LG G3 leaked in textured render glory

We've seen plenty of the officially unofficially not announced but still LG G3 at this point (the leaks are getting to the point that they're rivaling the insanity we saw leading up to the HTC One M8 launch), but most of that has been smaller renders lacking detail or blurry cam photos. But this? This is the G3 as it was meant to be seen: up close, big, beautiful, and loaded with texture. These renders don't really tell us anything new about the phone, but we've got a few more after the break to keep whetting your appetite.

The top of the LG G3

The buttons of the LG G3

For more, check out the source link below. And let us know what you think in the comments — is the LG G3 a beauty or overdone?

Source: Phone Arena


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LG G3 leaks in textured render glory


I think the gold is awesome. Looks even more suave than the gold Iterd.

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Yep, one of the best looking gold devices yet. But still a bit tacky. That charcoal grey is sexy though.

I don't think there will be a line, but I hear what you are saying. It's a beautiful phone. I'm looking forward to the flatter LG skin.

WHAT!?!? how is a redundant button that is programmed into apps by default and otherwise utterly confusing since it NEVER goes away even when its unclickable less of a waste of space than one of the most used navigation buttons in android? Hold the home button?? what r u, an lg rep? who in their right mind would advocate such a nonsensical waste of time? Shame on you.... SHAME!

For me, they only need to re-release the G2 with SD support and it's a definite buy for me! Want to go back to Android from iOS - the current crop don't quite cut it, only thing putting me off a G2 is lack of SD support.

Come on LG...

Looking to LEAVE iOS - not a great leap of logic to think that I am seeking SD support... Come on guys, not a great leap of reasoning or logic.

the way you worded it makes it sound like the only reason you aren't on an android phone is because the one you want, doesn't have SD support...so you stick with your iPhone (which you dont seem to like as much as android) which also, doesn't have an SD card.

That's exactly what I meant, don't like iphone but don't wanna buy an Android that I'll be equally unhappy with... I like the look of the G2 but held off due to no SD. The S5 looks cheap and a lad I work with slates his, another friend returned his HTC M8 because of manufacturing defect plus i did not like the camera. Not keen on z2, had original Z and it's put me off..

The hunt for the elusive ideal phone continues...

Not even fair to compare anymore. IMO the Z2 is looking like the android of the year considering it has better specs then every other phone being put out now (except processor which essentially same on every phone). And now that they put in an awesome screen, seems like nobody else will be able to match it.

Z2 is a good phone but phone of the year? The g3 has optical and software image stabilization. A 5.5" screen in a body smaller than the z2s 5.2" . The g3 is going to make the sony z2 look and feel like a phablet while only having a regular phone screen size

You don't know that the body will be smaller. There is no evidence to support that and you can only make assumptions from the render.

Z2 has software stabilization but it also has the trick where it takes a 20mp photo and down samples it to 8mp which help capture detail and sharpness. In either case, I really don't think IS makes a HUGE difference on picture quality in general scenarios.

Plus the phone is waterproof.

Based on the LG Isia Fl that came out. Those dimensions are much smaller than the z2.
The lg isa fl has side buttons making its side bezel larger than the g3. Also the 5.5" (1.15mm)lcd has smaller bezels than the 5.2"(1.2mm) lcd bezel than the g2.

Optical and digital image stabilization should produce top tier video recording, Also sonys 13 mp camera module is proving to be one of the best

Funny you should mention the camera. Buddy of mine had z1s which has same camera as z2. I have lg g2. We were sitting on couch and pointed both phones toward table and tv with window outdoor light facing us. We snapped pics at same time and compared it. Wasnt even close. His 20mp digital (fake) ois pic looked noisy and grainy. I set my lg to 10mp wide instead of 13 and zoomed in had way better detail and no grain. He immediately said your camera is better. Lg is putting real ois hardware in their g2 and g3 also has laser focus. I am telling you right now lg has the best camera behind nokia 808/1020 and g3 just might pass them.

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I was worried about that too when I bought my G2. With 32G on board and a Meenova card reader on my keychain, I found I don't miss the SD card support at all.

My G2 supports a SD card. But this is 2014 SD card are so old school.

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Sam lawton The original g2 korean version comes with 2 removable batteries and a microsd slot.

There comes a point when a phone is too big haha. This is one of them. Looks great though.

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How did you determine the size from those renders? I'm gonna predict right now that the G3 is almost identical in size to the S5, but with a much larger screen.

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I don't see how that's really possible. If you look carefully here, the bezels are not near zero.

That said, this is 97% likely my next phone.

Soooo big. Otherwise, man, this is a sharp looking phone. any bets on IP67 like the watch is supposed to be?

Have a nexus 5 but this looks like one hell of a sexy device. If it wasn't for stock Android, I would definitely get.

I'm definitely going for the G3. I have been sorely disappointed by the N5 battery life lately, and the extra money is worth it to upgrade for me.

Got Nexus?

I have a nexus 5 and lg g2 actually still have 2 nexus 5s left. Its funny when u ask nexus 5 owners what you would like in a nexus 6. They almost always say better battery life and better camera. Thats a lg g2! The g2 has better than note 3 battery life! G3 nexus 6 are going to be monsters

You're mistaken. I've had the G2 and currently have the Note 3. While the G2 has great battery life, the Note 3 has much better battery life. The G2 gets 2 days with light usage and 1 day with moderate usage. My Note 3 gets 3 days with light usage and 2 days with moderate usage with the battery still being at over 40% both times when I plug it in. I also get 1 day of heavy usage. If I use my zero lemon battery I get 6 days light usage and 4-5 days of moderate usage. The G2, no matter how hard you try, can't touch any of those lengths of time.
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If it has 32 gb internal with an SD card slot, and isn't bigger than my note 2, I'm in.

The real Kicker would be if it gets a GPE version. I'd be all over that.

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My first LG device as well! I just hope it has a removable battery and sd card slot and its a no brainer for me.

That is sexy, especially in black. Depending on price and root-ability, I may sell my S5 and get a G3.

Well, I have a N5 and Tmob is telling me to JUMP in July, then I guess this will be the device. I hope battery life is as good as everyone says it was on the G2.

the button texture is interesting for sure. everything else looks great.

looks like the IR blaster is on top like before, so now we are again wondering what that black thing is to the left of the camera.

Is it possible the back actually is metal, and the black piece is a non-metallic insert for radio penetration?

I don't see an IR blaster on top, only thing I see on top is the headphone jack. IR blaster is the black piece on the back and it makes sense.

Look closer.... That's a microphone on the left and an IR blaster on the right. It's way too small to be a headphone jack and if you zoom in you can actually see the cover. Same setup as the G2, headphone jack will be on the bottom

If leaks from a few days ago are to be believed the camera is going to have a laser focus, which is what the black to the left is

The back buttons look to be the speakers as well ? If that's the case it will be awesome design choice.

No, the speaker is actually on the bottom rear of the device. :(
I was hoping they'd put it on the front or even the bottom like on my Note 3.

I noticed that too. They definitely look like speakers. That would be cool if they did do that

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Really like this phone might have to buy my first LG ever. I think this is what Samsung with the S5 the G3 has that wow feature the S5 has that meh feature.

Since the Z2 won't be on T-Mobile by the time this one is available, its between this and the Nexus 6 for my next JUMP.

Sundar Pichai "second half of 2014"...good enough for you? Same as always. Maybe it'll change next year. Maybe. That's way more of a rumor at this point.

Z2 might be on T-Mobile by the time the N6 is released though. That's not until October or so typically.

The gold looks OK minus that gold bottom on the front. The black looks really nice to me. I really don't get the front two toned thing on that gold and assuming the white is similar. It would mess with my eyes watching a video on it.

I just really don't think I want a bigger phone than the G2. Unfortunately options are few and far between on flagships. Z2, G3, S5, M8, Oppo F7, One+1 are all bigger than the G2. I'll likely get a G3 but I'm interested to see a ~5" Motorola X2. I'm always down for the next Nexus as well.

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Well, we know the screen is 5.5 inches diagonally. That can be used to determine the exact dimensions based on these renders.

I have the Nexus 5 and love it along with stock Android, but this will more than likely be my next non-nexus device. I'm really impressed with the looks of this phone. Now i just have to see the UI of LG, not too familiar with it.

Gotta see how that slick back feels in hand. Not a of the HTC M8's slippery nature even though it's sexk as f*ck!

Posted from my TARDIS!

First phone to make me even start to think of getting rid of the Note 3. Still won't do it, but it's a damn beautiful phone

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Looking great and actually don't mind the gold on this render.

But I have just acquired the Z2 and what a great phone it is :-)

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All rumors still point to the Nexus 6 being made by LG based on the G3...just like last year at this point in time and they held very true. At this point the caveat would be..what...a 3,000mAh battery, 5.2", better 8MP w/ OIS...for 1/2 the price. Yes, please! G3 render looks great! Looking forward to trying her out for a bit. Never liked the buttons on the G2, though, and not a fan of the rear speaker : /

I absolutely love my G2 (its probably the most underrated phone out there)... Only thing that would make me get rid of it is this sexy beast (just not in gold). Shut up and take my money, i'm ready to JUMP!

If the G3 has a removable back as reported, couldn't LG sell it with a metal look plastic back and then have an aluminum back available at extra cost? That would seem to satisfy both camps. I have a G2 with an Incipio plastic back that looks like aluminum and I like the look and the fact that it gives the phone a little more thickness. I don't know a lot about phones but I know what I like. I like my G2 with a metal look; I would like even more a G3 with a real metal back -- in black. The black version is as "sexy" as an inanimate object can be.

I thought about the same with my Note 3, but often times a replaceable metal back destroys radio signals.

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I should have known that better minds than mine would have done that years ago if it were that simple. Thanks for the information.

That. Bezel.
If that's the actual bezel size, then wow.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Actually a gold phone that doesn't look tacky. Muted and everything. So far it looks like I will be getting this as my new. Depends on what it looks like when it's turned on. Liking my stock so may wait for the Nexus 6

The quality should be enough to put samsung to shame. S5 seems like a step back compared to what they managed to do on note 3.

Incremental update like I imagined, it's looking nice though. Hoping the back isn't too rounded where it rocks on a table top, micro sd support, not bigger than the G2 and a toned down UI. Still not a fan of the button placement but if those wishes hold true I can forgive that.

I am the proud owner of a G2, and have enjoyed using it over the last 8 1/2 month's. The new G3 is the one reason I can think of or use as justification for giving up the best, most reliable device I've used.the He's design looks to be a true upgrade in fit and finish. (From appearances).the button redesign really does a better job incorporating Into the rear face. After becoming accustomed to the rear placement. I didn't think bezels could get any thinner. So I for one can't wait to see the display. As for an 805, I wold not be surprised. Waiting, hoping to be one of the first to get my own LG G3. I'll still have my tried and true G2.

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