465MB update delivers Android 4.2.2 and brings the death of the dreaded black bar

A user with an international model HTC One in Taiwan just sent in some good news -- the 4.2.2 OTA has arrived for his phone. Nothing in the way of a change log is available from HTC just yet, but the update screen tells us a little bit. Besides the new API level that comes with 4.2.2, HTC has included:

  • Launcher bar enhancement
  • Widget panel rearrangement
  • New lock screen style and widget
  • Enhanced behavior of the home button
  • The death of the black bar
  • Battery percentage in the status bar
  • Quick settings
  • AE/AF enhancements in the camera

So far the only reports are coming from the Taiwan area, and I've been trying every trick I know to force anything on my developer edition. This follows the same trend we've seen before with the One X, where Taiwan and Singapore were the first to get the goods. 

There's no telling when we'll see carrier versions of the update, but knowing that HTC is finished with it should make everyone breathe a little easier. Hit the break for some screenshots of the new features.

Thanks, Alex!


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HTC One 4.2.2 OTA appears for international users in Taiwan


That's why we have the choice. I like Samsung because I always replace the OEM battery with a high capacity one. HTC ONE do not have a removable battery...

Anyway, you can argue either way...

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Correct. Like you can put Google Music on your sd how about yeah - ALL of the movies you torrented - THOSE can go on the SD card! Pure win!

Sweet. Been running 4.2.2 Sense for a while now, but it would be nice to get the official update.

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I'M on Sprint and I have the notification telling me that the update is ready. I'm rooted so I'm gonna wait a bit just in case

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They are referring to the 3 dots (...) menu that appear on apps, it will be gone as the back button now can be the menu button by long press.

It is actually the home button that gets that ability. You can now set the home button to be swipe up for google now, long press for menu and double tap for multitasking.

That's a lot of functionality for one button. Doesn't seem intuitive to me but I'm sure One users will get use to it.

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Great, now I need to go find out how to get my phone back to a state I can accept it. Off I go.

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This is awesome. I know AT&T will take forever to release it but its nice to see the update going out.

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It's 3gb's of features not bloatware, bloatware is the apps put on by carriers that really are of no good & don't make your experience better. All of Samsung's features like Smart Stay stay, smart scroll, Air View, ect increase the users experience greatly. I do wish Samsung would make their apps like their app store, translator, S Health downloadable only from the Google Playstore starting with downloading their app store from the playstore will then from there you can download their couple if other apps. This would make it a lot better. Still if you get the 32gb of either the S4 or HTC ONE I'd rather have all these features of the S4 because only 3gb's of 32gb's is not a big deal. Samsung really need to hurry up in getting the update pushed out that brings Apps2sd to the handset, if they had that available by now on every regions S4 then there wouldn't be as much of an issue in ppls eyes. I've had time with both the HTC ONE & Galaxy S4 & I prefer the Galaxy S4, yes the build quality of the HTC ONE is great but what's it matter if you need to put a case on it anyways? You drop the HTC ONE & the front glass over the display will break just as easy as the S4 or even easier probably. If you break the glass on the HTC ONE your basically going to have to buy a new handset because fixing it is virtually impossible, & this is also true if you drop it on a hard surface it will dent the body and you'll be left with a dent youcan not fix so what good is the metal design rreally? If you drop the Galaxy S4 it's very easy to fix the glass should it break or if you drop it anywhere else on the polycarbonate it will scuff but chances are it won't break, & if it does again it's very easy to fix and cheap to fix. Don't get me wrong the HTC ONE is an amazing device and I really like it as well but it's main selling point, the metal build isn't really all that great if you really think about it. I'm very excited to see what Samsung's new products are going to be like now that they have bought a major stake in a carbon fiber company, the strength of aluminum but won't dent and is as light as the polycarbonate they use now and allows for nice rounded edges which feels so comfortable in the hand after a couple hours of continuous use. HTC changed the game with its metal design but Samsung is setting it's self up to really make that main selling point advantage (if you think of it that way) a moot point. The competition that's beginning now with all the players is amazing and will make every company have to really buy their game & we the customers are going to benefit huge with so many amazing devices from all the companies that we all get what we want exactly.
Sorry I went way off topic here and forgot where I was writing lol.


I honestly don't think many people are going to read that. For future, separate long comments (if you're going to do them) into paragraphs...

It makes it look less imposing and gives it structure.

Samsung would never offer their exclusive features as apps, it would pretty much remove half the reason to buy a S4. Also most of the features have been agreed to be very gimmicky. If they weren't and actually worked as they should all the time, it's likely they would be activated by default. Currently most of them aren't and most customers won't even know about or ever utilize them.

Also I think it should be classified as bloatware as there is no need for 3gb's of data to be reserved to the Samsung variant of android as opposed to any other manufacturers... My HTC provides loads of different features on Sense, but it's not utilizing 3gb's of my data. There's something not right there.

Now back to the topic,I WANT MY 4.2.2 UPDATE AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!(in my JG Wentworth voice) lol!!!

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got my HTC one and it already had 4.2.2. i did not get any OTA update just check version and it was 4.2.2

from go to xda htc one general forum i posted the version page. topic was android 4.2.2. will do that in the android central forum later.

Saw Russel Holly's video on the leaked 4.2.2 for the htc One. There is a LOT of useful little tweaks in it that I will appreciate, can't wait for it to show up on mine!.... just in time for 4.3 to arrive on the Nexus lol Oh well, I knew it'd be that way tho and this phone just rocks even as is. Plus that's why I also have my Nexus 4.

Major props to HTC for releasing a timely update which incorporates fixes and features that the customers have asked for. Maybe they really have turned over a new leaf. I love my One already but the toggles and menu bar removal will make it that much better.

Actually, China was technically the first to get the update with their dual sim version getting updated last week.

Can't wait for this to finally hit the Developer Edition.

As long as it is factory unlocked (not carrier branded, then unlocked by other means) we won't need to wait for any carrier to get updates.

I'm waiting for the update to hit my phone. I've checked plenty of times during the day :)