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My Tracks, the 'adventure' tracking application from Google, has received an update today to version 2.0. The app itself has been around single 2009, so an update was well due. It uses the GPS on your device to "visualize your location" over time, and allow you to share the data on Google Maps and Google Earth. With version 2.0, we get a new feature that could make all this location data look oh so much better. 

With the update, comes the ability to view your tracked routes right within the Google Earth for Android application. That'll be the same Google Earth application that just benefitted from a sweet 3D update then. Relive those trips down the Vegas strip in glorious 3D. 

Additionally, the whole UI has been given a pretty big spruce up and is now faster and simpler, and beautifully within the Android 4.x design guidelines -- but then this is Google, so we'd expect at least that. There's also the aggregation of statistics over time to show trends in your performance, and improved charts and stats tables that are easier to read. My Tracks 2.0 is live this very second in the Google Play Store, so head on over there to grab it for yourselves. 

Source: Google Lat-Long; Download: My Tracks


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Google My Tracks updated to version 2.0, play back your tours on Google Earth


GOD YES. It's sad how much Google has allowed Listen to languish, unloved. They should update it or just kill it (and preferably make it Open Source if they choose the latter).

MyTracks had some terrible GPS tracking. my route and distance would always be way way way off. i use RunKeeper which is very accurate. i wonder if this update fixed this?

i had some goofy stuff going on as well. it calculated the proper distance, but it said i biked through a lot of buildings. then i hop to the destination, and then biked through some more buildings. but yet the route was my normal 12 mile bike ride.. so it had that much right lol

i just tested the new updated MyTracks app on my Sprint G-Nex. the GPS works great now and it now tracks my distance and route accurately. i have a complaint though - the voice reminder does not have a distance interval lower than 1 mile (1/4 miles are nice - RunKeeper offers this.) also - the voice is very robotic. RunKeeper voice is smooth and natural.

This is the worst My Tracks ever. Blind recording is a HORRIBLE idea.

Notice the picture above. Previously you would verify where you are, and when you are ready then choose to record. Pretty cool and VERY useful.

Now forced to blindly record a track. So stupid a change that is. I despise the new My Tracks for that reason. Loved it before and am very happy I have the old .apk to restore.

Often enough.

It is not a LITTLE change. A black screen with a red dot in its center is not a live map centered on the phone.

No worries. I now have the old version installed and it works great.

I use this just about every weekend when I race my truck through the desert. Hope the new version works good, if not time to find something new.

Any other apps out there that is similar?

There are several, Runkeeper, Jog Tracker, etc.
I think both of them offer the ability to export a run to KMZ files which you can open with Google Earth. Not sure you can do this directly on the phone.

Those are probably not geared toward automotive sport, but you can set the sampling frequency on Jogtracker to accommodate anything from walking to biking.

The Jogtracker app has fairly intense battery utilization.

I thought the Google Earth playback was implemented in previous versions. I downloaded My Track a while back and it had this functionality. I've started using Strava to record my cycling rides while I use My Tracks to track my hikes.