Software giant reportedly willing to cut licensing fees to get Windows Phone on HTC Android devices as a second OS

Microsoft is in talks with HTC to get its Windows Phone operating system loaded onto the manufacturer's Android phones as a second OS, according to reports from Bloomberg. Terry Myerson, head of the software giant's operating systems unit, is reported to have reached out to HTC over allowing its Android devices to dual-boot into Windows Phone, with the reduction or elimination of licensing fees purportedly being offered as an incentive. Myerson is planning a visit to Taiwan to meet with HTC execs over the proposal, the outlet's sources say.

Additionally, one Bloomberg source claims HTC has no current plans to release any more standalone Windows Phone handsets, which might explain Microsoft's apparent desire to shoehorn its OS onto future HTC phones through a dual-booting option. 

We've heard from our own sources that HTC has indeed been looking at the engineering cost of making an Android/Windows Phone dual-booting handset a reality. It's unclear how far the project might have progressed, however, nor whether Google might attempt to throw a wrench in the works by blocking certification of such a device. Indeed, it's hard to see how Microsoft's piggy-backing on sales of HTC Android phones would directly benefit anyone besides Microsoft. Users, for instance, would be presented with two wildly divergent software experiences — and marketing this kind of handset could present its own problems.

Windows Phone commands just a 3.7 percent share of the smartphone market, which Microsoft will be looking to increase through its recent agreement to purchase partner Nokia's smartphone division. Similarly, HTC has been struggling to compete against Korean rival Samsung, which dominates the Android handset space, and today posted a $101 million quarterly operating loss. If the two were to co-operate on a phone that dual-boots between Android and Windows, it'd certainly be one of the most unusual smartphone software pairings we've seen in some time.

So would you buy a dual-booting Android and Windows Phone handset? Shout out in the comments and let us know!

Source: Bloomberg; More coverage: Windows Phone Central


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Microsoft wants HTC's Android phones to dual-boot into Windows Phone


Yes! I think windows phone looks very enticing but the lack of apps and idea of breaking away from Android scares me. I'd absolutely love the opportunity to use both on one phone. Might make me finally interested in a HTC too.

It would actually do the opposite to me. I am not happy that Samsung cuts the 16 GB inside storage in half to fill it with mostly crap.
I wouldn't like HTC phones that do the same.
That'll be like adding lard to your dessert. No! No!

Im the same, to me dual booting means a significant chunk of my app storage space has been effectively rendered useless with any given boot assuming decent number of apps downloaded for each Os

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Ironic, considering Android is the primary carrier of bloatware these days. WP is the exact opposite, as both OEMs and carriers are legally barred from baking any of their own apps into the OS ROM. They can install their own apps to a device if they want to, but they are no different from any other app downloaded from the store, and can be completely and cleanly removed. In a way, every WP device is equivalent to a Nexus device. They are all pure.

Reality is the opposite of how you perceive it.

Calling Microsoft the "king of bloatware" is kind of ridiculous; maybe it's Samsung, but I've owned Windows Phone 7/7.5/8 devices, and NONE of them had anywhere NEAR the "bloatware" my Galaxy S3/Note 2 handsets had on them!!

So true, thats why i rooted my Galaxy Note 1 and now I am running the stable CM 10.1.3. TouchWiz just slows this phone down, I think my next phone will be the Nexus 5.

You would have to think that in this scenario HTC would have to make a 32gb standard phone with micro sd...I hate HTC phones but give credit where credit is due 16gb just wouldn't be enough and they would know that

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There was an app in the play store last year that , once installed, gave you Windows XP in a launcher and had full XP all on your phone. I wouldn't see why MS couldn't do the same thing with their mobile windows. Instead of HTC they should make a launcher app and put it into the play store imo, would be the best way to get people interested and at least look and tinker with it.

I don't see it taking off just in a single HTC device, unless somehow apps from one store would work with both os' which I doubt unless MS tinkers a lot with their code somehow. People invested in one Ecosystem aren't going to want to pay for apps again in another. But I have never used MS mobile, even though I did find the MS slate interesting.

The only thing keeping me from something like Windows Phone is the lack to run arbitrary code.

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I'm a Nexus hound, so No, but I think this is a pretty clever approach on MS's part. Sure, there's a risk that some WP users will end up trying Android and switching away, but there's a much higher chance of the opposite happening. not sure how much storage space WP takes up, but maybe MS can subsidize additional on-board storage, or at least the SD card slot.

If MS really wants to compete with Google in the mobile market, they have to make their OS free and focus on making money on the media/apps side.

MS doesn't have "subsidize" in their vocabulary. They license software, they're not gonna be subsidizing storage space.
What were you thinking?

Well it really dont matter because i will just be using android and not the window os

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Do the math you got 32 GB let's say 5 of them are used for stock android stuff, now let's say other 5 it's for something you won't ever use. You got only 20 GB left, ten of which are for apps, so you're left with 8 and you wanna have that graduation video on your phone, not like you will need it handy, so now you only have 4 GB for other photos and PDFs you don't use. And great you only have 1 GB for music which now you'll have to stream from the cloud.
If only you had 5 more GB you could keep some of that music...

And yes I realize my math wasn't perfect but somehow that happens when it comes to memory.

I'm all for this, extend the usability of my One by adding a second OS right at boot would be awesome!

Finally a good reason to try Windows Phone. ;-)

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I used to agree, then I used WP7. It's insanely helpful and information dense. I would definitely dual boot, assuming I didn't lose the ability to root my device!

Would be a good move for Windows Phone. People who normally would never own a Windows Phone device would have the option to at least try it out. And not the kind of demo you get in a store, but the kind you get from using it daily. Could be very interesting. HTC wins by not needing to pay as much or at all for licensing Windows Phone from MS.

I'd use it for the outlook and xbox integration. I don't know much about WP, but I'm that big of a fanboi to not give it a try.

Kudos to HTC for even listening to the proposal.

Whilst no one is under any illusions what Microsoft's intent is it does offer consumers a choice and that could be of benefit provided consumers are adequately informed to make a decision.

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The great thing is, in this case there would be no decision to make. Buy the one device and mess around with both.

And then what?

Once you make a decision, you are left with a crippled phone because half its resources are tied up using a system you don't want and never use.

Haven't we learned anything from manufacturer and carrier bloatware?

Half its resources? sorry, but I'm not buying that. WP8 is actually fairly light on storage compared to Android, and compared to Samsung? You could have An HTC phone with android and WP8 on it and still have the OS take up less space than Android with Samsung's bloat.

As a WP8 user, it would be cool to be able to use Android sometimes as well. Having access to two app stores and OS designs would rock.

Who would be the target market for this Frankenphone?

I could see them trying to sell this to corporate, Windows phone for work, flip a switch and you get android away from work.
But why? Its just not practical. Dual booting ANY KIND OF COMPUTER is a pain in the ass. Anyone who has ever tried it gives up on it soon enough.

Why would Microsoft want this? They have to invent a market, because none exists. They would have to cripple the Android side, just to avoid embarrassment. They already have Nokia.

This looks like a Jedi Mind Trick in the making.

These are not the Droids we were looking for.

I think it is just a choice.

Would I buy a phone that has WP as a boot option? Fack no.

Would I allow an update to my phone to install WP OS to my HTC One as a dual boot option? Hell yes I would.

First of all, you wouldn't have to fix the dual-boot yourself,you'd buy it like that.
Second,for a lot of people dual-booting is a piece of cake,and they don't give up on it(I've been doing so for years,even though Microsoft tries to discourage me by overwriting my MBR when I do it in the wrong order)
Third, this may then encourage the community to also make dual-bootable ROMs and stuff,from which we could all benefit IF we want to
Fourth, I like your corporate phone idea,I actually see marketing potential and user benefit in that
Fifth,damn,I can't remember the last time I was positive about any idea Microsoft came up with,and you, icebike, are the one that made me look at it this way :-)

"Fifth,damn,I can't remember the last time I was positive about any idea Microsoft came up with"
Bingo, especially on mobile. I doubt HTC will go for it, but if they do, this could be a big deal for MS.

Dual booting isn't hard, its just useless.

Nobody I know does it for anything but an experiment, its simply too painful to swap back and forth.

People who claim they do it all the time, really mean they once in a blue moon switch OSs to do a single task, then switch back again. It becomes a great disruption, and is avoided. They could just as well use a virtual machine without the hassle of shutting down everything and rebooting.

It will be exactly that way on a dual OS phone. A novelty, but ultimately pointless to have two OSs on the same device.

Completely anecdotal. I can claim the opposite. I dual boot all the time. One OS I use for work, the other for play (Windows + games). I regularly switch back and forth.

Anyone who doesn't use windows phone. You get people to buy an awesome android phone then you tell them oh btw if you would like to try it there is a full copy of windows phone you can boot into and try out. No cost to you what so ever. People actually try and maybe even semi regularly use wp8 because the high cost of being stuck on their poor ecosystem isn't the huge issue it is on a wp8 phone

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Look what Microsoft did for the Nokia phone business. The nail in the coffin of a past leader.

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MS saved Nokia from extinction, surely you don't think a cash strapped Nokia was going to overtake Android and Samsung with Meego. Without the $10 billion that MS has given Nokia that entire team would be gone by now, instead of continuing to innovate in hardware and apps.

Nokia had the choice to make Android phones before they committed suicide. Old (closed) systems die hard.

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What exactly is Nokia innovating?
MD bought Nokia because Nokia was going to dump their OS. Nokia still has a great reputation for hardware quality, and would have done well if they had made the shift to Android. That would have been the final nail in the WP8 coffin though, so MS bought them.

You have a good point.

Microsoft committed some subdrafuge with their Nokia partnership as Microsoft has a reputation of doing with partners.

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You have a good point.

Microsoft committed some subdrafuge with their Nokia partnership as Microsoft has a reputation of doing with partners.

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I dual boot my HP touchpad with webos and android. I love it. Now if I could add wp8 to it and my phone I would jump on it.

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I would certainly give this a try. That could be the thing to bring me back to HTC from Samsung. If the device works well I don't see how we the customers would lose.

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It takes a long time, if ever, for the average user to learn and use the full functionality of an operating system Fastest adaptability Android, then iOS, last WP8.

Hackers and techies, less time.

The average "customer" user would be hopelessly confused.

In denial of reality? Android is viewed as the most flexible/configurable, but also the most complicated. I'm surprised this isn't obvious. WP8 is the most beginner-friendly mobile OS out there, but IMHO a lot of that can be chalked up to WP8's reduced feature set. Most people would agree that mastering Photoshop is a lot harder than mastering MS paint. You are basically claiming the opposite for mobile OS'.

You may have a valid point.

My (limited) experience with WP8 users indicates they have issues performing basic functions beyond calls and texting . Such as setting alarms and notifications, scheduling, navigation, contacts and photo management, using cloud services and synchronization, and easily finding, forwarding, and saving desired information on the Internet. I'm not sure what more apps would do for them.

Perhaps since my aquantices only recently graduated from feature phones, they may be representative of those who are a little slow adapting to something more complicated than feature phones.

This will be awesome.. I would love a phone that will do that for me. I am currently using the HTC Radar and I love to switch to android. But most of my stuff is synchronized to WP :)

Exactly! And I bet money that THIS is why Nokia is suddenly suing HTC, they want to bully another vendor into supporting a dying platform!

Dying? But, but but...WP has almost 10% share in the EU! Yes, but that is with NOKIA branded hardware. Does anyone REALLY think MS branded phones will sell there? Nope, not a chance in hell. If HTC doesnt support WP, it's dead.

It's a good idea, but then Microsoft can say "We have X million devices running WP8!" when in reality only a percentage are using WP8. Very clever.

Yes I would. I think this is a brilliant idea and if it gives our beloved HTC Corp an edge even better. I wouldn't want a drag on speed or a much reduced useable storage, maybe add that card slot?

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Customer must be able to switch effortless between the two! Non of that bull were sorry to see you go could you just spend five mins of ya time letting us know bull then yes it would be grate!

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I think it'd be a case of HTC has no choice. From a financial perspective, they are hemorrhaging money, and Microsoft isn't exactly short of a few coins. Don't forget, HTC pay MS a licence fee for every Android phone they sell, so a reduction in license fees that take that into account may be too good to turn down. Personally I think a phone that can dual boot Android and WP would be a mess. However, if HTC produce one phone, that upon initial boot could then be locked into one or other OS could be a winner. Think about it, if in 2014 HTC release the "HTC One 2" or what ever the call it, it has killer specs and a super cool design. But when you open the box, you choose the OS you want on it. HTC just gotta sit back and let MS and Google fight it out in the advertising world, to get Joe Public to buy the phone and then choose their respective OS. Its win-win for HTC, they just want to ship hardware, and not have to pay licensing fees.

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I like the idea about locking down one as a default kinda like you can do with different launchers, with maybe the ability to reboot into the other with a specific power menu command.

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That's exactly how dual-booting on PCs works.Mine will always boot into Linux unless I specifically tell it to boot into windows. Would be a laugh to see GRUB on my phone.

Even though HTC has the best smartphones in the market during 2013, HTC should continue their plan to not develop and release any new Windows phones unless Microsoft pays all costs. Market too small for HTC to waste resources. HTC is not a multi product diversified conglomerate like Samsung, LG, and Sony. Even though Microsoft would prefer the quality HTC produces, perhaps the conglomerates with their deep pockets should do it.

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Actually, Samsung showed a dual Android Windows tablet at the German expo a few months back
that should be released soon. I'm holding off my tablet purchase to see this released, reviewed, and priced.

Perhaps this concept could be viable for HTC. I was hoping HTC would do the same. Problem : Windows 8 is NOT being embraced by hundreds of millions of legacy Windows users. The behemoth Microsoft could be in trouble even with their legacy systems that run in practically every business, institution, and government worldwide. Xbox isn't the solution for point of sale, inventory and sales management, government and medical record keeping and services.

What can be said, 5 years from now will be vastly different. Examples: AOL, My Space, Palm, BlackBerry and others I can't remember.

Google has NOT crashed and burned on innovation. Just the opposite. Google's Android and open systems are taking the innovation market by storm

If I recall, Bill Gates used to tout "innovation" as Microsoft's key to strength and leadership.

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Windows 8 already has more than 110 millions users and it is growing rapidly, so Microsoft is in no trouble, few angry trolls on internet don't get a company in trouble when the said company is making Billions of profit Quarter after Quarter.

This. The blind hate, for Windows 8, is hilarious. It's actually a solid product.

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Desktop Operating System statistics on Net Applications

Windows 7 - 46.62%
Windows XP - 31.22%
Windows 8 - 8.87%
OS X - 7.55%
Windows Vista - 3.97%
Other - 3.15%
Linux - 1.66%

Source: Wikipedia

Note; Windows XP is over 12 years old (Oct 2001) and Microsoft has extended end of life twice because newer versions are not being embraced.

Windows 7 (July 2009)
Windows 8 (Oct 2012)

Jellybean almost half of Android devices. No hate here.

Jellybean adoption means squat as you are comparing disposable phones with desktop OS which people use for years, this actually shows the strength of Microsoft and its products which are used and supported for a number of years.

The Enterprise users are very slow and they are now shifting to Windows 7 as Windows XP is getting EOL by Microsoft.

In consumer world Windows 8 is already a success with more than 110 millions users in less than a year and growing rapidly.

Desktop sales are cratering.
Tablets are outselling laptops.
Both can be bought for about the same price as a quality smartphone.

Upgrading enterprise software just to run on new opsys is an unnecessary waste of money for large enterprises. No added functionality (value). Government doesn't have money to piss away. Neither do institutions and corporations.

Let's see!

Ranking by market capitalisation.

Apple - 438 B
Google - 291 B
MSFT - 282 B
HP - 41 B
Dell - 24 B

MSFT makes more money than GOOG Quarter after Quarter, which is much more important than your market capitalization which changes based on rumors.

Desktop and laptop sales are decent enough considering that people use them for years, i am not going to use and ipad or android tablet for any work BUT the new Windows 8 tablets and convertibles are kickass products which fulfill both consumption and productivity uses.

Just wait and see as Enterprise adoption of Windows 8 tablets and convertibles rises exponentially quarter after quarter. No more ipads!!

When you buy a new PC, you generally get the current OS with it. This will naturally make market share rise over time for the current version. However, in the enterprise they often choose to forgo upgrades due to support. My last company completely skipped Vista because they new it was a dog. They embraced Windows 7, as they should have. I don't see Windows 8 ever luring enterprise users away from Windows 7.

That is good for Microsoft as they will make mountains of money from enterprise Windows 7 license sales for another decade atleast, after that enterprise will look for next stable windows version.

It's all good, brother. When I said hate, I was targeting you.

From reading various articles on the Internet, I've observed quite a few people that claim hatred of the look of the OS, without ever trying it.

That's who my comment was aimed at.

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You must suffer a lot of pain seeing that Microsoft makes more money every quarter than Google and even when you buy Android phone or tablet Microsoft get $10-$15 per device as patent license fees :)

Listen HTC. I've committed at this point to buy your phones. I've got an HTC one, as does my brother, and my parents will be upgrading from their og evos soon enough. I (like many other people on this site) am one that is asked for a recommendation all the time. Do not be foolish. Clean house and get your operating costs in line while maintaining your revenue and everything will work itself out. The one is easily the best phone on the market but I still hear people say "what's HTC?" Apple will fall, they've already begun to. Samsung probably isn't going anywhere but HTC can still be number 2 OEM

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I'm sure the board of directors is relieved to hear you're prognosis...

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Hmm, a HTC One with all the updates from Google if you use a Google Edition ROM, all the cuteness of Sense if you use the regular ROM and WP8 if you want to use the Xbox is that not the best phone ever??

I think it's a great idea. No different than the Samsung tablet they showed off a while back that dual boot windows 8 and Android. This, to me in my honest opinion, make more sense that dual booting sense and plain Android. Cut their expenses by having Microsoft pay for advertising (which they desperately need). Use Microsoft for it outlook features, Xbox integration, and certain security features that assist with businesses. I hope this does pans out. :-)

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I develop software for both eco-systems and definitely I would buy a device with dual-boot for both operating systems. Definitely!!

I used windows phone briefly, and I loved the experience. They had a couple of software features I wish Android would find a way to adopt (Kids' Corner being a huge one). I came back to android, because the Dev support just wasn't up to snuff. Sad too, because it really is a wonderful OS in its own right. I'm already saving up for a Nexus 5, but I would definitely be interested in this most unusual pairing.

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After the heat MS got for the Surface storage 'fiasco' can you imagine the heat they will get when consumers realise their already limited phone storage is reduced even further by a second OS they don't want, need or will use being forced upon them?

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Historically, collaborating with Microsoft has been the kiss of death for other companies. This will seal HTC's coffin--it won't save them. It's also pretty tactless due to MS's racketeering involving dubious "intellectual property".

Checking out the bloomberg article they weren't sure if it would actually be dual booting or just sticking WP on the exact same hardware as their android phones, separately. I srsly doubt dual booting given the hackery needed and the complexity. Imagine the upgrades (or complete and utter lack of).

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Next it will be Microsoft wants HTC to run on only windows. Then it will be Microsoft buys HTC for $11 billion. HTC be careful

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HTC already have to pay royalties to Microsoft for selling Android devices. Microsoft is proponent of locked/secure boot (UEFI) so this rumor sounds strange. If anyone is going to buy HTC personally I think it would be Apple after that big patent deal they had. I'm not an HTC fan, but I rather they survive which is better for consumer choices.

android central app

They should have purchased HTC when they were skinning Sense on Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.5 phones like the Touch Diamond. Having missed that opportunity and trying a Hybrid Model of Google's business model and Apple's business model, they were forced to purchase Nokia at 3 times what they probably could have paid for HTC back in 2008.

The entire landscape would be wholly different now and they'd still be a major player.

Sent to you from an HTC Touch Diamond, the sexiest phone ever...

I seriously doubt it.....I might fire it up just to be geeky but wouldn't make it my default "go-to" OS.

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WHAT??? if my phone suddenly delivered an update that I didn't want, installing more (heavily advertised) BLOATWARE, I will never use a shock ROM again.

Posted via my weird GT-P3113

I used to have a windows mobile phone. Then they switched to that garbage that they have now. That's when I moved to Android. Don't see why I'd want to use that system now.

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I used to have a windows mobile phone. Then they switched to that garbage that they have now. That's when I moved to Android. Don't see why I'd want to use that system now.

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Loved Windows Mobile 6.1 for the Treo! Yep I wouldn't go back either. Android is leaps and bounds ahead nowadays

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Honestly though if you could replace blinkfeed with the windows phone tiles taking you back to android with one swipe to the right this would probably be a successful device.

I would LOVE for this to happen, actually. I am part of the 1% who likes both iOS and Android, but doesn't like Windows Phone

From my dang HTC One V. Using the AC App

That would be a nice idea to try. This way people can get what we want from both owes. add in Ubuntu touch and I'd be set

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I'd be OK with this. Always wanted to play around with a windows phone

Posted via Android Central App

I actually love the design of Windows phone, but their app store is simply tiny. I'd buy this.

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I didn't realize there were features on WP8 that Android doesn't do better. Having a 2nd OS on there is still not as useful as dual booting a custom Touch wiz ROM and an AOSP ROM on the S4

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I am all for this. HTC needs something to make itself standout right now.

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This would be insane. The only people that would benefit would be people that already use WP8. For those of us who use android already, there's no benefit to us.

No I'd pass. If I wanted another windows phone I would go buy a Nokia lumia.

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Not a bad idea, I've been dual booting my PC's for years- heck I often boot into Linux on my laptop rather than Windows because I don't game on it.

But I don't see a reason not to try WP8.

I personally hate the idea.

For one, I don't want to run the crappy Windows Phone stuff. So why should I have to pay additional fees for the phone to have it on there? MS is desperate to push their drugs... they are so NOT used to have monopoly control over everything.

And it might destroy update schedules, making the phone even more obscure and difficult to maintain.

Nope. And waste of already limited storage space on mobile devices. More like an act of desperation on Microsoft's part...

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I have to agree at this point. I choose to not use the Windows Phone OS and while more options are great, I am afraid that, because I know I wouldn't use it, it would just waste space on my phone. In no way am I saying this is the situation for everyone, but I know that, for me, after having used WP extensively and switching to Android, there is no real added value for me that this phone brings.

That said, it would be much easier for me to by the HTC One sans WP8 OS.

This definitely makes Microsoft look desperate. But I think it would be awesome. I've owned a couple of WP devices and I really like it. There are just a few things about it that always make me run back to Android. I would definitely use both OSs on it as long as they make it painless to switch between the two.

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Well I would really consider it. I have lumia windows 8 phone which I love using but would like the option of dual booting to my 2 favorite OS. I see a lot of advantage for myself personally.

That's exactly what I was expecting. I never thought dual boot in the mobile ecosystem would actually be a reality, in strong opposition to the desktop level. If by any chance the agreement turns true, then I would be a happy buyer.

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Ugh, no way!
I don't want a phone with a bloated, slow, soon to be obsolete OS installed.
Already too much bloatware on my HTC Thunderbolt that Verizon pushed on there.

I feel bad for HTC if they're pushed down this route. I really liked Sense (in the Gingerbread version of my phone. Ice Cream Sandwich can be infuriatingly slow on the aged Thunderbolt hardware.)

I wonder if MS is thinking of purchasing HTC, like they did to Nokia, just to ensure that there are manufacturers still producing phones with their unwanted Operating System.

I would consider it at least, not sure if I would actually buy it - too many variables at this stage, depends on the phone!

Posted via Android Central App on my Motorola XT890 RAZR i

I don't see the practicality in this. Most people would play with it the first few days and then choose one to stick with or, if they're like us, wipe the partition of the OS they don't want. That, and for the consumers who barely know how to boot the device, are going to be even more confused than before.

Reminds me of my Htc HD2 it ran windows and dual booted with a hack to run android. I really like the idea.

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I too had an HTC HD2, the greatest phone to ever exist. The only problem it had is that the screen wasn't big enough. If the touch screen hadn't broken, I'd have never moved to my galaxy Note which I love. Dual booting on the HTC HD2 gave me the confidence to make the jump to android, from the windows platform. A Phablet with the ability to Dual boot means Me leaving samsung.

That would be very interesting. I think I would try it out, depending on cost & space. I've always been curious about the Windows system but never been willing to invest since it has such a limited app store.

I like options, so I'd welcome a second OS with additional storage space to accommodate it. And I have to admit, Windows does look great on the HTC One in the above picture. Then again, the One is so beautiful it could likely make an awful OS appear stunning.

Posted via Android Central App, HTC One

I'd love to have a phone like this. I used WP8 on the 8X for about a month and the UI is great with nice features. Only drawback that sent me back to Android was the app ecosystem (and Google Now). A dual boot would be the best of both worlds.

Posted from my HTC One via Android Central App

I would definitely be interested, but only if it had at a bare minimum 64 gb would I even consider. It would probably need much more than that to get me to buy it.

If it is a high end phone like the One, then I would do it in a heartbeat. As long as I don't lose something on the Android side. Maybe it is because I am a phone dork, maybe I just want something shiny and new, but I could easily see myself buying one of these.

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This sounds like a great way to inflate sales numbers even if the customer never boots into or wanted a Windows phone.

"Look shareholders and developers! Our sales have tripled overnight!" (Even though very few are using the Windows side.)

Yeah, nobody will ever choose to boot into WP8, but Microsoft will be able to say that x million smartphones were shipped with WP8... that's what it's all about.

Sounds great to me, if they make these devices a minimum of 64GB, though 128GB would be better. Then you're not handcuffed in one OS because the other one is taking up so much space.

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I'm in! I had Windows Phone before Android... Not a bad OS at all. If I had a GSM Network instead of Sprint, I would get a Nokia 1020 as a second phone. Sadly, I do not.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

A few years ago when apple dominated the market people probably thought android would never catch on. When Samsung came out with the Note phone people thought that wouldn't be popular. Creating a market where currently no market exists is out of the box thinking that could prove to be very popular.

I'm not losing anything by having a dual boot choice on my phone. Android is about choice. I doubt if the HTC One currently had dual boot option it would make it less popular then it is today. Infact it may have been even more popular.

I would be interested in a dual boot phone.

Posted from my Note 2 awaiting my Note 3 pre order to arrive

* Definitely would inflate sales numbers.

* Carriers would likely never update the phone. It's twice as much work for them to "certify" (whatever that means).

* If it were to be a high end device, we'd be looking at $299.99 with a two year contract (U.S. - I don't know about you in the other countries). This would cover added ROM/RAM size, etc. necessary to pull this off.

* Game developers might like it; Android phones _tend_ towards beefier specs (at least with high end devices).

I don't see the need for this in myself. I also don't see how this would benefit an already hugely successful OS (android). Everyone I know that tried a windows phone has since returned to android...even at greater expense for doing so. But like someone else here said, this is just going to inflate windows phone sales. It's like politicians ramming unpopular legislation through by piggy-backing on more popular bills. It's smoke and mirrors. I would much rather see a phone that let's you decide what you want on the phone and allow you to change your mind whenever you want, thus saving precious space...but dual boot? No thanks.

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If HTC wants to increase sales, I think they'd be better off differentiating their hardware. I know I'd rather buy an HTC Android phone with a qwerty slider like they used to make before all the OEMs gave a big FU to the hardware keyboard users out there. But I'm not bitter...

I used to run WP7 on a Samsung Focus. I really liked it, and most mobile sites are as good or better than their respective apps, so USUALLY apps weren't an issue. But sometimes it was a pain. The OS was very stable and rarely gave me problems. Also, I liked that it automatically backed up all of my pics and videos to my home PC over WiFi when I was charging it. I still actually keep it charged so I can use it as a Zune (yeah, I said Zune, lol) when I'm mowing the lawn or working outside, and not worry about trashing my GS3.

My biggest gripe with WP was lack of customization, and changes for the worse. They removed custom reminder times for the calendar, which really ticked me off, since their standard ones left big gaps. You could choose 1 day, then it jumped to 1 week. I like to set a 2 day reminder sometimes. Minute and Hour alerts were the same way. Custom ringtones were a pain in the butt to add, once they finally added them. And you couldn't add custom alert tones, you were stuck with theirs.
I've actually considered buying a Nokia 928 (no 1020 for Verizon) to use as a second phone, but I'd have to confirm that they fixed my main complaints in WP8.

As a side note, if the Surface Pro wasn't so god-awful expensive, I would replace my Note 10.1 with it. But it's so much, why would anyone choose it over a touch laptop that has more power and storage for a similar price?

I would be all for this. There's no chance of me buying a windows phone, but I would like to use it and I've got plenty of space on my 64gb One.

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I'm interested. I love my S3 Android and my W8 touch ultrabook. I've been thinking seriously about trying W8 on a smartphone and this would be a nifty way to do it!

Sounds pretty good to me. I'd use one, but it would need adequate storage and the option to expand with an SD card.

At least you succeeded in proving your ignorance.

WP is the most efficient mobile OS on the market. On low end hardware it runs circles around Android (on high end it doesn't matter, or at least it isn't apparent). WP actually doesn't have bloatware, or at least not bloatware that is baked into the OS, which is what Android is famous for. Neither OEMs or carriers can modify the OS image, so any "bloatware" installed on a device is easily and completely deleted from the device, as it's no different from any other app installed from the app store.

How is app development for the Windows phone? Is anyone developing apps for this OS? I had a Windows phone several years ago and I remember that the limited apps that they did have were incredibly expensive, which is one of the reasons I didn't buy another Windows phone.

Good way to get people to try it. If they could get Samsung to do this I think it could have an effect. A lot of the reason Google is doing so well is because the only other real alternative is Apple. If there was a good third alternative that would be great. Google needs more competition. Their customer service stinks and they very rarely take customer complaints/suggestions of their apps seriously. They just shoehorn changes through that benefit them and their bottom dollar.

I'm more interested in an Android + ChromeOS pairing so that I could literally use any computer like my own once I dock it/ use widi/ chromecast/ NFC

I have to say. I actually wouldn't mind this. Reason being my HTC 8X worked amazing with SYNC in my car. It would read my text to me, allow me to vocally respond back and was very nice. To the point that I've considered switching my sim card over to my 8X while driving. Then I went out and bought the HTC One, which I love, however it doesn't work so well with SYNC. SOMETIMES it may alert me through SYNC that a have a text and play it back, however I can never respond vocally to the text. I don't know if this is attributed to the operating system or not, but since SYNC is a Microsoft product and it works well with the 8X I would have to say that is probably the case.

I would love this! I started out with webOS, then jumped to Android which I have LOVED ever since. I just bought a HTC 8X to test out Windows Phone 8, and I really like it a lot more than I thought I would!

If I could get a HTC phone with Android and Windows Phone on it I would buy it in a heartbeat! Hope this happens.

Microsoft is just separating the wounded wildebeest from the herd. HTC has some real financial problems and Microsoft just can't make the inroads it wants on phones, even after buying Nokia.

If this happens, the switch from Android to Windows should be seamless and you can use your files for both OS

I.m.o HTC should continue focus on making the best HTC one they can...placing time, effort, and money on this idea to me is crazy...the HTC one is great, but how can we make it better... That's to me should be the focus R&D and marketing.....period... A dual boot phone when the market isn't demanding it and your company just took a huge financial loss as they just reported is crazy.
Forward moves not backwards or sidestep

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Actually... I would be interested in this. HTC One Max work dual boot? Uhhhh yes please.

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I think it's a great idea for Microsoft. For HTC I think it's a wash unless Microsoft pays HTC for each phone sold.

I expect the trade off for HTC is more tech enthusiasts will pick it up but it will put off the masses as the choice will put them off.

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Most Android users wouldn't buy this phone considering WP8 is horrible all this would do is take up storage space. This would probably be the final nail in the coffin for HTC if they did this.

I'm all for the option of dual-booting; but, I have to agree with you, Jerry. In this regard, Microsoft is full of shit.

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who doesn't want two phones in one i love it please htc make this hap pane very soon. HTC One Max with dual boot and a 13mp camera this will end samsung

this company just doesn't get it.... i still haven't seen anyone with HTC One here in US or in ASIA in person... seems like only people who reply here buys them....

This would be an insanely stupid idea for HTC. Having said that it wouldn't surprise he at all if they actually did it.

I think it's a great idea. Someone who uses ms office mostly, having access to wp8 would be awesome. Without google apps on wp8, it's a platform I could never buy into. But this way, I could have both. Figuring the One has 32 and 64gb models, that would be more than enough memory for most users. As long as they don't push something like this on a 16gb model, it should be fine. I'm also pretty sure that there will be hacks to remove one or the other fairly soon after release, too.

I'd love to see this. I dual-boot Windows 7 and Linux on my Desktop. Would be great to dual-boot Android and WP8 on a mobile device.

Maybe Windows Phone could be included on a separate micro SD card that the customer could load when desired (it's understood that much of the OS would have to be installed internally).
There would also be an option to fully remove the OS.
Or vice-versa.

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If I wanted a wp I would buy one bloat os already takes too much memory on my phone.

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I'd love to give it a shot. I don't like being tied to one or the other. Options are always good as long as it doesn't hurt performance. I use the cloud for everything, so the storage doesn't hurt my feelings. I'd like to see how deep I could get with MS like I have with Google.

I really don't think that they will be dual booting, it sounds more to me like MS wants HTC to release their flagship handset (HTC ONE, or whatever the next will guess is HTC TWO) with Windows Phone on it, instead of their 8xt, or whatever the hell the current wp version is.

Me, personally, im on the fence. I have a Windows 8.1 Tablet, I find it light years ahead of both Android and IOS. I also use an Android phone, that crashes daily, and lags like a SOB.......I might give WP a chance on my next phone, and see how it goes - I hope that crazy Nokia 41mp phone comes to Verizon, that's the one ill try. I don't use many apps, the camera/email/sms/browser are pretty much the only apps I use on my phone, so the amount of apps makes no difference to me.

If they added a camera button maybe. And made each OS run simultaneously in seperate webOS cards.

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Of course, MS would likely insist that the bootloader be locked, so that nobody could uninstall the OS they didn't want, thanks.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Nexus

So many people are stating how they dual-boot on their desktop and would welcome it on a phone. Great. So, the .0000001% of users that dual-boot their desktop will welcome this flexibility. The other 99.9999999% of the actual market, not tech geeks like us, will be confused. Microsoft gets the ability to bump up their virtual market share numbers even if the average consumer will never use their software.

Microsoft has a history of screwing over partners. The list of companies that have partnered with them only to have Microsoft turn its guns on them is long and distinguished. HTC gets in bed with them at their serious peril.

Dual booting would be good. The competition will keep each OS on their toes and accelerate improvement. Might be attractive to companies and IT departments as a way to keep work related stuff separated from personal stuff. Working adults would no longer need two devices. With Blackberry struggling there might be an opening here. Interestingly, there might be an opening here for Blackberry as well.

I actually think i would buy something like this. I really like the idea of having both OS's on the device. one for work, one for play lol

Maybe they should. Samsung is kicking their ass in Android. They just posted their first loss. Might be time to try something different.

I doubt I would bother with swapping OS when I boot. If I take the time to get everything setup the way I want in one OS, I'm not going to want to bother to setup the other one. Plus, I don't reboot my phone(s) unless I have to, so I wouldn't even be aware of the other OS taking up space most of the time.

Now, if you could run a virtual machine with an alternate OS, like I do on my workstation, then it might be a different story. Rebooting into something different is a pain. Launching a virtual machine so you could quickly perform a task in the guest OS would make it much more appealing. From a workflow perspective, if I'm in Android and I want to work with an Excel spreadsheet in Windows, but I have to reboot to get there, I'm just going to skip it, do it in Android, or send the spreadsheet to my computer and work it from there when I get the chance. If I'm in Android and I can just launch a virtual Windows instance, I'll likely go ahead and work with the spreadsheet in Windows then.

I would love love love this.

I used to use a Nokia Lumia 800, which was a fantastic device (although a little small with the screen size), and there were many things I loved about the Windows Phone system, but the app selection and customization is what caused me to return to Android. If I could own an HTC device with Android and WP8, I would be all over that. Even better if Microsoft would let end users install their system on a Nexus device (unlikely, but I can wish).

Just up the internal storage to 32GB minimum with a 64GB option and I would be there.

The only way I'm good with this is if they allow their Lumia phones to boot android also.

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I'm an android guy to the core, but the only mobile os I'd consider switching to would be Windows Phone. This would be a great idea, provided sufficient space is provided on the phone. Plus, HTC needs an edge. They make great hardware that no one wants. This could be the thing that gets them back to their Evo 4G days, when they were on top of the world. I would definitely buy a HTC phone that could dual boot android and windows phone.

yes, i'd be very interested in such a device, while I absolutely love Android. I've be craving to try something new so a phone like would be perfect but I would not buy it from HTC.

Microsoft thinks the reason that people haven't chosen Windows Phone is because they haven't gotten a chance to play with it. This is simply not true. They've seen the
Windows phones at the carrier stores and decided to go with Apple and Google instead. No amount of exposure is going to change that.

I would definitely be interested in this if only because I am curious about Winphone and all the services. It'd be a very low risk opportunity.

To be honest, I don't see why, if you can unlock your bootloader and completely S-OFF the HTC One, then why it'#s not possible to install WinPhone anyway.

Dual-booting is usually the hard part.

If this was to materialise are we going to see the upping of the minimum storage specs then - 64GB being the new 32GB along with fact HTC is not a fan of the MicroSD.

Is Microsoft going to offer "incentives" as devices need to be a storage bump concession if they going to use storage for an additional mobile OS and Microsoft would have to weive any fees!

In 2013 32GB should really be the standard of minimum internal storage (SD card or not)

Android Samsung, HTC and LG etc consumers probably would prefer dual booting "Google Play Edition" more than another mobile platform. What better would be if Android 4.4 or a future "L"+ Android release put framework in that put seperation of those such as Touchwiz and Sense from Android x enough that you always get the Nexus core and security and Samsung etc would do there Launcher and extras (there is an number of good things like Multi Window, S Health and Galaxy Note features) as a seperate project!

Why would Google not let it happen? Android is a free OS, which HTC can skin/modify to their heart's content. The only thing they need to leave alone are the google apps, such as gmail, maps, hangouts, etc. So, there is nothing to worry about here. HP even made a dual boot Win 8/Android laptop (granted, windows and android run on separate architectures, but still).

Microsoft: Hello HTC, my Windows Phone OS is not doing well at the moment, do you want to spend some licensing money to use our OS ?? hahahaha

Hell no... If I wanted a Windows Phone I'd buy one. For me this goes back to when M$ all but abandoned Windows Mobile which essentially paved the road for Android. I've switched, am very pleased and am not returning.

Actually I hope Windows Phone continues to flounder, maybe M$ can get back to focusing on the software business. Namely the Windows Desktop OS business.

Yeah, but, if Windows Phone doesn't expand, then it's going to be a two-horse race. I highly doubt, you want that to happen.

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You have a valid point there but I think it's really a two-horser already. Windows Phone has such a minor imprint that it can't really be considered a contender. Android and Apple have such a drastically different product philosophy that that two-horse race is enough for me.

I'd much rather see M$ get back to the software focus and stop unifying "look and feel" on the Desktop OS in order to push X-Box, Windows Phone and tablets.

Windows phone is actually not bad. It is a darn pretty os. Some of the best looking apps. And it runs the be honest much much smoother then pretty much every android. And yes I still use android as my main OS but windows is certainly not bad at all.

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I had wp8 like a month ago... I am proud to say i no longer have it. Plus the community is fracked, bunch of fan boys who have no common sense.. Not trying to be mean look for yourself lol

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Here's the deal: Microsoft IS desperate.

- They made a partnership with Nokia because they managed to infiltrate that moron Eflop as CEO of the company.
- Eflop did his job and made Nokia a Windows Phone giant. WP got to 3rd mobile OS for only ONE reason: Nokia.
- Nokia did all the work for Microsoft. Nokia released apps, Nokia forced OS upgrades, Nokia carries the entire Windows Phone of their backs.
- Nokia shareholders never liked this. They demanded Nokia to go Android since the beginning and the Board of Directors ignored them.
- After the WP7 fiasco and the not fast growth of WP8, Nokia shareholders pressure began to rise.
- Nokia started testing Android on Lumia devices in the beginning of this year.
- Microsoft got desperate and made a deal with the Board of Directors to buy Nokia.

Now here's the problem: whatever Microsoft does, Windows Phone's growth will recede. Here's why:
1 - If the Nokia shareholders and the Finnish Government and European authorities approve the deal (this has been closer to happen in the past than it is now), Microsoft buys Nokia. Nokia disappears. And so will Nokia's clients. Contrary to Microsoft's beliefs, the current Nokia Windows Phone users (where I am included) are only Windows Phone users and only bare such an undeveloped OS (no matter how pretty it is) BECAUSE of Nokia. Once Nokia disappears, we will no longer bare WP and we'll jump to Android and iOS (I myself am already toying with an Xperia Z1 and I'm hopping that Sony gets their act straight when it comes to the camera quality). Microsoft is so US-centred that they failed to see that it's the NOKIA brand that sells the Windows Phones, NOT the Microsoft brand. Specially in Europe and Asia.
2 - Nokia shareholders do what the Nokia users want and veto the deal. In which case Nokia, now that Eflop is gone, will turn to Android right away. Which means, Windows Phone future disappears.

It's in this scenario that this HTC move comes. Microsoft probably realized what a stupid move they made with the attack on Nokia. So now they're desperately trying to secure that another famous brand can take Nokia's place as the big Windows Phone producer under a different alias. A brand that people know and trust more than Microsoft. Because "Microsoft Phone" will only sell to MS-fanboys. Which aren't enough to sustain the project. Except only 3 other OEM's produce Windows Phone: HTC, Huawei and Samsung.
Huawei is a Chinese brand, and as every chinese brand, has a huge stigma regarding quality. People don't trust it and don't buy the phones outside of China. Samsung rules with Android. Why would they give a sh*t about making sure WP thrives when they're already thriving on Android?

The only remaining option if HTC. So by either trying to dual-boot or get HTC to produce 2 variants of each phone, one with Android and one with WP (lets call them, say HTC One and HTC One W), Microsoft's trying to avoid the certain disaster that is coming their way due to Balmer's/Eflops stupidity regarding Nokia.
Except HTC is also struggling. And this kind of deal will not do them any favours. Unless they somehow manage to present the best phone cameras on the market like Nokia, and get the same support for WP that Nokia currently does (which is unlikely. ATM Samsung has more apps on WP than HTC. So...).

I would honestly not buy a dual-boot phone.
If Nokia disappears from the map as Microsoft intends, I'm moving straight to Android and I will certainly not want to have a phone with Windows Phone still in it. No one who gets Windows Phone on the same device as Android will use Windows Phone more over Android. Because Microsoft simply didn't cared to try to produce an OS that could match Android/iOS in features.

It be interesting having a dual phone, that would give people the opportunity to try out both OS. Android might acquire WP users and vice versa.

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Nah It would be counter productive and a waste of space. I love the HTC One but lets face it if you have android on your phone why would you want to use Windows phone 8 ? All the exclusive apps ??

I'd certainly consider it if it's available as an unlocked GSM phone. I'd probably run Android most of the time, but I'm not opposed to Microsoft on principle. I run Windows 7 on my laptop and haven't upgraded only because it doesn't have a touchscreen. Overall it's a good user experience.

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Actually, this is the best idea I've heard yet! I'd definitely buy this! I love the Android platform, but why not give the customer the option to use both?!!

If you shake hands with the devil HTC, you become the walking dead. You will not be forgiven.

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Samsung has already done this and gone a step further by making the platform DUAL OS so it runs Windows 8 Native and Android at the same time. Allowing you to switch / pin apps from either desktop to each other etc.

HTC is going down, just like how Nokia is, thus why Microsoft is trying to strike deals so they don't go down.

Nokia's not really going down. They were starting to go up and recouping their customers in Europe and Asia. That's why at the beggining of this year they started to test Android on their phones: to answer the requests of those users.
Windows Phone is the only thing bringing Nokia down and preventing more users to return. Nokia is getting ready to get rid of it, at least in the exclusivity set they now have. That's why Microsoft attacked. Without Nokia, Windows Phone's dead.

I think this is an awesome idea. Even with 4.4 and WP OS, you would have more storage left over than what you get out of the box from an S4. I would Love to have a WP8, but I won't buy one because there are no apps for windows phones.
I could use the windows side for everyday use and security, and have android for apps.

I hate it that everyone (other than the few HTC one owners) won't buy anything but samesung.
Soon, there will be 2 phone makers on the market and your Only choice will be Apple and Samesung.

When its down to 2, people will wish they gave HTC, LG, Nokia etc a chance. BB is already dead.

Maybe BB should go to LG and ask them to Dual boot BB OS.

Yes this would be awesome. I would love to have the ability to try out the windows os. Please let this happen for the HTC one

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I wonder it will take for windows to provide the files so we can install it in our phones assuming we'rerooted which I am?

You guys are pretty funny. Anyone who says WP8 is bloated obviously knows absolutely NOTHING about Windows Phone. WP is as clean and pure as Nexus or iOS. Android is home to the most bloat found in the mobile world. The WP8 system takes up a shade under 2GB. That's not gonna "cripple" or "take up half the space" of your phone. Coming from android, wp8 is a very different approach that I can totally appreciate, as long as I'm not a closed-minded drone. I swear, some of you are starting to act like iSheep.

I love the few WP 8.1 phone apps that there are, but there are Android apps that I need to use that are not available on Windoze, So a dual boot device for me would be great.