HTC Endeavor

Gotta love a good RUU -- otherwise known as a ROM Update Utility -- because they're chock full of fun stuff. And the one that surfaced over the weekend for the HTC Endeavor has found itself available for download. We've been picking it apart and have packaged up a nice little Sense 4.0 preview.

And that' sbeen the big question since Google announced Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich -- what will HTC (and the other manufacturers) do with their custom user interfaces. ICS easily is the sexiest "stock" UI Google's come up with (by far). How will HTC and Motorola and Samsung and everyone else customize it? We've gotten a glimpse of what HTC likely has in store for us in that leaked video of the HTC Ville, and now we're getting an even better look thanks to the RUU. Packaged within it are nearly two dozen screen shots that show a Sense that looks familiar, yet refined.

Looks like we've got a bunch of different lock screen options, with the ring and quick links that we've come to know and love so much, and the Sense dock has more of the traditional Android look and feel that we've come to know. How that all works together, we're not quire sure. It's almost some sort of hybrid, with HTC's widgets throughout. Or perhaps what we're seeing is just a massive serires of themes. 

(Update: Now that I think about it some more, maybe toss out that whole "hybrid" thing. What you see after the break may well just be example images of what you see in Sense 4.0.)

You get a good look at the Sense phone book, favorite contacts, photo gallery, lock screen reminders and stocks backgrounds -- in both portrait and landscape. And it also looks like Beats and NFC are a go, too, from what we've seen in the ROM.

We've got a plethora of screen shots after the break. Peep 'em.

We've got some wallpapers from the leaked RUU available in the Android Central forums, too!


HTC EndeavorHTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC EndeavorHTC Endeavor

HTC EndeavorHTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC EndeavorHTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC EndeavorHTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor


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HTC Endeavor RUU has treasure trove of Sense 4.0 screen shots


ok, there are a few problems here folks.

1. The landscape mode removes the dock. You can tell because the tabs line up with the time at the top. Also, there is no dock in the image. Now how practical is this? No dock means no quick jump to this apps in landscape. No app drawer. Something not right there.

2. If there is a dock in landscape, with two columns of buttons there, this will be a little cramped for quick use.

3. The scaling of the icons is a little on the large size for the dock in portrait. It looks cramped.

4. Good to see the new design is heading toward a cleaner, less complex graphical style. The bubble/reflection look is getting stale.

5. For all those that get down on Sense, I ask have you owned a recent duel core device. If so, you will notice there is no lag of any kind and there are ample resources to run any app you open. Sense provide the most consistent look and feel, the closest to a try Apple competitor. I have friends that just got the Galaxy and they miss all the Sense extras. You might get that with launchers but it is never as concise front to back all widgets, lock screen etc. I know, I have tried them all.

The Sense system seems to be moving in the right direction as you say (4) with cleaner design.
I also feel the same moving from a HTC Sensation to Galaxy Nexus that I miss so many features from Sense that just are not there in stock Android or any other Android implementation. I just can't understand what all this Sense-bashing is about. It is the only UI that really can compete with iOS' user friendliness. No doubt my next phone will be an HTC with Sense - most likely the Endavour. (yeah, I do try 5-6 phones a year)

Sense 4.0. Just as trashy as always.

The ONLY good part about this is they've killed the absolutely useless/ridiculous Sense dock for a more traditional 5-shortcut model.

That is definitely an improvement; although I love all the Sense additions, the old dock was just a waste of valuable space.

I kinda like the old dock more , but I never had an HTC phone
But even if I had one im just gonna put ADW on it

I am so glad I got a Nexus, instead of waiting on HTC. They keep making Sense more bloated. As far as the Nexus, the only thing I hate is the ICS launcher. That dock and search bar are pointless. I.don't even see the point of docks. I'd rather have 4 regular icons there. That's why ADW EX is my launcher. No dock FTW!

That is the great thing with Android - for advanced user you can just change your launcher if you don't like it. For me the Sense launcher is the one I always miss for some reason when trying something else (tried ADW, Launcher Pro, SPB 3D)
For most users though they will never change the launcher and they need a launcher that is just working with some degree of eye candy and is just working. There I think the Sense launcher excels.

Same old Sense. Too much bloatware and too damn slow smh And is it me or do anyone get a headache using Sense for a while?:(

I actually thought it ran pretty disappointingly on the Rezound I used as a work phone. My rooted Thunderbolt I had at the time was running the same version of Sense much, much better.

I have an EVO 3D. Sense can be fast but it is rather buggy. I am starting to get fed up with it and I am hoping the next version of Sense has all the kinks work out of it. Otherwise, it looks like I am going to have to root.

Why do you call it bloatware? What excess is there that you don't need? HTC has put a lot of hidden functions into Android (speaker phone when flipping it, Wikipedia/dictionary lookup directly from browser, useful widgets etc. etc.) that I really DO miss when using a non-HTC phone.
I get a headache when NOT using Sense for a while... :-(

Why do you call it bloatware? What excess is there that you don't need? HTC has put a lot of hidden functions into Android (speaker phone when flipping it, Wikipedia/dictionary lookup directly from browser, useful widgets etc. etc.) that I really DO miss when using a non-HTC phone.
I get a headache when NOT using Sense for a while... :-(

I like the old sense dock a lot better. Even on devices you can customize them i almost never do. Hope they make the old one an option through a theme.

My thoughts exactly. This new dock looks too much like third party launchers and frankly kind of toyish, not the polished and refined look of the current dock. Hope there is a "classic" mode we can revert to, otherwise all the more reason to stick with my Thunderbolt.:)

Same old Sense. Too much bloatware and too damn slow smh And is it me or do anyone get a headache using Sense for a while?:(

I've had the EVO 3D since it came out and I've never found Sense to be slow. In fact my phone is just as speedy today as the day I got it. Before I got the E3D I spent a bunch of time in the Market downloading widgets and themes to make my phone look like Sense anyway.

It's true there are a lot of things I don't like about it- can't customize the number of home screens (I definitely DON'T need 7), home screen doesn't work in landscape view, no re-sizable widgets, and Facebook/Twitter for HTC Sense are jokes. Also have always hated the dock on Sense.

But there are plenty of things I like about it too: the lock screen, the widget selection, FriendStream, personalizations. Like I said earlier, even with 7 home screens LOADED with widgets I've never experienced lag or sluggishness.

Sense is a very intrusive UI, but it's also very intuitive, and has many good features that compensate for the bad. I am not sold exclusively on HTC, but definitely would not rule out another HTC for my next phone.

You can delete home screens. Press home to get to the 7 panel view and long press and drag to delete. I keep it down to 3 screens.

I am impressed - you are one of the few actually having used a HTC Sense phone and have a balanced view of it. Some things you like and some you don't - with your own reasons.
The old dock is crap, but actually the Facebook/Twitter widget (Friend Stream) is OK in my eyes and my wife absolutely LOVEs it.
There is so much intuitiveness added to Android with Sense for "ordinary" users. Most of us reading this on Androidcentral are probably geeks anyway and we would know how to ditch Sense anyway, so why bother complaining about it...

It does look very nice, but it would probably slow the phone down a lot. Unless its on Ice Cream sandwich and its all hardware accelerated. I bet then it'd run just fine.

I like the look of the old Sense launcher, I like the functionality of the new. I wish they could incorporate the old Sense style with a 5 button customizable launcher, does not seem like it would be that hard to do.

I like the new on screen notifications and the lock screen is a lot nicer than the Fisher Price looking one on pure ICS. I think htc Sense has the best lock screens in the business. They need the ICS blue in the notifications bar.

I dont understand why Sense gets such a bad rap. At least when it comes to skins Sense not only looks a lot better than TouchWiz and Blur, but it also adds a lot more to the overall use of their phones. I agree that it was in desperate need of an overhaul, but TouchWiz and Blur are not only awful looking, but also are plagued with bugs. Sense (at least in my use) has always ran much better.

Granted I wont buy another skinned phone and I absoulutely love my Galaxy Nexus (finally a Vanilla Android GED on Verizon Wireless), but if I was to change my mind it would be for an HTC Sense phone.

Seriously people! If you dont like sense then dont buy an HTC phone!! Everybody bags on sense saying how slow how intrusive and how much memory it uses. The truth is we dont know how much memory 4.0 will use or how fast it will or will not be. Just because your current device isnt up to par or your experience isnt that great, it doesnt mean the next one is going to be the same. If you want vanilla ICS then either dont buy an HTC or root your device immediately to your ROM of choice. Otherwise leave the comments area to people who are excited about new HTC phones and sense 4.0.

looks okay as long as it runs smoothly

i still think stock ics is a thing of beauty, and manufacturers should try to stick as close as possible to it

I loved sense on my Evo 4g and then my Evo 3d for then it was great. As time has changed so has my growth with android where now 2plus years later i know now sense is NO LONGER NEEDED. My first stock android device is my current Galaxy Nexus and ice cream sandwich is beautiful. I am happy with my GNex hats off to HTC they have done very well by android as a platform we all should be greatful...

I love love love the functionality of sense but I am getting tired of HTC throwing in fancy animations and effects just to try and needlessly differentiate themselves. I love sense 3.0 and the way it looks and works, but its time to move on with your styling with ics. All this looks like to me is that HTC threw on a dock, updated their clock widget a little and added a landscape mode and called it 4.0. I'm sure there is a lot more differnt under the hood, but still...

Also, I know this is just a stupid little thing, but has anyone seen what folders look like on sense 4.0? I really hope they look better than those windows 98 folders from previous versions of sense.

The people who spend a lot of time in forums like this represent less than 5% of smartphone users and are the type who like to spend a lot of time rooting and tweaking their gadgets. And they seem to longingly await and consume every new iteration of their gadgets while seldom finding satisfaction with their OEM's or carriers, except for a few trolls or fanboys.

The other 95% are thrilled with the usability, functionality, and expanded effectiveness their smartphones provide to their lives.

IMO. HTC offers the best build and HTC Sense offers the most outstanding, beautiful, and useful User Interface. Absolutely brilliant.

@Jimbo: What are you smoking? HTC build quality is awful! EVO's had separated screens, and the side was uneven. Thunderbolts have uneven screens, at the top. It slants upward. The kick stand coating rubs off. The incredible screen moved when pressing. As far as Sense, it was a nice addition at first. But, it has become more and more bloated. Not that I agree with your 5%...but they should cater to us. We are the ones that buy new phones the most often.

Thanks tim242. You reinforce my point. Let's use basic math. 5% x 3 phone purchases over the standard user base (an exaggerated assumption) and the customer service issues related to your group including data caps and throttling are of no interest nor in the conscious of over 95% of the global smartphone users base.

The HTC Thunderbolt is the best example of some minor build issues, yet even that small segment did not invoke mass recall nor the consternation revolving around iPhone's antenna gate. These forums are full of objections to Motorola, Samsung, LG, build, functionality, and their respective User Interfaces. Now, with advanced CPU's, RAM, Android OS, and batteries, the Bloatware argument is anachronistic.

HTC smartphones and their HTC Sense User Interface have consistently garnered the best reviews and have been a market leader.
HTC is Simply Brilliant.

@tim242. I've had the thunderbolt and currently the evo 3d and experienced none of the issues you've mentioned. Couldn't be more excited to get the official update!

Ooooh, I will love having the ability to use the home screen in landscape mode. About the only thing I currently hate with Sense (pre 4.0) is when they changed the screen changer animation to SPIN instead of moving to just the next screen. I find it extremely difficult to NOT spin the screen and just end up somewhere random. I really hope they fixed that in 4.0.

I have to admit I'm a sucker for Sense 3.5's weather widget/animations and lockscreen.While my Rezound handles its' Sense 3.5 OS with zero performance issues part of me still misses the clean,minimalist feel of the Nexus' ICS.

@experiment646. Simply create an alternative "minimalist " HTC Scene and easily switch to the choice you fancy at the time.

They modernized the look more, which compliments ICS a little more. I'd love to play around with a port of it on my Nexus. With a good themeset for it, it'd be a pretty cool ROM to use a little.
Although, I'll always end up going back to a stock ICS experience eventually.

Once you see how much better HTC phones (and I've had several) run with AOSP roms, you NEVER go back to Sense.

The overbloated size of Sense itself, plus all the bloatware, and turned off functionality that you otherwise get with Cyanogenmod is just that significant.

You can say stuff but that doesn't make it right...

If you were right, then there wouldn't be so many sense roms on xda :O

I used cyanogenmod for 5 minutes on my old g2 and I got so bored .__. and reverted back to sense in a jiffy. Besides, sense just offers more functionality than cyanogenmod in general.

Those Sense roms you speak of are still less bloated than HTC's version. And you obviously don't know enough about Android to make such a ridiculous claim that Sense has more functionality in general than cyanogen mod. It's fine to be a fan of htc's skin, but don't pass your ignorance as fact.

Speaking of Cyanogen 7 and Gingerbread Sense ( since I haven't tried 9 ) I call having a whole suite of apps ( a music app worth a damn, weather, stocks, an fm radio that doesn't blow your ears out, an arguably better camera app, a lockscreen that makes getting to apps easier, and a WHOLE collection of helpful widgets ) HTC also is known for little touches here and there such as an expose-like home screen zoom which has been copied by every single phone manufacturer since and other things like reformatting text in the browser, flipping the phone to silence, deep integration of fb in the contacts. Stuff that is useful for the common. Sure cyanogen offers other stuff, but its isn't nearly as useful as those from HTC.

We have to accept that there are users out there who like Sense, and others who do not, for whatever reasons. There is no denying that until ICS, Sense did a lot for Android, making it useable out of the box - suddenly Android devices "just worked"! Case in point is the HTC Desire which I think should be in the Android Hall of fame!

The majority of HTC users, myself included absolutley adore Sense, and the functionality, convenience and elegance it brings. Sense addresses features and functions that appeal to everyday "normal" users. The keyboard and it's eeringly accurate autocorrection are among the best today. The The Facebook integration on HTC is unparalled to this day, save maybe by Windows Phone, and users love that. Sense has great widgets, like the flip clock weather widget which almost every other manufacturer has now copied. Even ICS' lock screen should be credited to HTC Sense. Bottom line, Sense is great for users people. I have a mate who after using HTC devices for 2 years got the Samsung Galaxy II - he just could not get by, and eventually got an HTC Sensation.

Mobile-review's Eldar captured it nicely in his review of the HTC Sensation ( when he said "It has its unique face and HTC Sense, which is such an addictive interface that many owners of HTC models cannot migrate elsewhere. "

As my time to upgrade is a couple of months away, I am musing at what device I should get. I am not generally impressed with HTC's battery life but the thought of a device without Sense is almost scary!

I agree with the above poster. I have a rooted Sensation XE and tried my phone De-Sensed for a while and I missed so many of the features I used every day, epecially the widgets. I lasted about 24 hours before putting Sense back on in all its glory. Looking forward to the update at the end of March anyway. And I can also confirm that with a Dual Core 1.5Ghz processor, there is absolutely no lag whatsoever!

I currently have an Evo 4g - which is probably the one device that sense has detracted from the most. The sense reboot issues remain for me in the top 3 for most serious problems the phone faces.

Now, the thought of going to pure ICS brings a kind of nervous excitement. I liken it to dumping the current girlfriend to date the homecoming queen. Sure, she is strikingly beautiful (ICS), but can she hold a conversation like my ex can? There is a lot to sense that I may not even know I'd miss until it's not there. There too is the possibility that sense itself has changed a lot since the Evo - either for better or worse.

To me the purpose of sense is to add to the Android experience. Of course some ICS users are able to add to their own experience themselves without sense. They actually don't like the package deal that sense offers. To each their own. As already stated I don't have a problem with sense as long as it stays intuitive and doesn't detract from the overall experience like in the case of the Evo.

I thoroughly enjoyed my OG Droid, and loved my HTC Thunderbolt I replaced it with. I grew quite used to Sense, and my Sense 3.0 was really loving the integration, specifically the many useful widgets. After moving to the Galaxy Nexus, I definitely believe this is my favorite phone to date, but I do miss the extended functionality that all the Sense widgets brought to the table. I know there are "replacements" available in the Market, but none have the sex appeal that Sense has.