Gameloft is jumping head-on into social gaming once again with the release of their freshly released Gameloft LIVE! application.  They revamped the whole idea while adding some new features to the mix:

  • An all-new 3D interface that enables players to create and customize their own unique avatar and develop it in an interactive, full-3D environment that’s full of surprises.
  • New social components that will allow you to make friends and stay in contact with them, invite them to play, send them messages, and chat with them in real-time for an even livelier experience than before.
  • More trophies and rewards to unlock through our games that will give you access to new items for your avatar and environment. Try your best and get the highest score!
  • Direct access to Gameloft’s product catalog offering exceptional offers and exclusive info, ensuring that you’ll always be the first to know about our upcoming releases.

Achievements, leaderboards, rewards and challenges are all built into the app now and currently, Gameloft has a few free games available for download just for signing up. You'll want to mind the download process though as you have to hand over your phone number plus, it's around 230MB in additional data. Still in? Hit the source link to get it downloaded.

Source: Gameloft


Reader comments

Gameloft LIVE! social gaming app now available from Gameloft


230MB is kind of big as a supplementary download for just a social gaming app. Steam is super-lean, even if it is still in beta. Other things like app-aware, OpenFeint, etc are generally pretty lean and integrated into their apps. GameLoft already has in-game social bits in most games (well at least their "HD" games). The 3D avatar and social environments seems neat, but how often are we really going to be browsing it?

True. Unless they plan on enveloping other publishers and developers onto their social network the whole thing is kinda pointless. I mean how many social gaming networks do we need? Really what we need is something like this but that all Android games go onto it. Basically the culmination of this, openfeint, and mobage apps all rolled into one service for every game on the market. An xbox live of Android.