Galaxy Tab 10.1 update

This is one of those good-bad things that's starting to swing the needle firmly to "bad" column. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is getting a 63.12MB update to Android 3.2, but the update appears to have a negative effect on Wifi -- kind of an important feature on a Wifi-only device. We've gotten a few e-mails and there's a thread running in our Galaxy Tab 10.1 forum detailing the update, which apparently is causing major connection problems. A hard reset doesn't fix things, but setting a static IP address on your tablet worked things out for one poster. The list of complaints includes:

  • Wouldn't connect to Wifi with DHCP dynamic IP, only through static IP
  • Will not connect to Kies
  • Everytime you boot it says: "Firmware update failed. Please try installing
  • using Kies (PC)..."
  • Auto-rotate doesn't work.

Also note that the website the update alert tells you to visit for more information isn't of much help, having last been updated July 1, and it merely links back to itself. We've got an e-mail into Samsung to hopefully clear this one up. In the meantime, we'd probably stay away from this update.

Update: The fine folks at Samsung got back to us and let us know that we're not just imagining issues with today's update:

Samsung is aware of an issue that some Galaxy Tab 10.1 customers have experienced with today's software update. We are working on a resolution and will provide more information shortly. In the interim we have chosen to discontinue availability of the update.

All we can do now is sit tight and wait for a beter working version to push out.  When that happens, we'll let you know.

More: Galaxy Tab 10.1 forum; Thanks, marcch and Jimmy!


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Galaxy Tab 10.1 getting Android 3.2 update -- and breaking Wifi in the process [updated]


Will Samsung ever post an update that doesn't mess up the device? Seriously, people should either stop buying Samsung products or at the very least, stop applying official updates and go the cooked ROM route.

Yeah - I have four Samsung phones and three tablets in my house - not one of them have ever been messed up by an upgrade, it's called a happens...they'll fix it. Take a breath :P

Uhh...that's not good. Think I'll pass on the Wifi tablet upgrade that breaks Wifi. Maybe they pushed a release version by mistake, but I don't care - don't really see any point in upgrading from 3.1 to 3.2. I don't have any apps that need to scale better and I already have a screenshot button!



sweet you guys got my email

yeah this really blows for me my girlfriend just broke my thunderbolt dropped a bowling ball on it because she said i was flirting with her bff now my tablet is going wonky. i tried the static ip and had no luck with it i will try it again and post pics of my thunderbolt

update my pics of my thunderbolt are posted under this thread i this might be a bad week for me good thing the halo remake comes out tomorrow

Wow, you not only need a new phone, you need a new girlfriend. Can you say crazy... The writing is on the wall!!

At least they get an update. Unlike the Droid Charge.

Sorry to hear it is messing up. I know that 3.2 let my xoom much more snappy. Not that that was a problem with the galaxy tab.

I'm glad I'm not alone in having this problem. An isolated incident can get swept under the rug, at least now there's a good chance of getting this resolved.

By the by, my Live Wallpapers disappeared after the update.

Did they pull the update? I'm not seeing it neither on the tablet via OTA or in Kies. (GT-P7510, KG6 firmware)

Only the first time I got the firmware failure.

Having issues with:

I'm in the UK updating my Tab 10.1 (imported from the US) now. Failed to update the first time, trying again.

My tab is rooted, not sure if thats caused an issue.

I grabbed the update earlier today and did it before work and saw this later in the day so I went home and saw firmware failure. . . . . this makes me sad but this is the first time it failed on me. I am rooted though.

I called Samsung customer service around 5PM CST and before I could finish my question the rep told me NOT to install the update and that a new one is being worked on urgently so fix everything.

I think we'll see an update by wednesday. Even though Samsung messed up like usual, they're usually good at fixing these issues pretty quickly.

I am not surprised. I own a couple of Sammy devices (not phones) and Samsung broke one by design at the factory and the other by design in a firmware update.

Hi I'm new here and I also have had issues with the ICS update I have a Xoom and now have wifi connectivity problems and problems with some of my games .wish I could go back but I didn't back anything up .LOL