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Notion Ink has released the alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Adam.  Because this is an alpha build and nowhere near a finished product, there's a good number of bugs and annoyances with this one.  The camera doesn't work, nor does 3G, USB storage, USB flash drive, and the light sensor.  There's also an issue with the tablet waking from sleep and issues with video playback and HDMI sound.  But it's Ice Cream Sandwich, and Notion Ink has opened the test bed for anyone who wants to try.

In addition, a short blurb on their blog (Shravan is a master of the tease) about changes to the blog and other company news.  Tucked in there is:

Post the mentioned public release, we will be starting another blog. It will focus only on development, and we will again see a new device coming to life. Unlike last time where the hardware was mostly done out-house, this time every resistor, IC, bus lane, etc is designed and selected on the very computer working on this blog. We will try to involve as many professionals as possible so the new blog can become a reference for new developments!

Read the link for more and download instructions, and hit the break for a long (18 minute) video demo.

Source: Notion Ink

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Notion Ink releases alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich; teases a new device


Adam Never really lived up to the hype... lets see what else they got. And loading an Alpha version of anything is never a good idea.

I was so in love with the Adam when it was first shown and tried several times to buy one. When I finally got an invite to order one in late January last year the fact that there was 120 day delivery delay and the news that the Xoom would be out before then made me lose all interest (almost, I still kind of want one). If NI was a bigger company and had more resource they could have really set the tablet market on fire (last year).

Great...a new device announcement from Notion Ink! Please check back in two years for pre-purchase details.

Let me tell you about my experience with the Adam. Ordered it in stock.....few weeks still nothing. After a month of nothing, contact them to cancel order. They don't respond. 3 weeks later I get tablet. Tried to return it due to no reply and having canceled order...... almost impossible, then they never refunded shipping either.

Never Never buy from them again.