Samsung has something of a mixed track record when it comes to commercials — ranging from the cool and nostalgic to the surreal and just kinda creepy — but the company shows strong form with its latest TV spots for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Poking fun at arch-rival Apple's iPhone and iPad, Samsung actually does a decent job of showcasing both devices' strengths over the iOS-based competition — "two things on screen at once, versus up to one thing on screen at once."

Check out the Tab Pro spot above — a riff on this iPad "pencil" ad, by the way — and head past the break for the second ad, featuring LeBron James on a Galaxy Note 3.


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New Samsung ads skewer iPhone and iPad


not only that this could impact ipad sales... remember when samsung pulled those S3 and S4 ads mocking iPhone??
It did make samsung devices more popular


These were actually funny commercials putting apple on Blast for their BS non-HD screens hahah


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+1 I got a laugh as well. Plus, everything totally bashes the iPhone, and for good reason. Everything they said is true

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The top one was kind of lame/bad choice of voice over guy but the 2nd one was great.

However, given that Samsung have made a whole bunch of tabs/tablets (none of them groundbreaking apart from the note 10.1 & 10.1 2) and have just unleashed another 4, Apple would be prime to have Will Ferrel back as Mugatu from Zoolander redoing the "They're all the same!/doesn't anybody notice!, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!" bit after looking at/handling the various Sam tabs.

Good to see the Note 3 still being promoted, usually Samsung stop promoting something after a few months, but alas it IS the best phone in the world/king of the market still. I thought the news about it outselling the S4 would have hit by now though.

"The top one was kind of lame/bad choice of voice over guy but the 2nd one was great."

Ummm, it's the same guy. The voices are clearly exactly the same between them.

Honestly great ads for Samsung. Showing the competition side by side is ballsy.

The tablet ad was more effective, shows a solution to an everyday problem that more people are likely to have.

Agree the tablet ad was well done and why it is "better". The note 3 was OK didn't really show anything

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Agreed, I'm not a particular fan of Samsung products, but even I have to admit, that was a good commercial.

"vs. up to 1 thing on screen at once", I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

Fantastic work Samsung! Laying the smack down!

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I am actually surprised to see positive feedback....I thought that was an awful commercial, and I usually like samsung commercials =/

I did like the note/iphone one though

At Imore I see 32 "majorities" vs. 65plus Android supporters. But I am certain the apple fans are very impressed with their tiny phone screens and their tiny majority as one size fits all at Apple. Apple is the poncho of the wireless world.

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I think because it is the style of the commercial that is so different that may throw people off. Seems like an ad someone created at home.

But I do like how they showed off one of the great features that the Tab Pro, and Surface tablets have over iPad.

I'm surprised I like that commercial that much. I was ready to rip Samsung a new one and instead I was pleasantly surprised. Good commercial. Well done Samsung.

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Lol, wow.

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Hahaha! Only thing that would have made them better is if the Samsung product would have ate the Apple product at the end of the commercial!

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Well I DONT NEED MULTI anything because I dont use it so this video sucks!!

...this is how an Apple viewer would feel after watching this video, lol!

And then go on and on about how only being able to view one thing at a time is actually better...

And it's smoother and faster with no lag and doesn't crash as often. Blah blah blah

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A family member who uses an iPhone for work doesn't think that way. She is in awe of all the Note 3's capabilities, especially the one that can scrape info off the screen and populate it into a contact (very useful for her work stuff). She is seriously considering getting a Note 3 when eligible for a new work phone soon. :)


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I personally think that comparing your product with another in an ad, takes away merit from your product. I think it made MSFT look silly, and so it does for the Galaxy tablets in this ad. I also thought it made Apple look silly when they did the whole Mac vs. PC thing. It looks like overcompensation. Showcase your product ALONE, highlight it´s virtues, subtly mention that it is the only place you would find it. IMHO.

I would agree with you if your product was inferior or was not as popular, but Samsung is just spot on with these adds. Apple always makes their adds seem like they are the best in every category through their reality distortion adds. This is just pointing out actual reality. And being funny at the same time.

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I personally don´t like Samsung products, especially their tablets but I won´t go into the list of why not. I personally like the Nexus 7, even though I don´t have the "two window on the screen at the same time" option. My wife thinks her iPad is exactly what she needs after trying a number of other devices, including the Note 8. There is no reality distortion going on, for some people the iPad really is the best in every category that is important for them, for example varying industry professions because of the availability of specially apps or the person who just wants to sit on the couch and consume media (the things Apple advertises), for others, whose needs may be different it may not be so. A company advertising their product as best or highlighting what it is used for is not unheard of. Or would it please if you they advertise what it is not good at?

For the record, I don´t like the iPad Air or Mini either, because it doesn´t satisfy my needs. It´s simply personal.

I actually played around with the Note Pro 12.2, while I was in Best Buy yesterday. It's a really nice piece of kit, but I don't think I can go back to using an Android tablet anymore. I like being able to switch it up, when I move from phone to tablet and vice-versa.

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The NotePro looks interesting. If it came with a keyboard, samsung made, made to work perfectly with it, It might have been even more interesting.

Agreed. The keyboard that was on display with it was kinda lackluster.

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How many of you actually have Samsung tablets... these ads create buzz I think for both products.

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I have access to them all the time. That Note 12 is awesome.

Love my Nexus but it is on the way out

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

"I'm gonna take this Samsung galaxy tab......and I'm gonna take this pencil" lol I love it!

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Lol, yeah that line was kinda funny.

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Good for anyone that sticks it to Apple. I had to set up my wife's iPhone for her work yesterday and I kept saying what a POS the thing is and how damn tiny it is. It literally took 2 pages of instructions from her employer and 20 minutes to set up. Setting up her android took about 3-5 minutes at the most.

+1 Haha, been there done that. I can't for the life of me figure out how she uses her iPhone (for work) every day without going mad. :O


Done it as well PITA all the way

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I heard my friends saying over and over again how android is "complicated" and iPhone intuitive. Whenever I was using their phone there was always an extra step to do or something hidden to find (unless you memorized it already). Then I would just laugh at them

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Yup, I've found the same. I've worked in IT for about 17+ years now and know a bit about intuitive and there is little to nothing intuitive about IOS. Ditto on Windows Phone and Windows 8. It's all dumbed down for the lowest common denominator (not a good thing). :(

Yes, this is Note 3 and it cracks when you press it! Oh and it's with touchwiz, you will have some lags, but don't worry, you will never get used to it! And what, it's 1080p oversaturated screen? You will never get real colors! I will take this iPad/iPhone! Had Note 3 and I know how it works.. Best part of owning one was when i sold it! Until metal body, HTC here I come (Maybe) :-)

Um...different launcher? And Samsung literally makes the best screens with less battery consumption so you can't deny that. Oh and how bout some screen protectors... All good.

And if you think the apple products are less fragile....their is something wrong with you. And apple...doesn't have a launcher per say...they give it how it is without any Customizations. And now screen....feel free to choose apple saying its better when its not even close.

Apple is the internet explorer of phones...

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You are talking BS... So I spend $900 (In my country) to buy screen protector, to put different launcher.About the battery 3,5 hours on full screen brigh.. are not that much.. I had Apple products and yes, they are better.. Only HTC one is good enough to fight with Apple about build quality. I don't like Customization, I use my phone for work.. I am not some geek/nerd/dude without life to stay all day and change widgets.. Apple screen is better than the note 3, colors everything is better.. When you upload picture to FB or instagram you know what exactly you are uploading.. When I had Note 3 I see one picture on my phone, and different on my Pc because the over saturation.. So don't talk if you don't have Note 3 or Apple product.. HTC is the best choice for Android, real colors screen, better UI, No lags, better quality.. This is what a good phone should be!

Yeah my brain hurts from reading that

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

The metal body is actually aluminum which bends and scratches easily (more than any "cheap" plastic) so idea of build quality is just in appearance.
Comparing displays is apple and oranges for people have different ideas how it should look - it's a small gadget assistant not 50 in TV.
BTW, on the One is not all that accurate and there is inconsistency in backlight and saturation seen on some devices.
The only IPS that stands out is the one on iPhone. Most of the Android's are either washed out or calibrated to oversaturate (to mimic all that "hated" punchy colors of Amoled).

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Great ads and point well made. The only issue is that Samsung's pricing themselves out of the market with the Pro Tablets.

Commercials Not terrible and definitely better than a lot of what Samsung has done recently. Neat feature on the Note, but let's be often would you actually need to layer in Lebron James on top of some clouds?

Going through the comments one thing sticks out that I will never truly understand. I get that many folks don't like to use Apple products. Many folks don't like to use Samsung products. Why exactly is there so much blind brand hatred? If you like using Samsung products why is there so much vitriol directed towards Apple? What do you gain from being like that?

It is human nature. People like to be on or root for the winning team. Some people feel the need to tell everyone why the product they use is superior and the product you use is inferior because it helps them justify their purchase and gives them validation.

Also keep in mind some people don't like Samsung or Apple products for legit reasons - they just don't meet their needs/don't like iTunes/don't like Touchwiz/had bad experiences with previous products/etc. Others don't like them but they just want to be different and not like what everybody else likes. Others are just huge fanboys that bash the other because the companies are 'rivals'. I have seen idiotic posts on Macrumors and here blabbing about how shameful Apple is for suing Samsung (Apple had every right to - look at the 2010 T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S) or that Samsung is just blatantly copying Apple (No they aren't - Samsung is all about having as many features as possible so that they can address as many users as possible. Samsung phones have tons of features that iPhones don't have).

I just don't get the squabbling. Samsung and Apple make good products IMHO.

I chose to use a Moto X - I really love this phone it meets my needs but I wouldn't bash anyone that chose to use a SGS4, HTC One, Nokia 1020, iPhone 5s, or Z30. I have played with all 5 phones - I like them all - I use the Moto X because it meets my needs the best.

I've touched on the topic several times in the past.
Its not so much about what you WILL do, but what you CAN do. For devices costing just under 1000$ 'why can't I have those same features, or do something similar?' - is the question that is supposed to be raised. presented to make iPhone customers question their purchase. Practicality is important. But so are capabilities.

And as far as the loyalty, I suppose it's just like that of sports, why do you care of one team loses and another wins? It's competition, and there's a fan base. Don't think it goes deeper than that. . Or at least it shouldn't. Ppl crazy.

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Sammy is so awesome! Finally someone points out how stupid Apple ads are.

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I don't see the place for Samsung's garbage. You either get an iPad, which has software people like and kids know how to use, or you get an Nexus, which is the only way to do tablets on Android. Samsung charges too much and ruins the experience, I can't see how they're a better option at all.

S pen.

Right there is why in 2 words.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Actually I think Samsung is doing Tablets better right now. Google's nexus tablets are basically big phones. Samsung is atleast trying to add productivity elements to the experience and I actually like the Magazine UX.

My daughter is 2 and she is a pro at using my Note 10.1. Also, I really like the software on it. So I guess I disproved both of your points.

I know how it is meant but if you have to make fun of competion and not out sell them well that is plain stupid.

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Just like Microsoft. All there surface tablets will be at the dollar tree pretty soon. I like the surface but let's not kid ourself they might do more but one thing they don't is out sell the ipad

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Do you judge everything based on popularity? I tend to judge based on capability and features that fit my needs. Wierd concept, I know.

No, it's not. Denver didn't do anything better than Seattle, they were completely dominated in all phases of the game.

What you are doing would be like Denver claiming they are a better team because they have a bigger fan base.

Ouch, that had to hurt

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Lol That's because the Donkeys showed up. Who knows how it would've turned out had the Broncos actually shown up instead. :) /Broncos fan


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You do, actually. Coming from the Nexus 5, I thought it would be a challenge getting used to the Note 3's size. But, it's not as hard of an adjustment as one would think. After about a week, it starts to feel natural. I say, play around with it in-store, for at least an hour. Then, if you like it, go for it.

Either way you decide to go, have fun and good luck, brother!!

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You're welcome =)

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You do get used to it easily, and force yourself to use the spen. If you do that it becomes indispensable.

When I have to write something down I don't even open the phone. I pull the pen out and write it through the s view cover window

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

"a riff on this iPad "pencil" ad, by the way "

I did watch the vid and thought "Even the pen has more to offer". Seriously, I could not live without an optimized pen when I have lived with Note. I hope I see more pen tablets in the future with a phone/gsm - Im not happy customer of Samsung, and no interest to buy a new Sam-product.

The first ad would be much better with notepro: taking the pen from the table and starting to play with the notepro =)

I totally agree about the s-pen. I had a note 2 for awhile and it was easily the most productive I have ever been on a phone. I not once picked up a tablet.

That Tab looks nice but those capacitive & home buttons on the bottom are awkward.....

Also, I haven't seen a single AMOLED device from samsung that DOESN'T have a greenish yellow tinted display.
I'm using currently a Note 2 and I've had an S2 before and I'm definitely not going to buy another device that has a urine filter on its display regardless of how high the PPI is...

I don't wanna do all this "multi-tasking" and dragging slowly to place other things to specific places on my tablet... that's what my desktop is for!?

You don't have to if you don't want to lol, I personally find it very useful.

P.s. it works a lot faster than shown in the ad.

1. You can do it without multitasking/windows. It is your choice and atleast you have this choice.

2. Im not carrying my comp. with me all the time. It is nice to have an ability to do something serious with your tablet too and not to wait to get back home/work. My Note 10.1 is replaced alot - I use a bt keyboard and a mouse with my Note. However, some things are still depending on pcs so owning still a laptop is must have -thing. Unfortunately.

3. Working with two windows side by side is great. I can write an article on the left and check facts/references on the right. I usually do multitasking and when doing work I also chat with friends, lol.. So what can be better than doing all those things seeing them all the time? Like you do it with your computer. Or think about coding, I would hate if I cant see the code, references/guides and what happens everytime I change something. Swapping between two/three windows - awful!

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Absolutely BRILLIANT!
"You know what? I'm gonna take this Samsung Galaxy Tab....And I'm gonna take this pencil"
THAT LINE ALONE....Take that Apple! Ha ha ha!

This commercial is necessary, because people should see which device offers more simplicity and efficiency. Because that myth about Apple intuitive interaction has to come to an end.
Mocking may be counterproductive but this one is more legit, because Apple's innovation talking point in ads came down to size and weight w some extraprocessing speed for which most of the people wouldn't make notice comparing to the previous one. They just don't have anything to offer any more. Reminds me of Job's introduction to copy and paste option on iPhone 3g.

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This ad would probably be a lot funnier if not for this:

Those who live in small screen houses shouldn't throw phones. Translation: don't try and bust Apple's chops for having small screen sizes when Samsung is trying to have their cake and eat it too. Samsung would have a lot more credibility if they actually had the guts to live by their "bigger is better" credo. Hedging your bets by offering a smaller, crappier version of your flagship phone is cowardly and hypocritical.

Yeah I hate freedom of choice too. Seriously wtf are you even saying? That anyone who doesn't copy Apple's business model is a coward? Why are you even here :S go sit on an Apple forum if that's going to be your attitude.

Sorry if logic is having so much effect on the Samsung fanboys. My point is that if Samsung is saying that freedom of choice is better than no choice, fine. That's a very compelling argument for Samsung. But making fun of the iPhone because you think their screen size is not good enough sounds stupid when you are also trying to sell phones at that size (and a crappier version of your better, larger size flagship phone at that). Pick a winning argument and run w/it. Don't try to talk out of both sides of your mouth. In America, we call that "tripping'".

Lol you can get away with anything in America! In the UK we'd never let an advert mock another product, so petty (though obviously very funny too).

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