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Google's Andy Rubin tonight on Google+ announced that more than 700,000 Android devices are being activated every day. That's 29,166 devices (more or less) activated every hour. Or 486 devices every minute, or by the time you finish reading this post. 

Rubin also explained what counts as an "activation," saying:

"We count each device only once (ie, we don't count re-sold devices), and "activations" means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service."

That's up just a skosh from the 500,000 devices Rubin announced in June. Dang.

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More than 700,000 Android devices activated daily


So 8 per second then.

Go to store buy a device and put it onto WIFI doesn't count?

(oh, and off-topic: Acer Iconia A500 gets two back to back updated tonight). 3.2.1, new market version, minor fixes here and there.)

Well, since there is no subscription involved to wifi (that Google would know about anyway), it would seem that they are under counting by the number of wifi only tablets sold.

But the difference between 700,000 activations a day and 700,002 activations a day isn't much to report on...

It's covered by the story, "More than 700,000 Android devices activated daily". No difference at all.

I'm completely an Android guy; don't like iOS at all, but if Android is so big and on so many devices, why does the iPad still have the more expansive--and interesting--selection of apps? Most significant Android apps are ports of Palm or iOS apps. Look at iPad commercials; they show 4-5 interesting, useful-looking apps per commercial. When they *used* to show Android tablet commercials, about the ONLY app they'd show was Google Body, which was the only Android tablet-specific app there really was. If the Android market is SO large, why aren't there more quality Android apps? Why aren't there major apps that come out for Android *first*?

Until Android gets more priority attention--ESPECIALLY as regards the audio/Midi market (where iOS is *killing* Android)--who cares HOW many devices it's on?

Who cares if the apps are Android first or not?
Game on Android first: Spectral Souls, Nesoid
Apps on Android first: Google+

iOS apps are "better looking" but "space wasters" with all those curves and frames

*I* care. It will make a noticeable difference if a "game-changer" app or two comes out on Android first. I'm sure anyone realizes that.

I don't play games at all, so I can't speak to that market, but I'm sure it makes a difference if an Android-only game catches fire.

Google+ is a niche app for a Google project; I wouldn't count it. Nobody's going to give up their iPhone and switch to Android for Google+ (though they damned sure should for the Android version of Google Maps, IMO).

I'm talking about general-purpose apps that a large number of people will want, like an exceptional Twitter app, or something equivalent to the excellent Palm calendar app Datebk6. (Yes, Pocket Informant is good, but if you knew how great Datebk6 was...)

I had a iPad for a short period. One of the first things I bought for it was The Elements: A Visual Exploration. It was expensive, but it was stunning in its execution. If any of you have seen or used this app, I think you'll agree, and that app was available at iPad launch. I'm sure there's even better available now; I just got bored with the operating system, so I couldn't keep the thing. Point is, Android devices need that kind of first-tier app, not the let's-put-out-something-to-cash-in-if-it-doesn't-take-too-much-effort stuff produced by SplashData, whose Android apps are the worse of all the platforms they offer, and others.

It does matter. And I and others care.

You're right, but there is still, unfortunately, a mentality that iOS devices are the "it" thing. They trendy, and so they garner a cult following. Not to mention they were popular a bit before Android. A lot of the quality software companies jumped on the iOS bandwagon because there was money to be made and Android didn't exist yet. And Android's explosion in popularity has really been over the past year to year-and-a-half.

That's a relatively short amount of time to convince software production houses that they should invest the time and expense of learning to develop for a completely new OS. Not to mention, the shear selection of hardware available for Android makes the prospect of debugging on Android a potential nightmare. With iOS you know that you've only got a couple of devices to deal with, and they're even pretty similar. It's one of the reasons (I believe) Apple has been so blatant about ignoring consumer requests for things like bigger screens: it would require the app developers to update their apps to deal with different screen sizes.

As a software developer, I know how quickly it can become a headache :) Android is still the best OS out there and, obviously, more and more people are discovering that every day. We've been winning over some really good developers lately, but I think the idea of "Android Exclusive" or even "Android First" for a really great game like you're talking about is unlikely. There will always be money to be made on iOS and the software houses can get those pushed out and start making money more quickly.

All of that said, I wouldn't worry too much about Android getting a "best in class" app. You think Android needs a boost because they don't advertise, but I think 700,000 activations per day (more than double iPhone, btw) without that advertising speaks volumes. I wouldn't worry about Android too much. I think they're doing *just* fine ;)

Stop over thinking it, among ios, windows phone, blackberry, palm, ect. Android has the second biggest App store. It is not the biggest, but now Android is becoming really popular they will start getting even more. But everytime i need a helpful app the market usually has it. iOS just has mostly annoying games on its App store.

Stop over thinking it, among ios, windows phone, blackberry, palm, ect. Android has the second biggest App store. It is not the biggest, but now Android is becoming really popular they will start getting even more. But everytime i need a helpful app the market usually has it. iOS just has mostly annoying games on its App store.

Subscribing into a Wireless Service
So WIFI only devices don't count? That would make the numbers out there....bigger than the wireless serviced thing

No, not *killing* the platform; being *killed* by the lack of comparative attention in that market segment. And I'm not nearly kidding. When it comes to audio or Midi apps and support, iOS is far, far ahead of Android. In fact, there IS no Midi support on Android to my knowledge, and "semi-pro" grade audio support is fairly well lacking also. Though there ARE some music production programs like Caustic that show promise, there are nowhere near the number of apps for musician/sound designer types as there are on iOS. That may not be of interest to you particularly, but I guarantee that market is going to grow exponentially over the next year or two. (What IK Multimedia is doing is particularly significant, but there are many others, including Moog.) It's becoming a cottage industry of its own right now; a *great* deal of activity on iOS that's being missed out on for us, and I believe it WILL hurt Android if it's not addressed.

Meh. I understand what you're saying, but that's a fairly niche market. You're talking about a very small percentage of total users that would need those kinds of features. And with Android's new device interface layer (Honeycomb+), it should be possible to interface with something like this.

I suspect there's just not enough demand for this kind of software on Android, considering people in this niche are most likely already brainwashed, eh... committed to Apple products because of their "trendiness".

On thing holds true in this great race we live in technology android will always offer you the better options on many more manufacturers. Android will always offer you the ability to learn to explore your device something that will never exist with apple. In the real world apple offers nothing on this scale it's amazing how misguided people really sre who purchase apple products.

That's 255,000,000 (a quarter billion) a year.

That's over half of all smartphones sold.

So how much more can Android grow?

That is only 20% of the 1.25 billion phones sold world-wide.

By next summer it will be nearly a million a day.

Activation in the past has included the first time a new Android device logs into Gmail for contacts or calendar or sets up on Android Market or is activated by a carrier.

As to apps, I just did an icon pack of 600+ iPhone icons. Almost all top iPhone apps are now in the Android Market as well. But not all top Android apps are in the Apple app store such as widgets, keyboards, etc.

That's because iOS can't *do* widgets and they won't allow things like keyboards, launcher, or even SMS apps in the market because they "replicate functionality already included in the OS". That's the problem with iOS (and one that many people are finally starting to realize) they believe they should dictate to you how to use the phone. They *want* sheeple, not consumers.

I doubt it there is not even enough people in the world let alone buying phones a day its so not this # is fabricated

With more than 6 billion people in the world, 700,000 activations is about 0.012% of the world's population per day. The number's real.

iOS *used* to have numbers *almost* this good :)