Nexus Prime?

Once again we see Best Buy using the name Nexus Prime, this time it's on the new product page live on Best Buy's section of the Shop Local website as of tonight.  Even more interesting is the fact that the $299 price point is good starting today (Nov. 27), with a 2-year agreement of course.  While we don't know if this name is going to stick, and no date is official until we hear it from Verizon, any news that shows this phone is close to a release is good news.  Another best buy snafu, or something nobody expects?  We're not sure what to think any more.  Hit the link to have a look, and discuss more in the forums.

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Nexus Prime at Best Buy's Shop Local page, $299 with 2-year agreement starting Nov 27?


Why does the phones cost $799 off contract? That is way too much imho. I wanted to get this phone but if that's the real price idk if a can anymore :(

+1, I want to go into the Android World but I'm not paying more than an iPhone 4S, which costs $649 unlocked on Apple.

And we don't need you to tell us about your future purchase, especially when most of us here would consider it the wrong one.

He does have a point. SGS2 is significantly cheaper here in the UK and you could easily root and install an ICS rom when it's available. Hardware wise there isn't much between the two phones.

The UK SGS2 has a much smaller screen (4.3 vs Nexus' 4.65), the Nexus is curved vs straight, and the Nexus is 720p vs 480. As the other guy said, the screen/display is you major interface to the phone, and the differences between the two devices are huge (pun intended).

US versions of the SGS2 have much different specs than the international version (4.52 screens and different CPU on some), so the differences between the US SGS2 and the Intl one aren't as pronounced.

I'm in the states and own the UK version of the phone (imported it early before US models were available), and I love it, but that big 720p curved screen on Verizon LTE has me drooling and chomping at the bit in anticipation of actually having the opportunity to get one.

This Best Buy ad fails to say whether this is the 16, or 32gig version, strange there isn't even a spec page one can click on.

Verizon not only has the highest fees but they charge the most for phones. That's ridiculous. I don't know why so many people pay their high prices.

Because you get what you pay for from Verizon. Show me one other carrier with the same reliable coverage that is also cheaper. You can't. Yeah, you may live in a good coverage area of one of the other carriers, but not everyone does.

Yeah, you pay alot more just to have data caps. Whats the point in having killer LTE speeds when you reach the cap in a few days just setting up your phone. Not worth it. As far as another carrier with reliable coverage, for me, Sprint does a great job and is cheaper to boot. So VZW has LTE...whooptie doo. I have more to do in my life than stream netflix to my phone 24/7. I'm not bashing you nor VZW, but there are other carriers that suit others needs just fine....and is cheaper.

Not for nothing, but my data on VZW is unlimited being grandfathered in, so I am getting the best service and an uncapped amount of it (Read: well at least the 5GB that goes with any US carriers "Unlimited")

I was with Sprint for 10 years up until last week when I switched to tmpbile. The bill is much less and I get free WiFi calling plus their network puts sprint to shame in nyc. I can actually get service in my apartment and the bill is much less. The data speeds is also really fast compared to the wiimax poor coverage. I stayed with Sprint because of the low price but with the extra fees and tmobile loweringtheir prices I had to move.

Wow if you are reaching 4g of data in a few days you are on your phone too much. I have unlimited but usually don't even go over 2g a month. While home I usually use wifi.

I had VZW TBOLT and their service good as Sprint in my area, which VZW claiming this area is 4G LTE. And the download speed around 5MBPS, I dropped them and I want with Sprint,As the service the same but the bill higher on VZW,doesn`t make any sense to stay with VZW. So here you have it, VZW over charging their customers, and blinding them with the commercials as they`re the best. The bottom line may be you do live in good coverage area, so don`t make them the best or the worst... In my opinion they`re the most expensive carriers.

My carrier is better than your carrier discussions usually turn into some kind of religious debate where rational thought flies out the window and people have to defend their choice of contracted service they locked themselves into. That said, I respect anyone's choice of phone network if they've found one that works for them, but I've got fairly recent experience with all four of the US major carriers, having owned and used a device on each of them within the last year. I currently have active plans on VZW and ATT and only recently dropped my TMO service.

To me Verizon is clearly the superior service, and worth the extra costs involved, here in the parts of Southern California I frequent, but since cellular service quality is much like real estate prices (it's all about location, location, location), your mileage may vary.

Here in Los Angeles suburbs, VZW's call quality is phenomenally clear. I can actually understand the people I'm on the phone with and don't have to ask them to repeat themselves a lot. There is no static. With my ATT phones there is static, call drops, and frequent "what did you say" on both ends of the conversation; it is especially bad when calling ATT to ATT. VZW to VZW sounds like a land-line in my opinion. TMO had better sound than ATT, when I could actually get coverage, and Sprint sounded fine as well.

For data, VZW with LTE coverage absolutely can't be beaten by any of the other big 3. The speed blows them all away, but for CDMA 3G vs HSPA+, ATT was the fastest of the four. WiMax wasn't available in many areas that I was in when I had the EVO 4G, and Sprint's 3G here was slower than 150Kb/s most of the time. It just sucked.

With my VZW phones, inside my office building, etc, I can actually use the phone for data and voice; my AT&T phone gets no signal and kills its battery searching for one.

That's why I pay VZW's high prices; they give a service that is so much superior to the others, where I live and work, that it's worth the slight, and it is slight, premium you pay for it. If you actually have experience with VZW and found different results, I'll take your word for it, but you don't hear a lot of VZW users griping about their service/coverage, you do with ATT.

Yep. It is the coverage. I went with the Verizon predecessor Airtouch because they were the first to offer "true" no roaming charge, period. I was traveling a fair amount, plus roaming off into rural areas. Every time my contract has come up for renewal, I have looked around. Every time (so far) I have stayed with Verizon.

Another reason now is the data speeds. They rolled out Rev. A EvDO pretty fast. Would I like a bigger LTE footprint sooner? Sure. But I understand that LTE means new hardware, new antennas, and will take a little longer than upgrading cards in cell sites.

However, I recognize that Verizon is not the best choice fer everyone. If your budget is tight, or you don't travel much, or stay in major cities, or prefer GSM, or live in a place that VZW doesn't have a good signal, or any of a dozen other variables, pick a different carrier.

If my situation changes going forward, I will too.

i've traveled all over the country and i've never had a coverage problem with Sprint where a VZW customer did not also have a problem. don't they share CDMA towers anyway?

Yeah they do. But Sprint and VZW have been bad boys and not paying rent. I mean, they have been negotiating tower usage with each other in certain market areas and both are letting go some of the contracts.

IMHO, paying 300 bucks for a subsidized phone is ludicrous. VZW charges outrageous prices to begin with so to me, it's not worth it. Yeah, they have good coverage and the LTE is second to none but I'll stay with Sprint for the time being. If Sprint started charging 300 bucks, I'll start rethinking my needs in a smartphone and downgrade to second best. I personally don't need a phone that can crunch SQL databases or render autocad. Some might, but not me. But so far, Sprint has kept it at 200 for subsidy and I'll think it'll stay that way.

Sprint charged $300 for the Evo, Epic 4G, and the Evo 3D when they came out. The reason you're not seeing $300 phones on Sprint now is because they've given up on WiMax and are prepping for a move to LTE.

And don't forget the subsidized cost of an iPhone 4S is $300 for the 32gb and $400(!!!) for the 64. The Apple fanbois didn't do a lot of screaming over that, but they're a different breed of geek than the rest of us. ;)

So true. But I'm sure crapple had thier hand in the pricing before subsidy as well.

I'm glad I'm not a glazed apple fritter.... they didn't. The three Evo's I got were 199.99 on day 1. The Evo 3D i got (and returned)was 199.99 as well. Maybe at BB they were 300 but not ordered through sprint.

Thats false.. I had both the Evo and the Evo 3D and I purchased them the first day they came out and both were 199 with a new contract or upgrade.

Seems to me that your the ones that sore. IMHO, is a heck of a lot faster that typing "in my honest opinion". Besides the "H" stands for "honest" not "humble" and both mean different things. Need me to look it up on wikipedia for you?

From Wikipedia, IMHO – (i) In My Humble/Honest/Heartfelt Opinion, c.f. IMO. Who ever says In my honest opinion? I assume it means humble.

Can't we all just get along.......... Why have the mine is bigger then yours, fight.... To each their own.... I have VZW, I pay higher than sprint but have better service where I am.. But if I go 20 mins north to a friends House I have no service, he has sprint.. So who gives 2 shits.. Let's all get along...Lmfao

We all get along! We just have the big boy syndrome and wanting to show it off! LOL! Honestly, I personally don't care who has what from where. We are all here to help each other and complain about the prices of stuff. Complaining to the carriers goes on deaf ears but here, we get feedback whether it's positive or negative. But sometimes it's fun getting someones goat!

Well ima add on to verizons service...back when I was traveling roofer..I had vzw on a droid incredible in Georgia we went to countless small ass bummy run down towns on the outskirts of Georgia and a bunch of long empty tree filled roads.....I mean STRAIGHT country towns which labeled a house sized store as a mall..... And 99% of the time I had 3g coverage and was easily able to use Google maps without a problem no matter where I was.....I could even watch YouTube vids....not in hq but it was still good.....when we had to stay in hotels my 10+ roofers had metro pcs , t mobile n sprint .....metro people always had to go outside in an open field on top of a hill just to maybe talk for 30 arcs b4 it cut off lmaooo ....t mobile had it a little better ....they couldn't talk inside and had to b outside of the guy had sprint and had CLEAR wireless service (the brand) ....sprint had to go outside as well for decent service and clear internet sucks ass.....avoid it at all cost.....they said clear has service in town and we were right in the middle of town m couldn't get shit.....well to end this long ass comment ...I could call any where whenever I wanted to and watch videos almost anywhere .....since they were mostly Spanish they usually asked me to put soccer games on my phone during work.....and I watched netflix at hotels ...granted I couldn't put my hands on the antenna side but it was all my opinion vzw has great internets lol

Next time check into a motel with wifi. At least T-Mobile has free wifi calling so I can use the phone in anywhere in the world and not pay roaming fees. Sure Verizon service might be better in some areas but not $80 a month more better. On top of that they are charging $300 for phones. If customers would say no prices will drop.

Even Best Buy is telling verizon to get off their asses and sell the damn phone lol. Would be funny if they started selling them before verizon did.

this is crazy i first i saw that they posted on verizon $199 2yr contract n bestbuy $299 wit a 2yr contract WTF they going crazy

I say in my honest opinion. usually when giving an opinion its not humble but an opinion is usually honest especially when its from multiple viewpoints. These comments may not be humble but they are honest.

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