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Prices to start at £199.99 for 16GB, £239.99 for 32GB

Update: Ebuyer is now listing the new Nexus 7 for pre-order too, with availability expected for Aug. 29. That's a couple weeks before Dixons' stock date, but still a good month beyond the U.S. launch window.

Original story: The new Nexus 7 tablet might be hitting the U.S. before the end of July, but consumers in the UK could be in for a substantially longer wait if a couple of major retailers are to be believed. Currys and PC World, both parts of the Dixons group, are listing the 16 and 32-gigabyte versions of the tablet for pre-order, priced at £199.99 and £239.99 respectively. But the tablets are listed with an availability date of Sep. 13, some six weeks after the U.S. launch.

While pre-order dates are subject to change, Currys and PC World were retail launch partners for the 2012 Nexus 7, so there's a good chance they aren't just pulling this date out of thin air. There's also no sign of the European 4G Nexus 7, so UK buyers wanting to take advantage of LTE data on the new tablet could be in for an even longer wait.

We've heard nothing specific about international availability from Google, and at yesterday's launch event the company told attendees that other countries would be getting the tablet "in the coming weeks." The UK was named as one of the first wave of countries to get the new tablet following the U.S. launch, along with Germany, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Canada, France and Australia.

Meanwhile the UK Google Play Store continues to list last year's Nexus 7, with prices starting at £159 for 16GB + Wifi.

Source: Currys, PC World


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New Nexus 7 listed for pre-order in the UK, release slated for September [Updated]


So in the US, the price of the 16gb rises by 30 USD. But here in Blighty, it rises by 40 pounds. Haha. Way to go Google!

Always knew this would happen. With VAT and Shipping/Handling cost. Not sure what to do now...

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Regardless of VAT we are getting taken. Shipping and handling costs for US and UK are comparable per unit (and minuscule).

If we order one from the US wont it be cheaper(even with delivery)..and we'll get it quicker?

The Dixons group did charge a higher fee for Gen 1 Nexus 7's in the UK if I remember correctly, the margins on the N7 is pretty much non existent was the reason.

A >20% increase for the standard device is a bit of a jump tbh, for a camera not many people missed, an dated processor and an improvement to a screen that was still amongst the best in it's field.

Okay, the Gen 1's price was ridiculously low, I can understand that. But, bumping up the price this much makes me think that they knew the original price was unsustainable. For £200, they really should have made the Gen 2 an 8" device and standardised the "small tablet" category.

They didnt have any sort of mark up. When they first came out, you could only get the 8gb one from google, that was 159, the 199 16gb version was sold for 199 at google, plus tesco, currys, CPW etc. so there was no mark up.

Then google doubled the storage, and the 16gb model was now 159 where as the 32gb model was the 199. Some shops continued selling the 16gb model at the 199 price, even when they had the 32gb model in, this might be were any possible confusion lies.

If this pricing is true, its technically inline with the launch of the nexus 7, except they just arent selling an 8gb model. obviously its more money compared to what they are selling for now.

Seeing as the price is higher than expected I'll pass, if it was a 8 inch I would of been all over this.

An extra inch would of really made all the difference.

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Quite a shame goog couldn't manage a simultaneous release for the n7 and chromecast, removes a lot of the temptation to splurge on new hardware.

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I agree... I was sooo looking forward to getting this in the UK, and now could be swayed to get something else ... wish Apple would hurry up with the new iPad 5 too, also looking like mid-Sept! Slimmer and lighter, will be no contest...
However if I had the 4G Nexus 7 32GB now.... different story, I might buy both!

Awesome, we get to wait and pay more for the privilege. Google have historically been reasonable with the exchange rates but seem to have caught the disease of screwing the UK consumer. We already pay massive VAT, being taxed further by companies just for the hell of it is beyond taking the proverbial.

Google really need to sort out their 'Global' launches too, as whipping up a storm and then not taking advantage of it seems to be pretty short sighted. If they are not releasing in Japan this week, for example, after making such a point about how well the last one sold there, they have lost the plot.


Apple seems to manage global launches just fine, but I don't want to buy their stuff

This blows

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To be fair Apple built up to it piece by piece. By now I would be hoping the key first phase countries would be ready to go at the same time for a Google launch, next time a few more etc. Shame. My impulse buy muscles have relaxed due to the pause and the pricing decisions. I may well still pick one up but it will get more scrutiny.

Its normal for it to be higher. The price quoted in the USA is without tax's. Unless your in say NH you have to add something to the total you will pay.
BTW thanks for the heads up I put my order in already.

Yes, we know how tax works. Regardless of the tax we are paying a premium nett tax of between 10 and 15% (no idea yet what Machiavellian machinations will attach themselves to the LTE pricing hike ;)).