Note 8 Gogle Play credit

Register your new tablet with Samsung for $25 to spend at any of the Google Play stores

If you already picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or are considering it, don't forget that Samsung has $25 worth of Google Play credit they want to give you with your purchase. All you need to do is register your new device with Samsung, which is usually a good idea anyway for warranty issues.

Doing so is easy. You'll need the box your Note 8 came in, and have the device powered up and connected to Wifi. Follow the form's instructions and fill in your model, serial number, and MAC address. A few minutes later, you should get a gift code in the Gmail account you specified.

Half the fun of getting a new Android device is shopping at Google Play, and $25 free makes it even better. Click the link below to get started.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 perks page 

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Qbancelli says:

I'm starting to like this tablet more and more.

Waiting for the next Nexus 7 though.

return_0 says:

Sammy is trying to pull a Nexus 7, huh? :P

spleenfreak says:

I really wanted to get one of these but 399.00 is about 100 dollars too much for this. Samsung really missed the mark on this one.

martie01 says:

A lot of consumers do continue to think that Samsung has missed the boat on price. I agree that if you are someone that has very narrow use scope, then the price may be over blown. But if you are an on the go professional who multitasks; then the Samsung Note 8 is the tablet I'd prefer.

martie01 says:

A lot of consumers do continue to think that Samsung has missed the boat on price. I agree that if you are someone that has very narrow use scope, then the price may be over blown. But if you are an on the go professional who multitasks; then the Samsung Note 8 is the tablet I'd prefer.

bart001 says:

I think I'll wait for the Galaxy note 2 10.1.

Aikuchi says:

If they aloud the phone features in the US like they do in Europe I would pick this up, but it don't so I won't.

larry313#AC says:

I tried to register but it kept saying my numbers were wrong, I worked with Samsung support for a few hours with no luck. I got an email from them on friday that saud to try a gain in 3 the way the note 8 is a great tablet.

Same here. I've been trying to register but I get the same message. I was told that this should be fixed on Monday and I should be able to register it then but so far, no dice. Hopefully this will get taken care off soon. I love the tablet. Absolutely beautiful and fast but I was looking to get content from the play store with the $25 gift card.

benleclair says:

Yep, me too and they've been less than helpful. Still not working for me.

kittykatmax says:

I finally got it to work on April 22, but it's been two days and I'm still waiting for my $25 credit to show in my e-mail inbox. I *was* able to get the extra Dropbox storage, although sadly we only get to keep it for two years.

Alison Miehl says:

I have contacted Samsung's customer support 3 times and have still not gotten my $25 credit. I think it's a scam.

I purchased the Tab3 on release date of july 7th ,2013.also unable to register for the perks they advertised.says my numbers entered are not valid?????did live chat..what a waste of half my day off.suppossed to get an email.will wait a day or two.frustrating!!!!!!!

Why did they get rid of the phone radios. That is what I was looking for. I could use my phone at home, and the tablet at work.




tibbi64 says:

Wish they had this deal with the Nexus 4. I just ordered one.

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austndfddy says:

Nexus will be going to give a strong competition here...

How do u get free google play points?

Is it available for Mexico?

eyecon82 says:

I'm also getting an error where it's not recognizing my mac Id. Wth, I was able to register it on the samsung website just

But not for the $25. I hope they aren't pulling a fast one on us

I just bought the samsung galaxy note 8.0 yesterday. I tried getting the 25 dollars for google play but I haven't gotten the promo code yet. Anyone know to fix my problem? Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

nericks2 says:

I bought my Note 8.0 on April 12th and was having registration issues for the first week and a half. I spoke to customer service and finally got it sorted out and registered my device but I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY $25 GIFT CARD

Jamey Gaudet says:

Not available to Canadian residents... I don't think that's fair.

tyrranus007 says:

I bought mine in early August 2013 - got the $25 credits and 56GB dropbox as well as 12 free months of Boingo wifi (which I'll never use), 3 months HULU Plus, and $50 credits for WatchOn movies/TV shows.

As a licensed contractor, I use the SNote app for all my estimating, customer notes, etc. The SPen is unrivaled. Was considering the Nexus 7, decided to spend the extra money on this, and haven't regretted it even for a MICROSECOND.

When I draw a messy-looking square, and SNote magically transforms it into a perfect shape, then I can scrawl my dimensions on it...estimating has never been more fun!

If you are a casual tablet user, you should probably pass on this. It's more "tool" than "toy", and the cost isn't justified. Otherwise, for busy professionals, I cannot recommend this highly enough!

eyecon82 says:

anyone know when this credit will expire?

meaning, once it is **already** redeemed and in your account, does it expire?

because if you read the terms for when they had the nexus 7 credit last year, it states "4. Redeemed balances that remain unused in your Google Play account will expire on September 30, 2013" at

ledfrog says:

This offer is not available for Google Apps users!! You are forced to use a address. I spoke to Samsung support and they said the offer only applies to email addresses and apparently there is no way to override it manually.