US Cellular Moto X

Larry Page is pretty excited about the Moto X today, but you and I, peasants that we are, will have to wait a wee bit longer for one on US Cellular, according to this internal memo we've received. 

Looks like marketing materials currently are slated to arrive the last week of August, with a device launch on Aug. 26. We're told that the "Wave 1, 2, & 3" part could refer to stores in USCC's LTE markets getting first dibs on the devices, with non-LTE markets to follow.

Still nothing official from Motorola or any of the carriers, but given that Motorola's hyping the hell out of this thing and we've seen the likes of Eric Schmidt walking around with it in broad daylight (to say nothing of about 3,000 other sightings), it can't be too long now.

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US Cellular Moto X


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Memo pegs US Cellular's Moto X launch for Aug. 26


How funny would it be if it was an exclusive for them.

Yes I know it is coming to all carriers and the three months later to Verizon

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I swear to god if I'm on Verizon and they make me wait until NOVEMBER for this phone I'll leave so fast.

Do you really think for one second the are going to put out the new DROID line along side the X?

Even if they do, which is Verizon gonna put money into?

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A total guess on my part.

A month after the DROID launch whenever that is

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I think they'll come out within a month of each other.

Verizon won't put any money into the Moto X. They won't need to because we already know that Google/Motorola will be putting $500 million into the marketing of it.

I am thoroughly sick and tired of hearing about this damn phone. I WAS excited for it but now it has worn out its welcome... Before even being officially announced.

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Honest question: why do people choose this carrier over the other ones? Their rates don't seem to be competitive with T-Mobile and metroPCS and they don't have the network of AT&T or Verizon. I don't understand their appeal, surely they don't have spectrum in places the other guys don't.

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Tmo coverage sucks where I need to be. All the others outside of the "big 4" have some kind of restrictions.

I need decent/fast data and voice, with no restrictions.

I am lucky that I live in an area that Sprint upgraded first to LTE (well not really them, but a partner to them) and I got to cut my bill significantly over Verizon.

US Cellular shares towers with either Verizon or Sprint can't remember which one. As far a voice coverage goes I believe they cover more area than both of them.

Yes you are so right. US Cellular has better coverage than both the number 1 and number 3 carrier, combined? Where are they getting the extra coverage genius?

Well duh! as far as voice coverage you can roam your way anywhere in most cases free within the country.

I am a US Cellular customer. My GS4 works great on USCC! There are a few reasons why I switched from Sprint. One, US Cellular actually has great coverage (voice, text, data) in the markets they serve. For those who don't travel a lot, it makes sense. They do offer national coverage, although your data is limited once you roam outside of their market areas. Second, I was able to sign up for a more economical plan than I would have gotten with Verizon. They offer a discount for employees of my company. Third, they offer earlier device upgrades, and no contracts after the first two years. These latter benefits are going away, I'm afraid. If that's the case, I will definitely think about T-Mobile's plans once my GS4 becomes antiquated. The problem is that T-Mobile doesn't over quite the coverage as USCC in our area, YET!

Yeah, my younger brother used to have US Cellular. He never once complained, about their service. But, in the past, they didn't, exactly, have the best selection of phones. I think that's why he switched, to Verizon.

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Phil you say "you and I peasants" yet you know very well who's gonna get first hands on and who's gonna possibly never...
And also when is the contest for one of this things?