Droid Bionic case

A tipster just sent us a few pictures of Motorola Droid Bionic cases sitting pretty on the shelves at Meijer.  According to our friend, these just got stocked today.  While this doesn't mean anything about a release (see the HTC Thunderbolt ), they sure look lonely sitting there empty.  Maybe Meijer knows something we don't, or maybe it's all wishful thinking.  Either way, nobody makes or stocks accessories for things that won't show up eventually.  We just have to be patient.  There's another pic after the break, check it out.

Thanks, John Trojan!

Droid Bionic case

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slinky317 says:

Can they say if the size of it would mean a 4.3 or a 4.5 screen?

eric815 says:

Is this for the new version of bionic or old? I recall a few months ago cases for the old unreleased version were at phone shops in china or hong kong etc .

IceDree says:

No those are for the Old Droid Bionic (CES Design) , you see the camera area
The Camera & LEDs were in vertical position in the CES Bionic
The Camera & LEDs in the leaked Bionic are Horizontal

anuraj1 says:

Good eye IceDree! You're totally right about the camera on the lower pic. It looks like the ones on top are more squared out so maybe those are for the new version?

KSmithInNY says:

I have Wegmans now for my grocery needs but I miss Meijers!

Beezzy says:

I've seen these for over a month at my Meijer. This is the old style Bionic.

the bottom one could be for the new bionic since the new pics that leaked that is how the camera is.

droid.rob says:


Hot Dawg says:

Lawdy, this wait is painful!