£15 off list price and a free travel cover at Expansys

If you're a Brit looking to pick up a 32GB WiFi Nexus 7 (2013) at the moment, it's worth pointing your browsers at Expansys. Right now you can snag yourself a £15 discount on the tablet as well as collect a free ASUS Travel Cover in one of five different colors.

You need to enter a voucher code to take the price down to £219.99, but you'll find it handily posted on the product page. Google is still selling the same variant of the Nexus 7 for £239 and with the added bonus of a free case, you'll be getting a decent deal. Hit up the source link below for more.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, Expansys isn't the only place you can pick up a cut price 32GB Nexus 7 right now in the UK. Game has them for £199.99 if you can snag one before they run out, and Amazon isn't much more at £204.99. Neither of these come with a case, but lots of choice at least! If you see any more good deals, drop them into the comments below.

Source: Expansys


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Grab a deal on a UK 32GB WiFi Nexus 7 right now


I see your £215 and raise you Amazon.co.uk selling for £204.99 currently. No case, but sold direct from amazon and a decent case can surely be had for less than £10?

A case probably can...how decent it may be is another story ;-) 

The ASUS cases are actually pretty nice. I'd be more than happy to take a punt on one

I have been a customer of expansys, as have friends and colleagues, and none of us would never buy from them again.

Any product sold by EU retailer is required by EU law to give 2yrs warranty...
Doesn't matter if it's apple, Google and more, 2yrs warranty is standard if you get a year it's either import from USA or you are being tricked

Almost bought one last night but I just have just sneaking suspicion that the Nexus 8 is coming out soon what do you guys think?


Same here, not sure whether the price drop is just natural with it's product life cycle or something new is coming.

I think there has been some great UK tablet deals of late. G Pad 8.3 for £180 at asda, galaxy tab3 8" for £129 with potential £50 voucher on top. Perhaps it's just what needs to be done to sell stock at the moment.