Sprint Epic 4G

Looks like we've now got the manual update location for the Sprint Epic 4G's Gingerbread update, which means no waiting for it to actually push out to you. And because you're going to ask, yes, this is safe. It's exactly the same update you'd get if you wait, only you're not going to wait, are you. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download the update from Google.
  2. Rename the file to update.zip. (Make sure you don't do update.zip.zip if you're on Windows.)
  3. Move the update.zip file to your SD card (instructions).
  4. Turn off your phone.
  5. Hold the Volume Down and Camera buttons, then press the power button.
  6. The update should automatically launch itself. Sit back and relax.
  7. Reboot the phone.

It's that easy. Enjoy!

Source: XDA; via Epic 4G forums


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How to manually update your Sprint Epic 4G to Gingerbread


So the Epic is JUST getting the update? A little late isn't it, almost a year late! Samsung should be focusing on updating to ICS not Gingerbread. I guess it's better late than never. ICS will probably start rolling out on Samsung phones when Jello or Jellybean is already released...

Look at the bastard love child of Verizon and Samsung, the Fascinate.

My wife has one and I think I'm going to pay retail for a phone just to get her off the Fascinate.

You don't need to rename it, it's just for convenience. Transfer it to the root of the card and use ASTRO file manager to install it

Minus the monthly subscription cost, I wish I sill had my Epic. On the other hand, my Galaxy Tab has had Gingerbread for almost as long as I've had it.

No, it's Samsung. (In the US at least.) I am baffled that so many still jumped on the Galaxy S II. Did no one learn anything???

Unless it's a Nexus, I stay away from Samsung phones. PERIOD!

for some reason i thought it was Sprint in this case that was holding up on the update, seems it was Samsung then.

about the GS2, 100% agree. This is why I cant wait for the GN. whenever it gets released!

Well, that seems to be the dispute...if it is the carrier's or Samsung's fault for the delays.

Some say it is the carrier's & show how Galaxy S phones on overseas carriers get updates MONTHS before the ones on US carriers, but I am in the camp that thinks it is Samsung's because if they would have gotten the code to the carriers in a timely manner, there is no way that T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon would ALL be taking so long every time.

Either way though....until I see Samsung properly support devices, I am passing.

Here here, Gave up on Samsung after waiting a year for any type of update. I never even considered getting anything from them again. I got a Photon.

International versions received it in April and May of 2011.

I believe this is the first American variant to receive the update.

that's what happened to me. boot-loop. wiped, rebooted, and ta da! gingerbread. now spending all night reloading apps

i had gotten the leaked vwrsion of froyo when it came out last year and never updated to the official version. Can i still manually update to gingerbread or will i need to get the official froyo first. Thanks in advanced

no you need to be on the official version EC05. backup as much data as you possibly can and follow the Factory Restore To Stock Froyo EC05 thread.

**dont forget to wipe before you flush** LoL

I'm new to this, so.thank you for your help, i downloaded from link as instructed , changed name to update.zip , i powered off and powered up with volume down and camera button pushed but nothing happened. what step did i missed?

i found a "how-to" video in youtube. you have to hold the vol down, camera, and power buttons until the bottom backlight keys light up, then select the file with the volume up and down arrows. you have probably already figured this out, but it may be helpful to someone else.

Screen time out no longer works. Had to pull battery and reboot to fix that. Home buttons would time out, but not screen.

wtf I'm on stock ECO5 and the update doesn't even work. It says theres installation error. I followed every instruction......

Was running unrooted stock ec05. Downloaded the manual update file. Backed up my epic using mybackup pro. On a fully charged battery initiated the upgrade process. Less than 15 mins later I was running ei22. No boot looping or bricking. All data was preserved.

I'll consider myself lucky. Phone seems to be running well - so far. Now...hopefully the bluetooth bugs are resolved.


Thanks so much for the download link guys, I was itching for some wintery goodness. Had the boot loop but when I went to power off before it looped the second time that stopped it. Living gingerbread right now, web pages are scrolling ridiculously smooth and apps are loading incredibly quickly. Phone signal is better but 4G is the same level(already adjusted the radio months ago for max gain). AC rules!

Hey can you do this via your Phone. Like download through your browser and then rename it. Basically do all the steps with only your phone?

I just manually updated but gtalk video chat not working. Does any one know how to get that working i thought it was part of gingerbread? by default please help!!!

Wow! Gingerbread on the Epic rocks! Phone boots in ten seconda, data connection is much faster. Love my Epic again.

If the update goes through without a problem... No you don't loose any data...

If you do happen to be one of the unlucky ones that have the boot loop on reboot (this happens on OTA or manual method) then yes you will have to boot back into stock recovery and do a factory reset/full wipe and reboot.

Contacts/phone/calendar as long as you were always syncing before will still be in place...

I downloaded the file and renamed it to update.zip. Then I did the restart sequence and the update. Unfortunately, I got a file error. I deleted the upgrade.zip and downloaded again with the same result. So far as I can see, I'm the only one with this error.

Guess I have to wait for the over the air install! :-(

Now, I'm jealous!

BTW: I did the Froyo update this way and that one worked, last year.

dont rename the file "update.zip" just reaname it "update" and the phone will put".zip" on its on because when i put "update.zip" the phone renamed it to "update.zip.zip" so it didnt work at first

I redid it again renaming and moving the update.zip file to my phone.
After the shutdown and restart according to instructions here. I see a line with ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.1.0
Then I apply sdcard:update.zip
Next, I scroll down to "Yes - Install /sdcard/update.zip
This starts the install process
Open Update Package
Fails Verify: apply_patch_check("------
Then there is a line with E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
Install aborted

After all this I select reboot system and I am back to the old set up.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Do I need to just wait for the OTA Update, or will that also fail?

dont rename the file "update.zip" just reaname it "update" and the phone will put".zip" on its on because when i put "update.zip" the phone renamed it to "update.zip.zip" so it didnt work at first

does the manual update delete all of your apps? or does it save them cause I had a desire and when i manually updated it it deleted everything. will this do the same?

If the update goes without problem which most it has, then your data will be okay.

If your one of the unlucky ones that have the boot loop issue after receiving the OTA or manual update method then you will have to do a factory reset in stock recovery, in turn losing your data :(

FYI, I don't really believe this is fault of Samsung/Sprint, its very random and no identifiers to the cause...

Wow it finally got it!!! I was waiting a long time, but I ended up leaving Sprint and moved onto AT&T and got the Samsung Infuse 4G [been playing the waiting game on this phone now :-P ] but I took out my old Epic and got the new Gingerbread update... WOW gotta say its awesome!! Phone seems like new!! If Sprint had a faster network I would be happy with the Epic now haha :) Have fun all you Epic users! Its a good update :)

that was really easy, no problem at all.

PS, even though there are alot of people that say other wise. i still hope we (epic users/owners) get ICS.

put it on the xmas list LOL!

OK, I don't know what I am doing wrong but I followed the instructions and nothing happens, the phone comes back up just the same as it was before?

Same here. Nothing launching here. File name is OK and on the SD card. Just nothing happens.

I think it's that step 5 where you need to be an octopus that I'm having problems with. I'm not an octopus.

For some reason I'm getting an error (status 7) and installation aborted. I know it has been named update.zip and not update.zip.zip and it's on the root of my sd card. Redownloaded multiple times. Why is this happening?

I am having the same problem and error code. I have also attempted this update several times, always with the same result.

Hopefully, someone has an idea to get us going. Or, maybe we need to just wait for the OTA! :-(

:-! I worry I bricked my phone. I followed everything accoridng to what was said and now it won't out of the loop.. even after i wiped it :-S

First thing you should do before updating to Gingerbread is go to Contacts, hit menu then Import/Export and export as a .vcf

Then login to http://www.google.com/contacts and Import the .vcf

Why? Because neither FroYo nor Gingerbread automatically backup your contacts to your Google account.

You don't *have to* import the .vcf to Google, you can just keep a copy of it somewhere safe, and every time you add/edit/delete or any other change to your contacts - export again. If you have contact data on Google, the phone will automatically download it and may or may not automatically join it with matching names on your phone.

This is where Android needs a lot more work, where the data on the phone should automatically be synchronized with the data online and where the contact images and ringtone assignments should be saved, but aren't.

So it's up to you to manually backup your contacts, your text messages, your Memos and even your apps that aren't on an SD card and any app data that isn't on the SD. Just in case Market gets amnesia about what you've downloaded like it did for me when I replaced rooted FroYo with stock FroYo then did the update.zip Gingerbread update.

I now have Gingerbread rooted, used a slightly hacked kernel with keyboard fix - to circumvent the auto-replacement of the stock recovery at boot, then the latest ACS Recovery with Superuser and the CIQ removal zip. Then I removed a lot of the Sprint bloatware with SDX Stock App Remover to gain a lot more usable space in internal storage and RAM.

Now my Epic is really nice, especially with the keyboard fix. I no longer have to pause after the first letter when launching Google search and I can type much faster because it no longer misses key presses.

Manual update to Gingerbread did not work here. Had no problem with manual upgrade to 2.2. Update.zip is on the SD card but will not launch. Oh well, have to wait for Sprint I guess.


OK...finally got it to upgrade. I had to hire an octopus to do step #5. I also like the reference to the non-existing OK button. Now to find out what's new. I've seen nothing so far.

it overheats a lot qicker, it freezes after a bit if i insert my sd card, it doesnt acknowledge the fact that my charger is in (other than the notifications battery icon), wifi signal is shit, wtf is going on!

Just did the manual update from here and worked pretty good.. The phone seems to respond faster and the webpages load quicker. Took about 10 minutes from loading it onto my computer then transferring over to my SD Card. I renamed it to update, loaded it to the phone and followed the volume, camera and on button technique. The phone turned on then I had to scroll down and highlight the update line. then hit the home button. The updated loaded fairly quickly. Cant wait to see how it runs after I have a full charge on the battery.

YAY thank you for this! I had the update offered a couple days ago, had to select later, and then it refused to come back .. yet my GF got the update last night, hit later, and then did it this afternoon :)

Good thing I am an octopus I guess ;)

I've tried for the last 2 days to do this,but Odin is not reading my phone. I have Froyo. DK28, I still can't get it to work. I downloaded it to my sd card and named it update. I receive a error when i try to reboot it from the card.
I have a non-rooted phone. Any help?

I also have froyo dk28, I have even tried to update to ec05 and still can't either to work. Can someone please help?????

Worked great for me (I was way too impatient to wait for the OTA update), from download to reboot with Gingerbread took about 10 minutes. Mine is NOT rooted. Tip...HOLD the power button when rebooting the phone into manual mode, don't just press it. Took me a couple tries to figure that out.

i received a error.
assert failed: apply_patch_check9"/system/bin/recovery","f729fa2bfefbcd4cc31428ad35078d910bbaa369", "1c924ddea21616379df7c7ac4445eb2e54e5b11d")
E:Error in/sdcard/update/Update.zip (Status &)
Installation aborted.

What did i do wrong?

Have a few quirks after upgrading to GB EI22 using your manual update file. Just wondering what the difference is (if any) between the update file I got here and the actual OTA update. I'm not rooted, and I don't plan to. Having some 3G radio problems, along with a bunch of new apps that have shown up (MediaHub, TeleNav, etc.) that incessantly run, sucking up a lot of memory. Some old apps doing the same thing. Of the whopping 362MB of available memory on my Epic, there are usually 100MB free (give or take, usually take) at any given time due to the amount of seemingly uncontrollable apps running. Never had this problem with Froyo :( The 2.3.5 GB update seems to be give/take, and I'm leaning towards rooting just to get Froyo back.

Update- I friggin hate Gingerbread. More than a few quirks, none of which are very tolerable or easy to overlook. Finally rooted my phone for the sole purpose of getting stock Froyo back. The problems with Froyo pale in comparison to Gingerbread on the Epic 4G.