve/prevent the issue with reaching the Twitter token limit again? Does this "secret" login procedure fix that somehow? Or does the fact that it's no longer in the Play Store (and free) change the Twitter token limit?

You basically make a quick twitter app on dev.twitter.com (its probably 12 clicks at most) and that gives you 100k tokens of your own. Then you give Falcon permission to use one of your new ones and you're in.

Ah...that makes sense. Because I already had a token after the latest reset, I just logged in normally. So, I didn't see the whole process. Good to see such a great app live to survive Twitter's attempts to kill it.

I want to know if the side loading of this app is in that vulnerability issue posted here on AC??

Also, I already had a token but I wanted to test the multi-account feature and could not when it was on GP. Guess I will be trying to be a geek girl today and seeing if I can make this work.