We have a clue at what Google will provide in their upcoming Play Games service, look for it all to make more sense next week at Google I/O

There's a new version of Google Play Services being distributed, and inside the file there's plenty of reference to Google Play Games. For the past few weeks everyone has been sure that we were going to see some sort of Google Game Center for Android devices in the very near future, likely at Google I/O, and the fellows at Android Police have found all manner of clues and hints to what it will entail.

Things like leader boards and a matchmaking service are activities that a future application can trigger, as well as achievements and invitations. The settings for Play Games (so far, the only portion that's working) also show notification settings that will allow you to pick and choose who can send you game notifications. The whole kit and caboodle is tied up into Google+, which should mean easy access to your friends as well as a central hub for all the gaming goodness.

Make no mistake, this is pretty awesome. But it leaves a few unanswered questions. How backwards compatible will this be? How difficult (or easy) will it be for developers to integrate Play Games into their applications? Can any game be built to work with the new service? Most importantly, when will this go live? We'll likely get all those answers and more next week in San Francisco. 

For now, be sure to head to Android Police to read their in-depth look at everything they found inside the new Google Play Services file, it's a pretty epic read.

Source: Android Police


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New Google Services apk confirms Google Play Games is coming


I'm pretty excited for this feature. Hopefully it will replace the need to log in to FB to find friends to play games with.

From what I read at DL, this will be an app. So you'll lose data unless you are able to save the data in the app if you switch phones or unlock and root, or reset.

They should of made this part of Google Drive so it could be stored in the cloud

Well what's going on in those pictures looks terrible to me, but I'll take your word for it chaps. For now.

Google Games Center might be but Google Games Centre won't. But in all seriousness I'm glad they went with Google Play Games. The word centre can get a little annoying in programs, apps, services that don't get the English spelling and only the American spelling ;P

Finally! Been waiting for this forever, the amount of times I have lost game saves etc has been annoying

I wonder if developers will be able to use these features on any Android based gaming system. It would be interesting to see OUYA players connecting and sharing with players on Android tablets and phones.

Not sure if I'm stating something close to accurate, but I understand that building for Java is similar to building for Android, or at least some apps are like that. Also, i know you can have Java games be played on a browser and also directly on the phone (you know like a feature phone). Couldn't Google come up with some kind of Android Player for Chrome?

By JB I mean what every maker from HTC to Sony, Samsung etc. mean - 4.1. Not one of them saw it fit to update an existing handset past that point, so for nearly everyone without a Nexus 4.2 & 4.3 don't (and won't) exist.

This is one thing I am most looking forward to hearing about at I/O. an official Gaming center for Android :)So many good games at moment that need this sort of thing. I do hope its for more than Jellybean 4.3 though so then I can use it on my 4.1 phone as well as my nexus 7 :)

Well, that's just great. I uninstalled Mass Effect: Infiltrator, took me a good while to complete. Had I seen this post, I would've waited for the cloud-backup service, if it comes out. If the feature works for all the games, I'll gladly uninstall some I have.