Nexus 7 old vs. new

See what Google has changed since its first attempt at a 7-inch tablet

The original Nexus 7 was a serious improvement to Android tablets when it was announced last year, and Google is trying hard to build on its success with the newest iteration of the device. Dubbed the "New Nexus 7", it packs a new set of internals -- Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, rear camera and stereo speakers. We also have the pleasure of seeing a full 1920x1200 display around the front, showing off Android 4.3 in all its glory.

These internal updates are all wrapped in a new casing that adds a few things -- such as a soft touch back and thinner profile -- but drops the charging pins and relocates the headphone jack and microphone. All together we find this to be a leaner and better looking Nexus 7 that is worthy of the name. Hang with us after the break for a full side-by-side comparison of two generations of Nexus 7 hardware from ASUS and Google.

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I hate this too! Always have to go to the regular website.

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Thank you for noting this happening for you as well. I thought perhaps I was just losing my mind.

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To be honest I wish the writers would stop using that sentence anyway, such an annoying cheesy thing to say.

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They shrunk the wrong bezels. :/

Should have made the top and bottom smaller instead of the sides.

The only thing i don't like is the headphone jack on top. But I'm sure that is a 50/50 thing and just as many people like it on top as the ones that like it on the bottom.

I was going to comment the opposite. I'm *SO* glad they moved the headphone jack to the top. It always seems wrong to me to have it anywhere other than the top.

You're right - 50/50 thing. :-)

I like the old one except for the silver border. That said I am not upgrading as mine works great. I prefer the Nexus 7 old or new to any other small (7 or 8in) tablet, including the iPad mini.