No Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus

We already knew that Google Wallet wasn't going to be on the Galaxy Nexus, but until now, it was purely speculatory. Unfortunately, Google has confirmed themselves that Wallet won't be on Verizon's Galaxy Nexus, and it was at the behest of Verizon themselves (shocker, I know).

Says Google:

Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product.

Yeah, we know it's probably because of that whole ISIS thing, but still, is it too much to ask for a pure Google phone these days?

Source: CNET

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Google confirms no Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus


Starting? Where have you been all this time?

If they didn't have the network coverage they did, I don't see how they could keep customers (like me).

Verizon does a great job for Google with the purely-consumer focused phones like the Droids and Razrs but they are 100% the WRONG carrier to be doing an EXCLUSIVE rollout for a fricking DEVELOPER phone! if you want to sell only locked down consumer bubble gum devices - that's fine. but DO NOT give an exclusive for a DEVELOPER phone to an EVIL OVERLY-CONTROLLING NAZI carrier like Verizon. they have NO BUSINESS getting this phone - let alone an EXCLUSIVE. let them sell the Droids and Razrs if that's what they want to do. shame on you Verizon. bigger shame on Google for agreeing to this!

The network.

I've tried the other 3 and get no signal where I spend most of my time - at home in the DC suburbs. If network coverage weren't an issue, I would have switched to T-Mobile ages ago.

No one should be so surprised...big reds been this way for a long time...locking out features like GPS and bt on phones so they could charge customers more...I am shocked the nexus is being allowed to be raped like this, sad times indeed.. screw vzw id rather wait for someone else to grab this phone

Hang on just a minute. So if Verizon is blocking it, then why can't I get it on my international, unlocked version of the phone? Seems to me that (at least in part) Google is keeping it to a smaller user base for now with just the Nexus S while they iron things out and get more places where you can use the payment system.

The international Nexus S did not get Google Wallet the Nexus S that got it was the Nexus 4G S as far as I know. But I also hope I get Google Wallet as I also have the international version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Right. That's my point. The Nexus S 4G is the ONLY one (that I know of) that has Google Wallet. I suspect that Google is just testing with a smaller group rather that letting everyone have it.

Um... wow... the people on here really are scary. If you are too lazy to get your credit/debit card out of your wallet then you are seriously lazy. I wasn't even planning on using Google Wallet and I probably won't use ISIS either.

To not buy a phone because of something that stupid and miniscule in the grand scheme of things is just well... stupid.

it's the principle. VZW bloatware, no Google Wallet, what's next? OS updates only through Verizon and delayed as well? this is a slippery slope to pure bastardization. this sets back 3+ years of Nexus freedom. and what precedent does this set and what does it bode for the future?

Sooooo apparently you missed the fact that right now the only Nexus device on the planet that offers Google Wallet out of the box is the Nexus 4G S on Sprint?

So don't start with the whole 3 years of Nexus freedom crap. It's 2 stupid extra programs that are actually pretty useful if you look at the big picture and there is 1 program that isn't included, but is also not included on ANY of the other Nexus phones except the Sprint Nexus 4G S.

No other Nexus phone had the NFC chip. That's a hardware issue.

This is purely software. There's a HUGE difference between the two.

Every Nexus S has NFC; none of them, except for the 4G model on Sprint, had access to Google Wallet.

I agree 100% that VZ shouldn't be dictating what is and isn't included in Google's software. But the reaction to this news is puzzling; the only phone to have Wallet was the NS 4G. Even the international versions of the Nexus S don't have Wallet.

So while VZ blocked it for the GN, it's not like that phone is going to be the only version without this software.

put all 3 apps on the Market and let the customer decide which ones he/she wants. i don't need Verizon telling me what i do or don't need on my Google phone. Verizon is just a "dumb" data pipe. if Verizon wants to bastardize the bubble gum Droids and Razrs that's fine with me. and expected. but don't bastardize the Nexus. IMO an "EXCLUSIVE" should have never been done with this carrier. Android is all about search, transactions, and commerce in the mobile space for Google. they need to establish Google Wallet everywhere asap. if Google wants Google Wallet to prosper and become the de facto standard they better partner up with Sprint on the G-Nex asap.

What a stunningly ignorant comment.

I bet you castigate coworkers when they complain that their email isn't working for not just pulling out a pen and paper and mailing a letter across the country... amirite?

Since these carriers insist on hampering the Google Experience, I think it's about time for Google to do some return justice. They just purchased Motorola Mobility, how sweet would it be if they were to acquire T-Mobile to go along with that? Push that Hspa+ up to 100Mbps and release a pure Google phone with Motorola, and shit on everybody.. A guy can dream can't he??

i agree. Google bought Motorola for $12.5B. why not buy Sprint for $8B and offer a complete end-to-end solution "pure Google" option for customers. use Sprint as a foundation to slowly build a worldwide network. sometimes partners can be competitors and competitors can be partners. it works.

it's cheap and it's a start and they own spectrum and future acquisitions follow. you could have regional zones as well. 4G and beyond is the future anyway. start with the US. international is going to take a long time anyway. lots of hurdles and obstacles. name one truly worldwide carrier.

It doesn't work out of the box on the unlocked version either. With a little tinkering, you can have it up and running in no time. That's the great thing about Android folks. ROOTING!

Most of us here are probably going to root whatever Android device we get, but we shouldn't have to root a device just to use a google product.

You want a "developer" phone start acting like a developer. You cant have it both ways. You cant want control and a pure experience and not be willing to get your hands "dirty" when it comes to getting some of the things you want. Both the carriers and Google are in this to make money bottom line. Google is no doing it because they just wanna be super cool and wanna have a ton of friends, as much as some of you on here might wanna think thats why they do it. They wanna make money same as VZW ATT Sprint etc. They arent innovating to be the popular kid in class they do it to make money once you all realize that you will be a lot better off.

I know there are ins and outs that I am unaware of, but I am very much not understanding the whole partnership with Verizon that Google and Samsung have concerning the Galaxy Nexus. It's starting to look like work for hire as opposed to a partnership considering all of the recent developments with this phone. Sheesh!

I really don't see this as a developer phone anymore. I really truly think that Verizon is going to try to sell this thing like an iPhone. And with it's sexy stats, they might be able to pull it off.

I agree that the principle sucks, but really, is it that unexpected? Clearly, Google is trying to multi-task (tsk, tsk) by making a (somewhat) developer-friendly phone, and at the same time trying to maximize it's profit for sales through Verizon. If they're going to really market this phone to two different demographics, then NFC is really not a necessity right now to the AVERAGE consumer and for those that will tinker with this, there'll be a way to make it happen eventually. The best of both worlds.

For me, the real concern is how Verizon might potentially have Google's nuggets in their hands when it comes to software upgrades being quick, timely, and first!

I love how everyone is speculating what will and won't happen with this phone on VZW and getting their panties in a twist. Ever stop to think VZW sees that google is not infalible with the products they develop. Why would they want to include google wallet with its limited availability at retailers and stores that can actually accept it and decide to opt for something that seems like it will be a more accepted and used standard of isis. Which is being backed by more than just one developer/company. I agree a pure google experience would be ideal but its not gonna happen because its just not ideal to sell phones. We are the 1% people, we know our phones inside and out. 99% of people have no clue at the power of their android phones. We aren't the big driving factor for these companies google included. Look through googles history of dropping products and services over the past couple years. Not to mention VZW isn't the only one that limits their devices, every carrier does it. Everytime some feature is left off a phone a bash "insert carrier here" discussion starts. The grass is always greener.

I don't think it the fact that it's not on the phone that bothers people so much as the fact that it's not even supported. Just don't include the software on the phone, let Verizon push their ISIS thing to the people that buy they phone, but allow those that want to use Google Wallet to download and use it if they choose.

I agree and understand that most of us here are not the 99%. I know from experience that people are going to use mostly what comes on their phone from the factory and/or what the Verizon reps push on them when they buy the phone, but allow those of us that want, the ability to go to the market and download GW if we want.

the problem with this is that Verizon has left the consumer's choice out of this. these companies really do have too much control over these phones that we purchase. i shouldn't have to know how to hack a smartphone to choose an alternative to an app regardless of whether its a dev phone or not.

if Isis is a so great, then why roadblock google wallet with its limited availability at retailers? that limitation would bolster the greatness of Isis wouldn't it? the answer is that Verizon and the rest of these wireless companies want these transactions flowing directly through them.

we should be bashing carriers for their bad business practices. are supposed to just sit down and take it without complaint? i think the world is in such turmoil now because for far too long ppl kept saying "well what can we do about it?" and "why's going to happen anyway?" though the US was built off of different principles. principles that ensured that we stood up and fought for what was right.

You still have the choice to root your phone and install wallet if you see fit, thats if google starts supporting the phone at this time it doesnt. Lets go through the list of phones that actually support this... ummmmmmmm oh wait there is only 1 and that has nothing to do with VZW. Not to mention down the line when wallet has the kinks worked out I'm sure you will be able to download and use it on your phone. VZW is saying it does not want it preinstalled on this phone. It doesnt say anywhere that it will be blocked for eternity from this phone. It is just not having google preload it.

i think you missed the point. i shouldn't have to root this phone regardless of whether or not this is a dev phone, and because there are very few (1) phones that actually support this should have no bearing on my opinion towards this.

just imagine if our ISPs were able to push forward their agenda of which websites we could see? how about what apps/ software we download? or how we handled financial transactions with retailers online? would it make sense that i would have to hack my computer to get netflix or hulu? if we wouldn't stand for that with ISPs, why are we so complacent with wireless carriers?

and it does say that Verizon is blocking this from this phone. not just leaving the feature off but blocking it. and not just this phone either.

Actually it was just the title of the article that said VZW was blocking wallet not Google. Google's statement was that VZW asked them no to include the functionality. That does not mean that when the phone sees the streets that you wont be able to go to the market and install it. Why speculate on this until you can actually see how it works in the real world and not make assumptions based on "Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product.". Raise your hand if you have actually used google wallet. Would you feel the same way if they said that the only NFC program you could use for payments was Google Wallet? What happens if Google stops supporting it like it has a history of doing? As for using the example of what if ISPs did this, heads up they do. They limit your bandwidth of your residential line if you are using X amount of data ie using your home internet like a business line, like running servers and stuff like that. Also they limit countries, and will block you if you do something illegal like download movies/music from know offending sites and services. It is all a matter of degrees as to what is limited by service providers. They do it for a number of reasons, not just because they want to be big poopie heads.

I's a Nexus phone. The entire concept is that it should be a plain vanilla Android device with NO carrier interference. No branding, no bloat, no waiting for the carrier for updates. That's how it's SUPPOSED to be. This isn't. And blocking a piece of software is just a part of this ugly puzzle. This phone has the potential to be the best phone ever made. Verizon's cocking that up quickly.

It isn't just Verizon. ATT and TMobile are partners in this as well.

But that's OK; everyone keep blaming just VZW on this...

I will still get the device, install wallet and continue to use the best network in the US.

By a show of digital hands how many of you have your current phone rooted? I am willing to be most of you posting here, well all the complaints about not being a pure google experience, and that verizon is bloating up the phone etc etc you know you are gonna root and rom the hell out of this phone so what is the big deal. I agree with complaining about the carriers when the raise rates or limit bandwidth stuff that actually effects my daily use, but to get all shitty britches about not having a program that is basically still in beta with limited support is not the same. As it stands the only places google wallet is excepted in my area are places like 7-11 and CVS yay id be able to use it once a month. For all we know in 2 months this will be the next google wave, buzz, answers etc. If wallet was more robust and more of a standard I could see the uproar and complaints. But it is not and may never be. There is a reason it is only supported by one phone on one carrier, says to me the service may be flawed. The international version of the phone doesnt support wallet either. I love how no one on here takes a wait an see how it actually plays out approach just react with outrage and bashing of the carrier. As for all you praising Sprint they limit their phones as well not to mention you are going to get this phone on a non-4g/lte network and not have the experience you will want. Every carrier has its flaws. Sprints being their lack of speed and coverage, but i guess thats a fair trade off to have google wallet, id rather be able to pay for things with my phone rather than being able to have a fast/consistant connection... not.

>There is a reason it is only supported by one phone on one carrier, says to me the service may be flawed.

no IMO VZW wants more $$$$$$$$$$ off of each transaction so they support ISIS.

Those 2 statements have nothing to do with each other. I agree that VZW wants a piece of the pie and rightly so. But the software/service not having wider support is not VZW's fault. The support for google wallet is 1 phone worldwide. That is not VZW's greed at work VZW does not rule the phone world worldwide. If the service was so great wouldnt you see wider support overseas where they have had NFC enabled phones for a bit longer than we have seen them here.

I'm not sure I understand what everyone's big deal is on this. So what that it's not being included. ISIS is and it is as of right now bigger than Google Wallet. It has the 4 major credit card companies backing it right now. Honestly I would rather have something included that can be used right now than wait for Google to sign on additional card companies.

Isis as of right now is bigger, but that doesn't mean that it is better. and that right there is the big deal. we don't know which is better to choose, and Verizon is stifling the other product.

it's one thing to promote your product and competitively beat the other product, but to roadblock the other product is something else entirely.

we don't know if Google Wallet is google buzz, wave, etc...which brings up my point again. we don't know what it could be for it to just be choked at this point. it could be a flop or the next best thing you never even got a chance to choose.

imagine ISPs blocking facebook in order to push Myspace when Myspace was bigger.

serious question....can they legally do that? didn't Microsoft get in trouble for simply pre-installing some software so consumers wouldn't even bother looking at competition and now the phone companies are blocking a competing service?

You are missing the point, they arent blocking you from using it or installing it. In your example Google would be the microsoft. They are the OS developer, so if they blocked vzw/att/tmo from installing ISIS software they would be in the wrong like Microsoft was. The carrier can install whatever they want on the phone they are having it built by the manufacturer for them it is their product. As long as they don't block the installation of all 3rd party software then its not the same.

in his example google would be microsoft. but i think that you're missing that VZW would be ISPs. just like ISPs offer modems (phones). but they aren't blocking sites or software downloads.

They arent blocking it, they just arent supporting it out of the gate. Hell the service doesn't even support the phone yet, in this market or other markets. Does the UK version have support for GW? No it does not. You can use it with some tinkering and fussing but it is not outright supported by google.

wth? they are blocking it. they aren't allowing it on the phone out of the gate. sounds like blocking to me. and who says that google doesn't want to support wallet on the Nexus? i'm pretty sure that was apart of the plan with NFC. that's what they've been going towards for how long now?

and why in the hell would Verizon have to support it to be on the phone? they don't support google navigation, maps, or google voice do they?

No... its not preloaded on the phone when it is delivered to you, that doesn't mean the same as blocking. You might have to take the step to download it on your phone(like most apps). We will see when it is release. PS the service/software isnt available officially for any other device other than the Nexus S 4g on sprint. Thats it so your argument doesn't apply. Once the software is supported on the hardware and vzw isnt allowing you to use it the agrument should be reopened.

All of you out there with a Galaxy Nexus on VZW raise your hands... oh wait no one has it and no one knows what we can and cant do with the phone until we actually have it in our hands.

they are google apps. that is part of the "Pure Google" experience.

but, i also agree that apps that aren't core to the OS operation should be able to be uninstalled.

and i guess i can't just blame the carrier here now because now it has come out that Google helped Verizon in giving carriers this type of power over phones, and now its biting them in the backside.

"Last year, as the industry thrashed out so-called "net neutrality" rule, Google and Verizon stuck a controversial compromise: They jointly agreed that open Internet proposals should not apply to the mobile market. Their position was that the wireless field is more competitive and changing more rapidly than the wireline broadband market, and shouldn't be constrained by added regulation.
The FCC ended up drafting rules that closely mirrored those suggested by Google and Verizon. Those rules went into effect Nov. 20."

both of the suck for making this happen. i am really rethinking about waiting for another type of phone to support now.

Why cant we have both? They are apps. Tap the phone to make NFC transfer, Android says, would you like to use app A or app B? I dont understand why Google Wallet wouldn't just be a Market app either.

On another note, I have seen Google Wallet in a bunch of places. I have not seen ISIS anywhere.

Silent, everything you've said is making sense; however, Wallet is not in the Market currently, so unless the phone has it preloaded, or you root, there's no way to get it.

It would be nice if it were, and to be honest, I don't even know why the carrier is even involved as Wallet doesn't interact with the carrier at all. AFAIK, it's tied to a credit card or Google prepaid account...

(Even more puzzling that the International versions don't have it either.)

That was kind of my point. Google hasn't started widely supporting wallet yet yet and once they do we will have access to it.

That was kind of my point. Google hasn't started widely supporting wallet yet yet and once they do we will have access to it.

and one of my points is that Google hasn't been able to widely implement this because of carrier roadblocks that shouldn't even be allowed to be made.

this site is reporting removal of google wallet. most of the other sites are reporting blocking google wallet.

Seems like you all are playing both sides of the fence. You want a "developer" phone but you dont want to root it and "develop" on it to use the programs you want. Would you rather they installed both pieces of software? Then you would complain that there are redundant programs bloating up your phone. VZW made a choice to use a service they feel more comfortable with and can take steps to help protect their customer's best interest and security. Google doesnt have the best track record of protection account information. Look at all the gmails that were hacked a few months back. Maybe ISIS is more secure and has more accountablity and backing from finacial institutions. Anyone ever think of that aspect of this?

this is really a scary post. you feel VZW is protecting their customer's best interests and that they should decide what's best for them?

maybe Isis is more secure, but that should be the consumer's choice.

and what major company these days has a great track record of protecting account information?

How is it scary? Have you done the research to see how the transactions are handled? Neither have I but I am sure VZW ATT and T-Mo have. Thats their job. They arent deciding what is best for us they are providing us with what they feel to be the best option at the time. Is it in the long run who knows time will tell. Will we have choices down the line for what we use I think so, but they have to choose 1 to install at launch and they went with another way. This argument of yours goes both ways, should Google be telling me what is best for me the consumer? No. We will have a choice just not when we open the box but once the phone is on you will. You also have the choice to not use the software.

your statement is clearly stating that they are deciding what is best for us. "they are providing us with what they feel is the best option at the time" suggests a decision being made and not by the consumer. and that decision should be made by the consumer. last i checked the were a wireless company not the authority on software security or finance security.

"This argument of yours goes both ways, should Google be telling me what is best for me the consumer?"...this question is fallic at its core. it's ok for google to tell me what is best for me the consumer, and its ok for Verizon to tell me what is best for me, but its ultimately my decision to make. where as Verizon in this instance and plenty of others has made a decision for me as a consumer.

"You also have the choice to not use the software." funny thing is that with this statement, i also believe i should be able to get rid of the software too.

You can... root your phone. Google does the same thing with their programs on your phone. You cant uninstall and remove google maps you can only remove the updates. Your arguments dont look at both sides of it you say the carrier is bad but when google/developer does the same thing you turn a blind eye to it. You cant use an example to make your point that applies to both sides. Go try and remove some of the google apps on your phone, how is that any different than what verizon is doing?

again, i know that you can root the phone, but we shouldn't have to with this.

Google is the software provider and Samsung is the Hardware manufacturer.

Verizon is a wireless network provider, and that is the difference.

Like in the previous example given...if you regard Google as Microsoft, Android as Windows, and Samsung as the Hardware manufacturer of my smart computer, then in that example Verizon would be the ISP. why would the ISP be deciding what software i should and shouldn't be using? and if you regard Verizon as the retailer in this instance, since when has a retailer ever blocked software from the OS to bolster software they have invested in or because of computer security purposes? they add their bloated software but never remove software because it directly goes against software competition.

Because it isnt as simple as saying that VZW is the ISP they have a lot more to do with how the phone functions on their network than an ISP would have with a computer. Plus maybe you should do a little more research on whats going on. Within the past 30mins VZW has issued a statement as to why they arent having google preload wallet. Like I said about an hour or so ago there are some security concerns. In that instance VZW has to take steps to help protect their customer as well as their network. If you got ripped off for all the money in your bank account because of google wallet on your VZW I am sure you would be a might bit pissed off at all parties involved I know I would. You need to stop making arguments that go both ways for both VZW and google you like to ignore the fact that google does the same thing on the software side with putting their services on a phone and not allowing them to be removed. Also VZW is going to allow wallet on the phone you just have to install it yourself. They have done the research we havent and it seems that google wallet just isnt the right fit at the moment, once you get your Nexus install it use it and be happy but if there is a more supported and secure option out there why are you gonna get pissed if the carrier decides to use it as opposed to one that might have security holes and a lack of support. You can chose what you want to put on the phone once its in your hand they are just trying to do what is best for the other 99% of people that dont know all the ins and outs of how their phone works. The carrier has a duty to take that into consideration as well. If Google Wallet was as perfect as you are making it out to be then the other major carriers wouldnt be looking to use ISIS as well. Do you really believe that Google is that infalible? Take a look at their track record with some of their offerings they tend to be non-starters that dont get outta beta(mind you they sit their for years)

Where is it defined that the Nexus is a pure and untouched experience of Android? Please provide sources from Google that cover all iterations of the Nexus line.

With that said, unless Google is the sole company releasing the phone, why would we expect anyone to meet the definition you provided above?

Is this a huge, epic, colossal fail by Verizon if the other carriers follow suit? They've bought into ISIS, why would they want to create competition for something else they are sinking their time and money into. I fully understand that there has been one phone with it before, but that doesn't mean that every phone after that must have it.

Once you apply profit margins to openness, boundaries must be put into place. There is no other way around it. We are talking about software and hardware, not religion or government so don't treat this as such. We have the power of choice in our abilities to switch carriers (especially those of you fortunate enough to buy a phone with the need of subsidizing it). We have the ability to root most of our phones, especially the Nexus, to choose exactly what applications we want on it.

I get worked up reading these comments sometimes too, but take a step back and think about whether or not this is worth getting that worked up over. I read a comment where one user told another to shoot themselves in the face. Really? These are phones (that I know provide much more functionality than that) but try not to let these comments get personal (and I'm just as guilty as the next in doing that).

We are a community, that doesn't mean you always have to like your neighbor or not want to high five them in the face with a chair, but as long as we're committed to Android, let's try to at least keep our time here a good one.

just look at any of the ads for the Nexus and you'll see the answer for your question. Google is advertising it as pure Google. sheesh!

and they aren't creating competition for what they are sinking their time and money into, they are blocking the competition. there is a difference.

You got me there, and it does. While I can't argue a fact, the only defense I could give is that that is Google's version, not Verizons.

What does "Pure Google" mean? Only Google apps? if that was the case android would have never gotten outta the gate. Ask any other Nexus user if they are still Pure Google. No the phone evolves to what you want that is the best part of android. If you want a "Pure" experience get an IPhone/IOS device they stay pure and that is why they blow for crack.

again, your statement is one of fallacy. every other Nexus user got a "Pure Google" phone right out of the gate. whether or not they are still Pure Google has no relevance. it was left up to them if they wanted to stay that way or not. and that is the best part, as opposed to what you said.

How is it a fallacy? Did the other Nexus phones launch with 4 apps? Internet, messaging, phone, maps? No they had other basic functions launched with the phone. Would you rather VZW just left wallet and ISIS out so you have no support for NFC payment? Since you cant install wallet on the phone without rooting since it is not yet supported by google for use on this hardware?'s a debate for me. not an argument. and i guess that would be a good defense if Google were advertising it as different. and if it is different, then why the same name?

i just think that these kind of business practices by these companies are crazy, and we shouldn't just be okay with it.

i just don't understand how it is Verizon's place to make some of these decisions as a network provider. network security on their end shouldn't be concerned with what software i install on my end. they can warn me against installing vulnerable software, but that decision should be left up to me.

How about when with previous Nexus phones the carriers blocked tethering? Is that still "Pure Google"? The carriers are gonna have some say and input until the phone is in your hand and you can root it.

i disagreed with that too, and not because it was "Pure Google", but because I paid for network access and as long as i wasn't abusing it then i should be able to use it how i see fit. they shouldn't be able to tell me how many devices i can add to a device capable of being a hotspot. again, the same as if ISPs would tell me how many computers i can link at home to my wireless router. that wouldn't be ok so why is it ok for wireless carriers?

Actually before wireless home networking and routers were as easy to install as they are now the ISPs used to charge you and limit you when it came to the number of computers you could connect. When I first got high speed internet at my home back in the early 90s I had to pay $6.99 a month for each additional computer I used as well as paying an installation fee to connect those PCs.

Basically you feel that the carriers are always in the wrong no matter what they do. Here is an idea for you, start your own carrier and let me know how that works out for you. This is how business is done, if you dont like it change it.

that's different. in the early 90's each computer had its own individual modem which required their own individual ip address. hence the extra fees for installation and such.

today's technology is home these days, we operate off of one ip address with a router that gives out its own internal private ip addresses. tethering makes the phone operate as a wireless router. you are operating off of one ip address. so it makes no difference to Verizon because you would only be utilizing one ip address with them.

i only fault carriers for what is fundamentally wrong. they are charging for services that they aren't even providing or have already been paid for. it's the same as text messages. i still don't understand how they could have started charging for text messages legally when texts are sent piggybacking voice data that i already paid for.

and here's a though for is changed everyday by consumers. has been for centuries now. they don't have to start a business in that industry to change it because they don't like it. they usually just speak up.

Debate vs argument. According to all of my ex-girlfriends, there's no difference. Of course, they were crazy, obviously, it's not me it's them.

Back to the point of my original post though, yes, these should be debates and not arguments.

i agree with that sentiment. the name calling and the rants with no point are for the birds. we should all agree to always debate instead of internet

Bloomberg just reported this story, and indicated that Verizon said they won't allow it because of security concerns, and until they are addressed it will be left out

With the way Verizon is handling this Nexus device, I think this will be the only Nexus on Verizon EVER! First Nexus to have bloatware, Carrier tells them to remove features. Why dont they do this with Apple? They make the least amount of profit per handset from Apple products, yet they have the most clout.

Google's providing the entire software platform. Verizon wouldn't even have a damn phone to sell without them.

If I were Google, I'd just follow:

"Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product."


"Similarly, we've asked Verizon not to included ISIS, hence we've blocked ISIS from working on ICS."

Of course, if Google did that there'd probably be all kinds of antitrust investigations. But Verizon's allowed to pull it off because they're the final link in the chain before the product reaches the consumer?


I'm kind of assuming there'll be some hacky way around this limitation. And I fully intend to use it ... (once I'm satisfied there isn't a security issue)

To me this is no different than the 2 apps VZ is baking into the ROM. It all comes back to where future updates will come from and how timely they'll be. Next year when Jelly Bean rolls out will Gnex owners get it directly from Google? Or will it have to go through VZ first for hacking and whacking? If the former I'll still get this phone, if the latter I'll probably pass. And if we don't really know, I'll probably still pass until it comes down in price.

I have to agree. This is no longer a Nexus device. The whole point of Nexus was to have a pure Google experience. With all the modifications that Verizon is doing to the handset, Google should no longer allow them to call it part of the Nexus lineup.

I thought that the general purpose of a Nexus phone was that the Gen Pop did not give a crap about it so the carriers do not bother with their branding of it and they just do not advertise it as much as their other ones (I.E. Razr) that get all the fancy commercials.

I guess apple is the only one with enough power to keep Verizon from screwing up the phone with it's crap.

Reading these comments, something just struck me: This is probably why the previous 2 Nexus phones weren't on Verizon; Verizon dictates the rules, and you have to play by them to get your phone on their network. (yay for CDMA!) [Unless you're Apple, than you have a bit more clout.]

When folks got louder about wanting a Verizon Nexus, Google execs probably said "OK, but...." And now we have a "98% Pure Google" Nexus about to be released.

Guess the moral of this story is, be careful what you ask for :)

Google sucks a horrible 1.2 processor vs 1.5, only a 5mp camera, no use of the nfc , Verizon bloatware, this is not a Galaxy nexus more like a Verizon galaxy droid, google and Samsung failed miserably with this phone any galaxy s II will out perform this phone anytime