HTC Dream

Chances are a good many of you out there aren't even old enough to remember the HTC Dream. (By the way, get off our lawn.) And chances are even slimmer that there are many still being used today. But if so, know that HTC has added the Dream to its cadre of unlockable bootloaders. Blow the dust off and hit the link below.

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HTC unlocks the bootloader on the Dream (yeah, really)


I thought the dream already had an unlocked bootloader... wasn't it the original dev phone? Or am I mistaken?

There was a dev version of it, but not all were dev phones. There was an easy hack that unlocked it but it was never officially unlocked.

That is awesome. It has really been unlocked forever anyway. But cool in spirit nonetheless. I miss my old phone, should have never sold it.

Ahh. The memories of my first smartphone. That thing was a tank. The only phone I managed to never destroy.

I know, right? That thing could fall out of a lifted truck onto the concrete with no case and only get a nick on the side. My atrix fell 1 foot onto a tile floor and cracked the screen (2 different times).

I miss solid phones that didn't need a case. I wish companies would stop with the skinniest phone bragging rights and make a phone that would hold up to daily use.

Actually was playing with my G1 last night. I keep it on top of the fridge, and pulled it down for nostalgia sake. Then did the obligatory compare to the Galaxy Nexus... man what a difference a few years makes.

The places I travel to have Edge at best. Yes my Sensation does,but it's pretty much useless on 2g, on the other hand my G1 doesn't skip a beat.

HTC is really doing a great job. Why cannot other OEM's follow it? BY the way I want my Milestone bootloader unlocked Motorola!!

An HTC Spokesman stated that the G1 is scheduled to receive the ICS update on the second Tuesday of next week.

Oh I miss the old days when smartphones had keyboards... and hardware buttons... and bezel all around the screen so you could hold the phone without accidentally touching screen items on the sides... I need a moment. :(

I crushed my HTC Glacier recently and don't feel like paying the asurion deductible for a refurb phone so I am actually using my G1 (Dream) with CyanogenMod5 until the One series hits T-mobile in the spring/summer. It's like I stepped into the wayback machine. I figure when I get a s4 dual or tegra 3 phone it will feel like when I went from dialup to broadband. I'll never waste my time on asurion insurance again, it's ensquared from here on out.

I wish they would re-release this with updated internals. It would be so retro that I bet a bunch of people would go for it. Plus it was awesome in itself. And stock Android to boot!

OK,since nobody has said it yet: Glad you are working on a phone almost nobody has in service anymore instead of getting ICS out there on phones less than a year old.

I felt it was necessary at least one person complain.

That said, good job HTC!

Updating a nearly 4 year old device is nice and all, but you think they could've done it while people actually still used the device?

Thanks for nothing guys! I sold mine, unlocked via XDA, two years ago.

Now, if I could only have a TRACKBALL again. That was nice.

The G1 aka The Dream in '09 (I think) was my first Android smartphone. I am kind of a tinker as a Lady and this might be something I want to tinker with. Hush guys!!

Ok, I went over and had a looksy at this. My "Dream" was thwarted with confusing stuff on the RUU page and what I needed to download. I tried. And thanks for the info!!