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After some hints that an Android KitKat 4.4.2 update was on the way to Verizon Motorola Droid Razr HD owners, we heard from readers that they've received the over-the-air update and are good to go. Razr M owners seem to be getting the same treatment, meanwhile Droid Ultra and Mini updates are in the works. There are a bunch of new features introduced here, some of which you may have already downloaded and enjoyed. Here are the release notes.

Motorola Droid Razr HD KitKat

  • Android 4.4.2, KitKat: Android 4.4.2, KitKat, is the latest release of the Android platform. KitKat includes enhancements such as restyled status and navigation bars, a new full-screen mode, color emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security, smarter power use, and more tools and capabilities for better app development.

  • Printing documents and pictures: Added support for printing photos, Google Docs, GMail messages, and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services like Google Cloud Print and HP ePrinters.

  • Hangouts - SMS/MMS support: Incorporated a new version of Google Hangouts that supports integrated SMS/MMS messaging. Hangouts can be set as the default SMS app under Settings > Wireless > Default SMS app.

Razr HD and Razr M owners on Verizon, have you already got your update? Is it running smoothly? How many of you guys are still waiting on KitKat?

Thanks Terry!


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Motorola Razr HD and Razr M KitKat updates rolled out on Verizon


I am not seeing a power improvement, changed to ART yesterday to see if that would make a difference

Download the update last week on my Maxx HD. My phone had been acting poorly for the previous month - terrible battery drain, lag, missed notifications. The update has been excellent in all areas. My phone is the smoothest it has ever been. It's the first Android update which actually improved the performance of my phone. Typically updates have added functionality but slowed the phone down. I'm attributing it to the superior memory management of KK, which really impacts a phone like this which only has 1GB of RAM.

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I got the update Thursday morning of last week. I've never had a software update make such a huge improvement to a mobile device.

A few things to watch out for. Installing the update seems to uninstall or remove other keyboards like SwiftKey and Swipe. I had to re-install SwiftKey after the upgrade. Also, some apps seem to disappear or stop working after the update. After the update is done, give it another 10-15 minutes to make sure it's really done (mine was doing something with media for a while like re-cataloging it or something) and then reboot your phone. The missing apps should come back/start working.

I was disappointed they kept the settings screen to the left of the main screen. I finally gave Nova Launcher a try and loved it! I wish I would have done that a long time ago! So I installed Nova Launcher to kill the settings page and set it so I can go around in a circle when swiping my screens instead of hitting the end. It let me do some other great customizations too but anyway, it was a good move for me. I replaced the functionality of the settings page with a Widgetsoid customizable notification widget. I love that! It replaced that settings page, two widgets(on to keep the screen on and one for the brightness level), and one app (Moto Flashlight) that I was using and it's more accessible than any of the things it replaced since it's in the notification drop down. It also shows my battery percent in the notification bar.

Back to performance, KitKat has improved the performance of the UI in general as well as loading files and doing things in apps. Even games run better and smoother. I'm guessing most of the performance improvements are due to the memory optimizations and the trim implementation which happened in 4.3. I think the place where I notice the biggest difference due to trim is when I install apps in the Play Store. It used to sit forever when installing apps - the download was fast but it took forever to just install. Now apps install as if it was a new phone again.

I liked the old lock screen where I could jump directly the the dialer or text messaging when I unlocked but now I could use lock screen widgets to do the same thing or more and the lock screen is more like stock Android.

It definitely hasn't hurt my battery life. I've been using the phone more as I setup Nova Launcher and tested things but my battery life is not worse. If anything it's better than it was before the update. Again, my phone just feels like a new phone overall. Maybe the battery isn't as good as new since I've had it for a year and a half but it's excellent considering the phones age and I don't think it's worse than before the update. I don't think I've had a day of "normal" use yet but it's still been good.

Overall, it was a great update for me! It really put some new life into my Droid Razr Maxx HD.

You can 2 finger swipe from the notification bar to get to quick settings now. I think that's a kit Kat thing

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Cool! I was trying right side swipe down as opposed to left side swipe down and that didn't work. Thank you!
I wish it was tap to change state and tap-and-hold to go to the settings screen instead of the way it is. Is there an easy way to switch that around?

I think I'm going to keep Widgetsoid for three reasons, it can do volume control, tap to change state, and it replaces my moto flashlight app. Still, good to know. Thanks for pointing out the two finger swipe.

Does anyone know if I can add volume control to the built in quick settings? I could live with tap and hold and a separate flashlight app since I don't use it much anyway.

I have definitely seen an improvement in performance with my Razr HD. What happened to the 'swipe' input selection??!! Easier when your on a treadmill then trying to find all of the letters....

Swype is an app in the app store now. Plus, the Google Keyboard (also an app in the App Store) has Swyping type capabilities.

Droid Maxx or Droid Razr Maxx? Not trying to question you, just making sure you know the difference because some don't.

Simon, you said the droid ultra and mini updates are in the works, what about the droid maxx?

It seems like the droid ultra and droid mini run the same stuff as the droid Maxx (48 hour battery, not RAZR Maxx). So I suppose if those two are coming soon, the Droid Maxx isn't too far behind.

right, that why I thought it strange that he would mention two of the three, I thought they were all basically the same release

Probably when it is released, monitor XDA and they'll have it and it'll probably load for all three. We'll see, though.

i always loved my Razr M but this new update DID solve a fairly new lagging issue but it ruined my data usage.
in over a year and a half i have never used more than 15% of my data plan now i am up to 75%
The new update doesn't like to move from mobile data to WiFi and when you manually do it WiFi is all messed up
it will not stay on WiFi for long and it sees a 10% signal even when i am rite next to my router.
need to resolve this issue as it will cost me some money if i go over my data plan.

Is the LED notification light only white now? I somehow had different colors for email vs text before. Now it's only flashing white.

I got it last week, been mostly happy. I love they got rid of the swipe to unlock screen, and changed it to a far better way to get to the camera. Also not touched on in the notes is that the Razr HD now supports BLE/ Bluetooth Smart. Thats big deal. The one thing I want back however was the native Swype keyboard.

Got my Razr M update last Thurs. and it feels like a new phone. Runs smooth, fast and much more stable. Tested download speed yesterday and was getting 49.5 Mb/s when I usually get 30 Mb/s in San Jose.

Nice! I haven't tested LTE performance. That's a great performance improvement if it's from the software update only!

My Razr Maxx HD got KK last week. Noticeable speed increase for opening apps, home screen actions, and app speed. Better WiFi connect speed, but no better WiFi throughput speed, which lags behind (and always has) what I get on the Nexus 7 2012 and iPad 3rd gen.

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Well hoping the RAZR I which is the international version of the RAZR M will be receiving the kk update very soon. That phone needs it.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I have RAZR HD Maxx, got the update a couple of days ago. My battery drains more than it ever did, it takes longer to charge, if I use an outlet/usb charger the charger gets extremely hot. My phone use to get extremely hot when the battery got low, now it doesn't seem to get hot.

My RAZR M is draining fast as well. I have set it on battery saver. 10 am 83%, sat on my desk all day and at 4pm 25%. Any solutions for this?

Got this reply from another site, seemed to help a little:
One thing I've found that seems to help with the battery issues is to go into Settings > WiFi > 3-dot menu > Advanced and see if Scanning Always On is checked. If so, it means that your phone is constantly scanning the area for WiFi signals, even when WiFi is turned off, for location purposes. Turning that option off did wonders for my Sprint Moto X after the 4.4.2 update.

I just wanted to add my response to this as well. RAZR HD Maxx, terrible battery drain. Phone often runs warm. USB connection doesn't charge enough to keep up with drain. Standard charger gets very hot like it never did before.

Update wiped out all of my custom ringtones as well as my bluetooth devices. Phone icon, address book icon and several others no longer worked.

On positive side using phone in Europe on GSM now get much enhanced battery life.

So there's no way to change the notification light, that was the best way to tell what you got. Also, any way to change the color screen on the status bar? That's was the only way to tell if I was actually getting connectivity while where my coverage is spotty, they did that on my tablet and it annoys the mess out of me. Glad I saw that swipe is still out there somewhere. On the plus side, my RAZR does move so much smoother now.

Call your carrier and tell them the update is screwing up your phone, flashing screen, speaker issues. They'll send you a new one. They told me the last update was flawed and was a mistake.

I got the message on my screen saying this update is available. I started the download 4 hours ago and my phone is stuck at the Motorola splash screen. I went to my Verizon store and they didn't know what to make of it. This is a Droid Razr Maxx HD.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Did you try holding down the power button and volume down button at the same time for several seconds? Mine got stuck immediately after the update downloaded (black screen) and doing this woke it up.

Thank you for your suggestion. Both the Verizon rep and myself tried all combinations of button pressing but it would not resolve the problem. I contacted Motorola support and they couldn't fix it either.
I was able to resolve the issue on my own by flashing my phone with a stock image using RDL Lite. I lost everything on my phone but at least it is working now. :(

Sounds like I am having the exact same problem with my phone..Can you explain how you resolved this? I don't know how to flash, or what RDL Lite is. My phone just displays the Motorola emblam, and when I plug it in, it will display the battery level...can't do anything else with it.

Since my phone has updated my text has lagged. It used to type smooth now its laggy and the keys appear smaller. Plus my favourite feature was taken away I no longer have the option to choose which app I'd like to use such as camera, calling, texting or home page. That made me very sad because I used it very often and it came in handy

Got the update today, No END TO THE TROUBLE. the problems have been so bad for me that verizon is replacing my phone with a pre-update version. Primarily has to do with the Car Dock and Bluetooth. I lost the ability to use an older (but still good working) Motorola bluetooth headset. and on the car dock, when making or receiving calls the keypad numbers overlap real bad causing issues pressing the right keys. Took 4 tries to check my voicemail because I couldn't put the password in. I really liked the look and operation until I discovered that, as someone who drives a 1000 miles a week on average, I live on my bluetooth, and since I am self employed, I live on my phone and it is always on the dock when I am in the truck (which is most of the time). I would lay money on the idea that Motorola didn't test it with their vehicle dock before rolling the update out. For me the problems are major and until Motorola can fix the issue, the new update is not for me. Same thing happened with my Droid X a couple years ago, an update came down that was bad and Verizon had to replace my phone. Maybe I am just special with the car dock (had one with my droid X also). But it almost makes me want to switch to Samsung.

Just downloaded the new version and am checking things out. A major problem to me is that my phone can no longer be paired with my Hondalink. Any one have any ideas before I fight the Verizon office crowd?

I had the same problem, Just put your phone back in as if it was a new device, it worked.. This update really drains my battery

Updated yesterday. Raz Maxx HD. No longer will connect using 4G. Only 3G (and often 1x). Most text messages error out and will not send. Cell strength also much weaker. Verizon is sending me replacement; hopefully it works better than this,

Really kinda trashed my battery life. I like the update but did it really have kill my battery.

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DO NOT DO THIS!!!! They took everything away that was good about the phone. I cannot turn off the ringer unless I go into the settings which is too much work. The type is so thin making it bigger does nothing. I have perfect vision and I can't see anything. Also changing the text messages to a white background it terrible I hate that. The notification light is now white instead of green I can't change it. My camera is RUINED!!! everything is blurry and it takes forever to take a picture and the quality is so poor now - WHY??? You have to delete everything - text and recent calls one by one!!! It's basically like they went backwards in technology. They also removed the alphabet from the search so instead of just hitting the letter you need to swipe to get it.
Honestly I think I am done with Motorola.

I agree with every part of this. Camera is dulled, and having to delete every text or message one by one is ridiculous. If there IS a way to delete multiple messages at once, it's absurd that it's not more intuitive to figure out how.... just like it's absurd that you have to swipe your finger to answer the phone. You can no longer answer calls by pressing the buttons as you did on the prior version. Is updating *everything* so important? It's worth confusing us about how to use the most basic functions of our phones - like how to answer them?

Just updated my phone today and I hate it. Is there a way to uninstall it? I can't change my background from white in text messaging. I liked it the way it was before. All my shortcuts on my lock screen are gone too! Wtf? Made the battery worse. Worse update. I don't want it or the phone if I can't have my paid features back.

Thanks to this update I am no longer able to pair with my Hundai Santa Fe bluetooth. Every update made to this phone gets worse. Seems once they get our money customer service gets worse. Time to leave Verizon and Motorola.

I downloaded the upgrade 2 days ago on my RAZR HD and I am hating it. My phone screen is stuck in landscape. I've tried everything to get it back, even factory reset. Texts disappeared (before reset), I dislike the keyboard, notification light and settings suck!

Just got the update yesterday & I've had to charge my phone more in 2 days than I have the whole year I've had it!! The update has ruined my phone with no battery life, no signal, no 4G, lost calls & not to mention all the messed up features that replaced my background colors, my text area is so bad along with a lot of other stuff....the update was a very bad mistake & I do not recommend it to anyone!!!!

My RAZR phone just died, this morning it did a major update that took almost 15 minutes and now I have a box that says "Unfortunately your home screen has stopped" and right under that is an OK button. When I tap that the whole screen blacks out, I've powered off the phone several times to let it reset and the box is still there. I even tried to call my phone from another and it rings but I cant answer it.

Downloaded on my RAZR M last week and phone has been awful since. 4g is now mostly nonexistent even in locations where it was strong before. Battery life has been cut in half. iPhone is looking more and more attractive. So disappointing.

Since update on my Droid Razr M I cannot view videos on youtube, anyone else having this problem?

Having the same problem. Will not play any web based video. Also stopped auto syncing my emails. Google search does not sync either. None of my cards or search history displays on the phone. 4G and signal bars stay white all the time. Cant tell if synced with google acct. Volume keys dont work 1/2 the time. Group text message take literally hours to load. My text notification says I have multiple texts received but nothing shows in the text app. What gives? Updates are supposed to add features, not mess everything up.

My email doesn't sync well either. I have also had a lag in my texts and then the notification wouldn't clear after I looked at them. Battery drain also, RAZR M

Steve, did you ever find a fix to this? I had the same issue...until it upgraded again. Now it shows I HAVE multiple texts and who they are from, but they download...and download...and download. So very frustrating. The only fix I have found is to delete them entirely, and just text the people back individually to have them re-send. That shouldn't have to be the only option.

The new update has left me no understanding the messaging. It says that I have 11 new messages. How do you tell what is a new message?

Hate the new droid update. Lost my wallpaper pictures. Turning the sound off was so easy now that's gone. Wish it could be reversed

I am not happy with this update at all. Completely ruined my phone for me, can't stand using it now. When I get a text message, even if I checked it in the messaging center it stills show up in the circle widget that I didn't check it. The fact I can't tell if I have 4g or not, if I'm actually connected to my wi-fi or not since now it's white instead of blue. This whole update I find to be very stupid. Don't see any improvement from it. If anything it's making my phone not work right. Anytime I check something takes the circle widget a few seconds to reload back on the screen. This is just pathetic should be a option to go back to the good update instead of being stuck with this stupid trash one.


Completely cosign all of this. I hate every part of the update, especially since I saw no reason for any update to begin with. Most functions on the phone work less well now, and NONE work better.

My HD RAZR Maxx battery life has plummeted due to KitKat upgrade. As soon as my contract is up in a couple months, I'm switching to Samsung. Motorola really screwed up, and will no doubt lose customers over launching this "upgrade" with all these bugs. The person at Motorola who pushed this launch prematurely should lose their job.

absolutely cannot stand the KitKat update. besides the fact that I cannot see my charger charging in the top right my volume is down about 30 percent. I don't want Google Hangouts and this the other crap they stuck on it god I wish there was a way to uninstall it. now I'm shopping for a Windows Phone

I have a Droid RAZR HD. This KitKat Update is the worst update I have ever had. The first big change I noticed was the text message background turned to white. I do not like this, it hurts my eyes at night terrible! Then my vibration settings changed completely. ICK! I really enjoyed having a green LED light for text, A blue for Facebook, and a red when the phone was dying. Now its a god awful white color. TERRIBLE! After being on my phone for maybe 2-3 seconds the screen dims on its own. I can no longer have the "bubble" text message alert because even after I have read the text message it still stays in that little bubble until I click on the bubble itself. I have charged my phone 3x today! Usually I charge it only once a day. In my call center I had actual buttons to dial the number. Now I just have numbers with lines beneath them what the hell is this crap? I paid a lot for this phone, and I sure do pay more than its worth with verizon. This update is terrible and a fix needs to be put out immediately or ill go back to Iphone. I have and never will use half the app crap they put on my phone, they should be an my entire phone space is taken up. I have to constantly restart my phone because half the time my camera and or pictures wont show up. Not to mention now my picture are really pixalated and blurry! I can not wait to go back to IPHONE! This update did it for me and several family members and friends. Its not worth the trouble. Also I hate the alarm clock now, you have to spin around clock hands instead of just putting in the small wrong move and you have to start all over! SERIOUSLY? PLEASE PLEASE if you have this phone do not update! and I really hope they make a fix soon! I want my black text background back and most of all my LED light back!

Got the kit kat update on my RAZR m a couple of days ago. Apps load a little faster. Don't like the white texting background and battery life is half what it was. I guess I live with it. By the way, get Lightflow from the play store. It let's you set different colors for you LED.

Definitely do not like this upgrade. Overall the phone does seem to be running slightly smoother but it's not worth it for what you lose. Biggest thing for me was losing Swype keyboard and even though I've downloaded Google keyboard, its just not the same. Other little things like white text backgrounds, no volume control in the lock screen and only white LED notification color are just bothersome and can be fixed by downloading apps, by that's extra work that I didn't want to do! Finally, I feel like the worst part about this whole update is that the whole thing stinks of android trying to copy iPhone's OS. I like my droid partly because it's NOT a stupid iPhone, but now I'm stuck with a system that looks like one.

Agree. As soon as it was updated it seemed like I had a droid with an iPhone keypad. Don't like at all. I'm used to the way android had the keys set up. I get confused when I am typing because I can't find some of the little symbols and I don't like the emoticons. They are slightly ugly. The little droid was cute and neon green not doody orange color

Anyone else having problems with their text messaging after this update? Having issues with sending and receiving texts. Need some help!

After the KitKat upgrade on my RAZR M, I was no longer able to use Google Voice Search - I am getting a "cannot reach google, try again" error as soon as I hit the microphone. The OK Google voice prompt does not work either. Is anyone else having this issue in the Motorola car dock mode after the upgrade? I called Motorola, and they said nobody else has reported the issue, so I don't think they will took my reported issue seriously. I did download Ultimate Car Dock to initiate voice activated Navigation, but voice activated dialing still does not work.

I had to return my phone for a separate issue, and I continue to postpone the upgrade to KitKat, hoping a fix for my issue will come out.

There are numerous issues with the Vehicle navigation dock and the new update. you can see my previous and new post regarding my issues, I am sure there are probably other issues that I haven't found yet, I have been so focused on the issues I have had because they are extremely important to me.

Text lagg.... Took away my lock screen options. Overall satisfied but wish I could text faster without mistakes and bring back original lock screen thanks

Got an update to my earlier post. after Verizon replaced my phone with a pre-update version, I received the notice to update again. I called Verizon who called Motorola because of the issues with the Motorola Vehicle Navigation Dock. Motorola said to go ahead and update and if I had a problem to call them directly. I did update, I did have the problems, I did call. After 2.5 hours on the phone with Motorola, they tell me there is nothing they can do to solve my problems except send notice to development and wait for them for issue a fix. I called Verizon, and after over 2 hours with them on the phone, I find out that there is nothing they can or will do to help, that it is up to Motorola to fix the problems and I will have to wait until they do. After over 10 years with Verizon, I am ready to leave and go to another carrier. I tried to get Verizon to replace the phone with a different model, but they wouldn't, the only option they gave me was to use my wife's upgrade to get a different phone, but I would have to buy all of the accessories all over again. Now I am hearing talk about a new 4.4.3 about to be released, Supposed to fix issues in the 4.4.2. I guess I have no choice but to wait and see.

This is a HUGE marketing mistake by Motorola/Google/Verizon. I'm a fairly tech-savy person. This update was SO bad, that SWORE my wife's phone was hacked because this COULDN'T POSSIBLY be a legitimate update with all the problems it caused. After 2.5 hours on the phone with Verizon (mostly on hold - and a good portion of the time with a more-or-less clueless tier 1 service person) I got it to the point where it would re-boot without constantly playing "DROID rollin" tone over and over again, and the phone pictures were back in the gallery. Wife was asleep by that time (1 AM), so couldn't ask what else really annoyed her - just happy to get the phone working at all. Text background still white; notification light still white; charge indicator white and lightning-bolt all but invisible; swype gone; color-coded icons in contacts and text messaging - gone; associations of contacts with pictures - gone; maps can't display step-by-step unless GPS is on (even if location services is providing info from somewhere else - and anyway this is stupid, if I have source and destination and a route, it should be able to tell me the steps with no GPS). I could go on and on - WORST UPDATE *EVER*

I hate this upgrade! My battery life has gone downhill. I made a total of 2 phone calls for about 1 hour today after charging all night and at about 1pm the phone had to be charged again. The keyboard is smaller, the screen brightness changes all the time, I liked the blue icons on the top of the screen, I miss the volume control from the locked screen, the previous dialed number does not clear from the keypad when I want to dial a new number, and I am tired of being told Amazon Kindle has stopped working. My Droid Razr M is up for renewal in July and I will gladly give it up for a non Motorola piece of crap. Might be worth paying for the upgrade with a month to go.

My Droid razr M no longer sleeps or locks itself no matter what it says in my settings. Battery life sucks, i pretty much have to charge it every 30 minutes. Message indicator doesnt go away ,i cant recieve pictures. Most of my apps crash constantly i cant be on them. Service is impossible to find...i HATEE this update. I could go on and on about whats wrong with this update...I will be switching phones without a doubt, iv hated it since i first got it.

Same issues here with my RAZR M. The phone is overall a little quicker, but the changes that were made to the interface suck. Battery life suffers big time now, and I've turned everything off.
I wish the message indicator in the Circles widget would go away once I've read the text. I haven't come across any Apps that don't work though, so that's a plus for me. The texting keyboard stayed the same, except a few buttons moved. No biggy. I DO like that now I can track my phones whereabouts through Motorolas web site, should it get lost or stolen. I can lock it or disable it totally remotely. I would have had to pay for that service before KitKat.
I'm happy with the RAZR M, even though it's old... but will probably go with a Samsung for my next smart-ass phone.

My droid razr m is flashed and got update about a week ago and phone is saying them sim card is not working in it do i need to get it re flashed or what to do PLEASE

I updated to KitKat a week ago and it has caused problems on my RazrM (XT907)
I think the battery life is slightly reduced. I used to go 2 days on a battery with my uses. Today I have 43% remaining after 14 hours of uptime, and less use than an average day.

The Gallery is displaying images that were taken 8 months ago, and deleted. A new photo is taken, clicking on the icon in the top right corner once the image is recorded launches the gallery and displays an old, deleted photo stretched and skewed in proportion.

Smart actions don't return to the previous state. Such as I have ringer set to vibrate during office hours. Once the time span expires, vibrate is off, but all sounds are silenced resulting in no calendar, text or email audible notifications.

The last text message received (3 days ago) is displaced behind the clock in the Circles Widget. I am using Messag+ (Verzion app from app store), but it still thinks messaging should display the notification although it's disabled.

I have my phone number blocked through Verizon. Certain contacts have *82 in front of contacts. Any contact with that as the number, text messages will not deliver. I must remove *82 from contact in order for text to send.

Sound assignments for all categories were replaced with 'unknown' resulting in no audible alerts for anything on my device until I reassigned all sounds.

Calendar app on the default tools menu appears as the Android, and displays "App not installed" when I try to launch.

Symbols on the keyboard have been relocated. I'm mostly used to it, but I do from time to time select the incorrect symbol out of 'muscle memory'.

The device may be a tad slow. It IS slower to return to the home screen with the 'return' arrow. The circles widget is replaced with a black rectangle that disappears inside of a second, however not instantly like it was previously.

I would like to push KitKat again and see what happens. There was an error after the update but I do no remember the error. It said something having a bad UI, and it wanted to format. I did not select yes and just proceeded to allow the installation to be treated as complete.

It looks like everybody has had great results. Me-not so much.

Any suggestions, or feedback on these concerns?

Add me to the list of people who's Razr M phone has been ruined by Kitkat. In addition to most the problems already mentioned, I wasn't able to charge my phone. The port still worked, but it would not charge. Two hours at a Verizon store and a factory reset later, and I could charge it; but only if it was turned off, and only with a new ($29) charger, and only after it had been turned off for 5 minutes or more.

they kept insisting that I must have broken the phone, although they couldn't tell me how. Tried to make me upgrade using their Edge program; but I declined to be sodomized twice. Finally they replaced the phone, and I have not installed KitKat, although the phone is nagging me about it. I don't know if I will be forced to at some point, and I'm hoping I can hold out until October when I can upgrade. I will most definitely be getting an iPhone!

~**If you get a new phone, go into Settings>Data Usage> (3 dots on the top right drop down menu) and unclick "auto sync date" or it will automatically download the KitKat update.

is anyone els having trouble with the phone reading the sim card? i updated my droid razor M 4 days and it started to randomly recognize and not recognize that i had a sim card inserted untill it just stopped noticing i had one at all... i cant tell if the update did this, or if my phone was just broken. i could really use a response, i got a replacement phone and im very hesitant to update it in fear of losing service again :C

DL this *update* against my will. Only good thing was the emoji in texts. My battery is always dead, my alarm has u installed itself, and I can no longer get any noise notification about a new text OR phonecall! Calling Verizon as soon as I have another phone to call from and they can either fix the problem or lose my business! Nothing but problems with these phones we were forced to buy (droid RAZR m) and their shitty service that is also now dropping calls where I had 4g service (Chicago)! You would think they would care about losing several accounts due to their lack of testing!

Just downloaded Kitkat and should have read the comments. Did anyone have the issue with the notification yelling Droid at you until you pulled down the top menu bar?

I have gone through all the settings and changed the phone, mail and calendar notification but still have this annoying Droid yelling at me.

Anyone know how to turn this off?

Everybody, keep in mind that Verizon and Motorola do not write the software.
Making threats to drop Verizon only hurts yourself in the end (unless you actually prefer another carrier).

I called tech support about resetting my phone to factory. As I am told, the Motorola phones have a file that keeps the latest software when reset. Mine wasn't working so well, so I went ahead and reset my phone. I still has V4.4. Things function much better than after the initial push. One thing that I have found still not functioning as it was in the past - Smart Actions do not restore Notification sounds (text/calendar, etc). I shut sounds down during work and over night. At the expiration time of the Smart Action, all is returned to the 'normal' state aside from Notification sounds.

There were a number of comments regarding UI changes. Well, that's common. Software on your computer changes. Software all over changes. Complaining about the LED color is trivial at best and does not in any away affect the function of the device.

For those of you who are having problems, you may want to back up your data and run the factory reset from the menu. My battery life is better than it was before the reset, maybe not as good as before the update though. I have not installed all of the apps that I had before but so far, things work pretty well.

Also noted by other users about sounds not working. Those individuals need to go into the menus and check the sounds for the correct assignments. In my experience, sounds that were not part of the phone at inception were not transferred by default at V4.4 upgrade. All I had to do was go to the sound area and reassign the sound I wanted for the individual notifications.
Unfortunately for me, I need to turn the volume back on after smart actions, but all sound notifications are working properly otherwise.

Good luck, I hope you have success with your RAZR M with a reset such as in my experience. We are smart people, we can lean how to use the phone with software changes, like moving the 'comma' and 'exclamation' mark on the keyboard. Remember, the day we purchased the phone we didn't know where all of the symbols/characters were either. :)

l have had nothing but slower phone speed, bad text messaging with errors or no sending what I tried to send as well as a general battery drain. Worse update ever.

I just wonna know when is the next patch... I would really like it be soon so I could start using my Razr HD without being afraid it will freeze on me randomly and I'll miss calls or alarms. Do they even patch bugs, or am I gonna have to wait for "Hush-puppy-sneaker-doodle" a year or two from now? Anyone knows?

Every since the update my razor hd max will no longer uninstall apps...It just shuts down the reboots...over & over again I've tried, but it just won't work...can someone please help me.

I hate the kitkat update!! I have Motorola RAZR x & ever since update my battery will NOT stay charged no matter what & freezes & I had 2 download a new SMS messaging app bc my reg one would constantly tell me I had texts when I knew I didn't. Can anyone help with this???

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My HD keeps telling me I have texts from people that are sending me texts, but it will not allow me to see/?receive them. So the top bar and the icon both reflect a received text, but NOTHING when I open the icon. And if I select the top bar method of accessing the text it enters into a "new text", a blank, brand new text. :-/ :-(

Anyone else?

Thanks :)

My text alerts went back to normal, and my battery doesn't drain rapidly after I did a device reset. See a previous post of mine for more info.

I don't think my battery is as good as it was at time of delivery, but it's a ton better than it was after the update. There are still a few quirks, but only quirkey because I knew it used to work differently. If I purchased it today, I would not know any differently.

Happy to hear you noticed an improvement after the reset too.

Spent over 2 hours on the phone with Verizon Support (worthless) and Motorola Support. Level 2 Motorola Support confirms that this update breaks my Droid Razr Maxx HD on Verizon. I cannot use Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously anymore. I have to turn off Bluetooth to be able to use WiFi. That might explain why some users are seeing a jump in data usage.
I was told that an update to fix this will be out at some undetermined point in the future.
So, along with all the other crap that changed with this update, major functionality of the phone is broken, too.
Never wanted an iPhone before, but seriously thinking about it now...

Verizon doesn't write the software.

It depends on who you speak with in tech support too.

Verizon does do their best to support all of the product lines. That's a LOT for one person to know perfectly inside and out. So it i not possible for them to easily fix the problem each user has with different devices.
I don't feel there was 'a lot of other crap' that really changed. Mostly just GUI stuff that is harmless.

Try a reset ( after backing up your important data) and see what happens. After backing up your data, navigate through your menus and locate the factory reset feature and see what happens.
I have not used bluetooth on my RAZR M to know if it works with WIFI, but any other concerns I had after the initial update has been corrected. My device functions perfectly (for anything that I've attempted).

I don't believe it was worthless, or you would have hung up well before you wasted 2 hours of your day.

I just wanna know can I get my phone back to the way it is supposed to be? Every time they update my phone gets worse. I spent 2 days trying to find new apps to do what I need. Since the updates keep disabling my apps. I still haven't found everything. I'm using 2 apps now back and forth to get a mediocre version of one of my favt. Apps that I no longer can get. I had to delete like 7 apps because they just quit working. I'm loosing my mind here. It messed up my messaging turned background white. I preferred it black. Now I can't select & delete I can only one by one delete. Or one by one lock. I can go on forever. It just messed up everything. What I need to figure out is how does it just automatically shut off your phone and do whatever it wants? I kept backing out to stop it from updating. And twice already it has updated all by itself. Once when no one was near it. Next time I was holding it reading. not even touching screen it just said shutting down to install updates all by itself. I'm officially creeped out! Even on a desktop you have option to opt out of updates. Why can't I chose what updates if any I want? Only updates we should NEED are security or performance. Uuughh!!! I'm ready to throw this phone thru a window. Or in the deep blue sea. I'm sick of forced updates that keep causing wwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more problems than solutions.. I can't think of one good thing that has come out of either of these so called updates. More like "back dates" like prehistoric.. Please is there any way to get my good phone back? An be rid forever of its downright evil twin? Its a Motorola droid razr maxx. Yeah I know razr's suck anyway. But it was at least tolerable in the beginning. There was still a buttload of stuff it couldn't do. But still 100% better before than now. I prefer any Samsung over it any day. Maybe just bc it was my first smartphone and that's what I got used to. Idk. But to me Samsung is best. It just did everything I ever needed. But unfortunately I can't afford to change phones. So I'm trying to like what I've got. Each update making me hate Motorola, verizon, razr's all of it period mostly bc I'm not sure who is responsible for all these evil backdates... Does anyone know that? Ugh. I'm sorry I'm just at my end with all of it. I'm about ready to buy some cheap Walmart prepaid thing I'm getting desperate here for some normality. I rather have no smart phone than deal with all this update and crash everything you do on your phone drama crap.... Anyone else have the same view or issues?

You said a whole lot of stuff there without saying much.
The way it is "supposed to be". What does that mean?
You deleted 7 app, but never said what they did or what they are.
The update does not automatically install, you have to tell it to install. You can defer the installation, and a popup screen appears asking you to continue or not. I've deferred my lately patch (not the OS) for a week and installed it just this evening.
It messed up everything? Really, everything? Is the clock displaying the incorrect time too?
This phone is superior to the BlackBerry I had 2 years ago...I hardly call this prehistoric.

I would like to try to help you if you haven't already tossed it through a window and selected a prepaid device as your replacement.

How about you start over and describe what the problem is instead of making the post a global rant.

More or less anything you have added or downloaded.

Sound files for your notifications (email/text/calendar/alarm). Any photos you've taken. Any music you have added to your device.
You can connect the device to your computer and navigate to the appropriate folder and copy it to your computer or keep it stored on a removable memory card. Either way works equally as good as you are able to put the information back onto the device once the updates are completed.

Apps that have been installed will need to be reinstalled, so nothing there to back up.

That's all I can think off from the top of my head. I back up the camera data and my sounds. Pictures/video are things you probably can't get back. Music may be stored on your computer, if so then you can easily put it back on your device if that gets wiped off.

Hope that makes sense.

Still HATE KitKat. Had to replace original Razr Maxx HD when it rolled out. Battery life with it running SUCKS! And this is on the NEW phone that I got as the replacement.

Are they ever going to change the operating system to allow me to (like I could do BEFORE the update) delete multiple text messages at a time? Irritates the crap out of me that they think this is an improvement. OR that they think that removing the alphabet tabs on my contact list was good also. Sure, I know where J is in the alphabet and I'm getting pretty good at placing my finger down at "i", "j", or "k". But having those little tabs on the side... well that made sense.
I am PRAYING the news that is coming out this about Lollipop and that it is NOT for devices like the RazrMaxxHD means that they won't push the update to my phone anyway. As much as I dislike iPhone, if they push another update that doesn't work and then I am told to upgrade my phone because of it... well I'll probably become an iPhone fan!
Don't do it Google! I've been defending you to all those android "haters" but don't mess with me again! Treat me like my business means something to you!

I have a RAZR M with 4.4.2. I'm still having issues with text notifications. It rarely ever plays a notification sound. It usually just vibrates. Then, today, it stopped notifying me at all. No LED light, no icon in the notification bar. The only reason I knew I had gotten a text is because I happened to unlock my phone and see that the messaging icon had a bubble over it.

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i updated Razr M to Kitkat..... but now the camera is not foucsing properly..... it doesn't focus the things that are put at some distance away from the camera...... plz plz solve my this problem......