For the past month there have been rumors flying around about what to expect from HTC when Sprint's LTE network goes live later this year, and we got a tip that's just too juicy to sit on. Most of it lines up with other hints we've heard from various folks who would know this sort of thing, but like all rumors, that grain of salt needs to be handy. According to an insider who wishes to remain nameless, the phone HTC and Sprint will be announcing on April 4 is:

  • Released June 6
  • 4.7 inch, 720p AMOLED screen
  • 1.5 dual-core Krait processor
  • 2650mah non-removal battery
  • 16GB internal memory
  • microSD card slot
  • Android 4.0 with 4.0 sense
  • 8-megapixel camera with 2.0 front-facing camera
  • LTE
  • Beats by Dre audio

Supposedly the EVO One is black and red, thin, and has a kickstand as well.

We've been kicking this one around in the forums all day now. As mentioned, a lot of this matches up with other rumors we've been hearing -- things like that this phone will not be built on the standard HTC One X chassis, have a monstrous battery to combat the power-suck that is LTE, and it'll be the biggest phone Sprint has ever sold.

On the other hand, some of it doesn't make as much sense. if the phone has a big honking battery, and a microSD card slot, it's not going to be very thin. The CPU makes sense -- it's what HTC has in the AT&T version of the One X (and the One XL), which also rocks LTE.

Of course, rumors are just rumors until we see what's behind the curtain next week. We'll be at the event, of course, and we're certainly expecting a device announcement of some sort. 

More: HTC One X forums; Thanks, Anon!


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Sprint's next-gen HTC EVO rumored to have kickstand, larger battery


Oh shite!! Things just got real! That kickstand alone might sway me. Then again, the GSIII hasn't been announced so who the heck knows what I'm going to do? Good thing I don't have an upgrade until August!

While I hope that's all true, it just seems to good to actually BE true.

The larger battery in particular is of huge interest to me.

Its not that good. Screen is too small for a high end phone, and its amoled, probably pentile, which is way inferior to the IPS displays used in other One series phones. Its really kind of lame compared to the One X. Other than the kickstand of course.

Do you think before you open your dumb mouth or does sh** run by itself. your a dumba** go troll somewhere else you obviously have a small mental capacity peanut brain dumb***

I'm fine with either IPS or AMOLED... at 720p I don't care if it's pentile or not. I'm not that anal. Both are amazing screens.

The battery alone puts this way above the one X for me.

Lol, are you high? The screen size is 4.7 inches. This is not a tablet it is a phone lol. my Galaxy is 4.52 inches and it does not seem small by any standards.

Screw that. Between the small screen and that it uses an Amoled display (probably pentile), I would not get it. I want something that is truly worthy of the One series. That means IPS display and at least the original Evo's screen at 4.3 inches. Though, as long as the other specs remain the same, it would make an amazing phone. But the screen is a dealbreaker, both in size and tech.

Say what? I really don't understand what you are saying. Small screen? What small screen? At least the screen size of the orginal evo at 4.3 inches? Uh its 4.7 with a 720p display. How is this phone not truly worthy of the One series? Are you ok? Did you lose your glasses or did you forget to take your meds? HMM?

Non-removable battery and no quad-core? If I had Sprint I wouldn't wait around for it being that the GNexus is going to get you all the updates. But that's just me.

you can't do quad core and LTE. tegra 3 doesn't play nice with LTE. hence Krait.

im not worried though cause krait is BETTAAAAAAA MWAHAHAA suck it all you sheep who thing t3 is better cause it has more cores! just suck it :P

Damn, someone had dinner off a mirror tonight. But yeah, I'm not at all sold on Tegra 3 until I see evidence that Android actually makes use of those extra cores.

LOL @ that expression. And yes, Krait dominates t3. Get used to it. This # of cores game is like the megapixel wars all over again. Le sigh.

The new Evo is a renamed and slightly customized OneX. Why would anyone want a quad core Tegra 3 when the dual core S4 is faster because it has a A15 architecture vs the Tegra's A9 architecture which is older and inferior. The dual core S4 will also be more power efficient than the Tegra. People think quad core must be better than dual core because it has 2 more cores but that is wrong, you have to look architectures and such to find out which is actually better.

I want a battery THAT big because I want to be able to take a weekend road trip and not have to bring a stupid charger.

The one thing I miss about old flip phones is being able to go a whole week on a charge... one day, one day.

Oh, come on...

Its a road trip. Plug it in in the car, problem solved.

Going Camping? Turn it off and enjoy the wilderness.
Or buy an external battery pack. Why buy a custom battery when an external pack, or car charger serves ALL your devices?

Sooner or later manufacturers have to stop designing phones for the 1/10th of 1% of users that change batteries. Everybody talks about it, but virtually nobody does it in real life. 30 bucks for a second battery, then 50 bucks for an external battery charger, then they use it three times and decide its just too big of a hassle. Buy the car charger.

Look, if someone gave you a 4 day battery, you would whine for a 6 day battery. Give you a month battery you would whine for a two month battery.

Plug it in. Its not that hard, even in a car. Even when flying.

I agree to a point. I've never swapped batteries in and out to handle the lack of length of charge. BUT, I am on my third battery for my OG EVO. It gets to a point where it lasts substantially less than the original battery it is nice to purchase a new one and swap it in. Without a user replaceable battery we will have to live with what the manufacturer put in it.

"Sooner or later manufacturers have to stop designing phones for the 1/10th of 1% of users that change batteries."

I would just like to obnoxiously point out that 1/10th of 1% can also be expressed as 0.1%. That is all.

Of course it's not hard to plug it in. Never said it was.

I just want better battery life so I can use my phone and not have to worry about it.

I like like the march of progress. One area where smartphones need to move forward is battery life... that simple.

It gets to a point where it lasts substantially less than the original battery it is nice to purchase a new one and swap it in. Without a user replaceable battery we will have to live with what the manufacturer put in it.


I bought a larger battery for my Evo 4G that I only use when playing golf because GolfLogix kills the Evo OEM battery. I hate switching them out but I don't want to carry a charger with me to play golf if I don't have to. I can't wait for this phone if it really has the 2650 battery!

The reason why old flip phones could last so long was because you probably never used it for anything other than calls and texts. Did you browse the web, listen to music, or play any games on your old flip phone?

With lite use, my Sensation can easily last a weekend. I have an extended 1900mah battery though.

The first flip phones had horrid battery life. But they progressed to having amazing battery life.

That's what I want out of my smartphone because I prefer to see technology improve and I'd like to see smartphones become easier to use.

on my original EVO with regular battery I get from Friday afternoon to Sunday night no problem. I don't use my phone a whole lot, but I'm also busy living my life rather than playing on my phone. You sound like one of those winners complaining that the new Kindle battery only lasted a month on one charge. And I also doubt that you take many road trips bc either a) you would have a car charger or b) you would already be used to not using your phone much. Here's a clever idea tho, go get an old color free screen flip phone and enjoy your long battery life.

A MUCH larger battery than the HTC One X.... check
Kickstand.... check
*SD CARD*!!!.... check

And by all reports, the dual core Krait is as fast or faster than the quad core Tegra 3.

Just a question... say you have to do a battery pull when phone freezes(happens some times) how is this accomplished using a non-removable battery.... ie how can i do a soft reset of a frozen phone

Maybe Side Slot with an LTE Micro-SIM , RAZR Style ! ;)

Or Maybe A Removable back plate like the DROID 4 & Xperia S !

Volume rocker plus power button. Alternatively they could supply a pin-hole switch like some tablets do.

there will be a hard reset button configuration, something like hold volume up and power together for 5 seconds. its a PHYSICAL reset (it charges a capacitor to discharge and short the circuit in order to ACT like the battery was pulled)

its just as effective

Probably the same way you handle this with a tablet. By a preset multiple button hold, say hold power button and up volume for 10 seconds etc.

Me and a friend were just talking about this, this morning. If this is true...I'm sold! What a way to end a work day too! Dan Hesse, don't screw this up!

It will be financed over 2 years like just about every other phone. So it depends on your monthly payment plan.

I got on the EVO gravy train with the 4G and it was the right choice for kickass phone of the year. Then the EVO3d...not sure if it was the right choice or not. Its good but the SGS2 is better, ESPECIALLY with ROM support.

So I'm not sure, Samsung has stepped it up and I'm thinking of getting out of the HTC market. They floundered this year and their phones show it. Plus a lot of what I liked about Sense (Exchange Support with GAL) is already in ICS now and even better. SGS3 + CM9.1 sounds like the best upcoming phone. Plus WTF...no 4 quad core??>??

For tegra 3 phones to have LTE they need a separate chip for LTE, whereas Krait doesn't. Also, with ICS and beyond the extra cores aren't very useful. It's like road construction, where 2 guys work and the other 2 watch. There just isn't much you can do with a phone to push it to use 4 1+ghz cores. I highly doubt you could go wrong whether you get the next EVO or SGSIII. Personally, I was going to hold out for the SGSIII until I started reading about the next EVO and seeing some great (rumored) specs and NEVER read anything about 3D.

You can do that with the dimensions of the Note, but you have to get thicker when on a small form factor phone. Batteries are constrained by internal volume. Big & thin = Small & Fat.

Ive been sitting on my upgrade since sept of last year, so its either the rumored EVO 1, SGSIII, or the GNEX. Come on Sprint don't fuck this up..... same goes to you too hesse!

Any rumors on whether the camera/sensor is the same as the One X. I really need a better image capture option on Sprint.

Agree with DocToxyn, my EVO3D shoots aweful pictures in indoor lighting. Its just piss poor considering the EVO used to be such a big deal. HTC dropped the ball, flooded the market and Samsung stole the show. Also, try out the speaker phone too...good lord mine is weak as hell.

I agree 100% on the speaker phone issue. They better come correct this time...speaker phone on the 3D is terrible.

Agreed. The speaker on the Evo 3D is horrible. Tiny, weak, tinny. I don't find the camera to be worse than the Evo 4G, though.... but could certainly use improvement.

I have a Nexus S4G... the speaker phone is pretty useless outside of my home. I can't hear it in the car or anywhere else when I show someone a video. I don't know about the current crop of Samsung devices, but the 1st Galaxy line wasn't very good.

As far as I've read the quad core won't happen because it won't work with the LTE radio. However S4 that takes its place is supposed to be a great performer.

I would need the battery to be removable. I don't care about size, I need to be able to replace the battery to a larger Seidio battery.


I just hope the micro SD card slot part of the spec is true. I can accept 16 GB onboard with expandable card slot, but 16 GB with no expandability is a no go, or else give us 32 GB onboard.

Hold up there buckaroo. Why would the colors be black & red? Those are Verizon colors. That's like a Crypt wearing red.

because the original EVO was black, and the internals were red. EVERYTHING was red, from the battery to the microsd latch.

And it looked sweet as hell with the red internals. Even the tiny red bezel on the 3D was a nice touch. Not Verizon red, but Ferrari red.

Let me expand, I want phone big, but I don't care if phone is thin. I have EVO 3D and have the 4000 mah battery beast. I need it like that.


If you are talking about me, that's not exactly true. There are many people who were waiting for the 1st and 2nd EVO extended battery. The one on this is decent, but some people need more power to get through the day.


i agree there will be people who want bigger batteries, there always will be, but the majority of people are who HTC is going to design for and the majority of people like slimish phones that they can easily handle with small hands and fit in their pocket comfortably, its just the way it is lol

Guys, HTC and Sprint have this all covered. Just sit still, relax and let them do what's best for their customers. The One X's wasn't just made yesterday - these devices were made from feedback from what you guys wanted.

The phone will be awesome! :)

Sprint does not have it covered... Recent reports of high bankruptcy probability.. current stock price... Dan hesse on borrowed time and he still just got huge bonus...

bankruptcy is nothing in the corporate world, in fact it means starting over debt free, this in no way impact the phone lineup sprint is going to offer, in fact if they do file bankruptcy they are going to want to offer AMAZING phones so they can start a positive trend with their new leaf

Wow if those specs are real then Sprint just up the ante. Now its going to be even harder to choose between this new EVO and the upcoming GS3.

Gotta give MAJOR PROPS to the Hesse man. Sprint and Htc has always loved EVO and I loved EVO too. Today i roll real strong with GALAXY NEXUS on Verizon the device that everyone is trying to catch up too.

If it really meets the specs in that "spec"ulation list, I will upgrade from the Evo 3D. It would be my last Sprint Gold Premiere Customer upgrade.

I miss having a kickstand. I would LOVE a larger screen. Not losing the SD slot is necessary (especially if only 16GB of internal storage). And having a larger battery without turning the phone into a heavy, thick, "brick" is very attractive; plus a necessity if the battery is not removable.

If true, this new Evo would address almost every complaint we have all expressed with the HTC One X and would be a wonderful upgrade from the Evo 3D. I find it too good to be true....

Totally agree, especially on the last point. If this is indeed the phone that gets released this summer I *MAY* not miss my annual upgrade as much as I first thought.

This sounds too good to be true -- let's hope it isn't!!!

I have a dumb question though -- my only experience is with the OG EVO and its tiny memory for apps.

With 16GB on board, what does that mean for app storage? Is it all available for app storage or is it divided between app storage and data? I know it will be way better than the lousy 512MB available on the OG EVO, and 7.5GB (by default) on the SD card, but just curious.

>"* 16GB internal memory"

All memory is always "internal". I think you mean 16GB of internal *storage*. It likely has 1GB of memory.

I have doubts on these being totally accurate. Them going from LCD to AMOLED for the 4.7inch screen is one of the things that irks me. So I'm hoping this is not all real. The rest is believable though. MicroSD irks me a little too because the other versions of the One X don't have microSD. Not saying it can't happen though.

I don't need a 9mm thick phone that only has a 1700mah battery. I'll gladly take an 11mm thick phone with a monster battery. Maybe even 10mm since the battery is non removable. I am getting this over the gnex for sure. Cdma nexus phones don't even mean anything anymore. Cm9 on the evo one will be just as good. Hell if sense is as light as they say I'll probably stick with it.

i also question if this is true due to the screen spec listing amoled and sd card listed, mostly because of the screen though. I thought the one x had 32gb and no sd. I would be happy if this turns out to be true though.

I like the bigger battery and kickstand. A very tempting device but non-removable battery is a deal killer. Even if the battery lasted all day with heavy use, wear and tear on a battery over a 2 year contract means you will want a replacement if not a spare.

I don't think the "non-removable" battery means the battery can't be replaced when it goes defective. It is just not something you can do quickly, in the field. And it won't be something the average Joe can do. But I am sure it will be serviceable.

Sub quality screen.. non removable battery.. no quad core... Me no likey... Plus probably same sub quality sound.. camera.. and huge energy drain on fast network (4g)... Why can't I get android phone on sprint where everything is great?

agree with sub quality screen if SAMOLED but i doubt it, the SLCD-2 is going to be on this bad boy hands down. the s4 is better then quad core so that excites me. i'd rather take the kraite 28nm CPU over the T3 any day. each core is WAY more powerful so single threaded apps (read most apps) will work MUCH better on krait, and 28nm is going to make the battery last forever. sound will probably be mediocre but the camera is the best camera i have ever seen on any phone ever, go look up a few videos, it is hott stuff. as for energy drain, LTE wont be near as bad as WiMax but you always have the option to turn it off when not in use.

this will be a great phone

You dont deserve to have a phone like the new evo. You clearly know nothing about phones at all, please leave android and get a iphone we dont want you.

The camera on the new evo will be the best camera on the cell phone market, mark my words.

Ugh, I was really hoping HTC and Sprint would try to compete with ATT in the "tablet-phone" category this summer. Alas, a phone with .8 inches less in the screen and no removable battery. Joy.

I was a day-zero Evo 4G guy, love that phone and for its time it was the best out there. I won't sign another contract until Sprint offers the Note or something equivalent.

Sounds like the perfect phone for me!!. But I hope it true about the battery size. I have an EVO 3D now, and that is the only downside it has.
It sucks battery power like crazy!!. So I hope this get solve with this new upcoming phone.

Ya, LTE in like four markets maybe Smh.. Sprint dropped the ball with Wimax when they knew LTE was the future all because they wanted to be "First" with 4G. Now they are playing catch up with their horrible network and slow data speeds. What's the use of an awesome phone like this when LTE can only be used by a handfull of people? Forget waiting for two years till your town gets LTE. I am currently a Sprint customer, but they won't fool me again on upgrading. I'm waiting for Verizon to drop their new phones and I'm switching. To each is own though.

vzw has experienced issues with LTe going out. But when it works, it works well. My voice quality is excellent as well.

I made the switch in January and happily paid the $40 ETF. And Sprint did not even attempt to keep me as a customer. One line down, 3 left...

Dangit. I don't have an upgrade until summer of 2013. And I can't imagine paying full price (that's my tablet budget).

Personally won't be getting it b/c I don't want Sense 4.0 mixed in w/ICS. Need true ICS or something closer. SENSE just isn't gonna cut it. Currently own an EVO 4G and love it but I would rather just have true ICS than have Sense overlapping some parts

100% Agreed. Hoping the rumors are true of Galaxy S3 giving the option of touchwiz or ICS. Would have to wait for it if thats true.

Yea i am done with Sense, once you use aosp sense just feels bloated. Though I will wait to see what comes out before I make my decision and upgrade from my og evo.

I'm liking the rumored specs so far! Hopefully on April 4th there will be a surprise bonus, like a Super IPS LCD2 screen and ImageSense camera like the One X!! :D

Same here with the upgrade on am OG EVO. This phone had really grown on me, but if this EVO 1 is true, my current one if getting tossed in the box with the old windows phones my mother has.

Sorry, should be in reply to Jean15paul.

Well with the dual 1.5 Kraits this will be a worthy upgrade to my EVO 3D. Am a little concerned with a non removable battery as I like to battery swap but with this much larger battery maybe this is a very minor concern. HTC, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a robust speaker volume on this phone. The EVO 3D speaker is just awful.

16GB internal with an SD slot is a total win/win as well. So far this is very impressive. My upgrade is in June so bring it on....

"my EVO 3D" + "My upgrade is in June" = ?

Do you still get yearly upgrades? Or did you buy the Evo3D at full price? (If you don't mind me asking)

"if the phone has a big honking battery, and a microSD card slot, it's not going to be very thin."

I disagree. For one, it's supposedly non-removable, so that'll shave a little off the top. Two, see the Razr MAXX for a good example of gigantic batteries in a shallow frame.

Remember when they charged 0$- don't be naive of a premium lte data charge even if you're not in a good area...

Though, anything is possible, I HIGHLY doubt they'll hike up the price again.

Sprint is in no position to raise prices.

They've gotten great feedback from many of their 3G upgrades (from Network Vision) and still offering UNLIMITED data compared to the competitors (who have all either capped their data or slowed it down after passing a certain amount of data)

Sooooo since the battery is non-removable, that means you can take the microSD card out of the phone without having to pop the battery out!


If you look on phandroid they have confirmed it is not a amoled screen but the SLCD2 and for all of you taking about the horrible speaker quality on the 3D rolling over to the EVO One, lets not forget that this phone has BEATS BY DRE and likely to have awesome audio all around because of it. You know Dr. Dre loves some bass :) Also wouldn't be surprised if it came with headphones. The only concern I have is no meantion of NFC but the One X has NFC so I think this one will too plus Sprint is the only carrier with google wallet that actually works. I have a Nexus S 4G and love NFC but I hate the fact that we are stuck on 2.3.7 and other phones got updates before we did so if the specs of this is true im going back to EVO land where I belong

I got the OG EVO on launch day then the 3D which I still have. I got the 3D because of more internal space and the newer sense and faster dual core processor. Wasn't much into the 3D but it's kind of cool to mess with. But I had just become a 10 year customer in Sept where I was going to get yearly upgrades from now on then they go and change everything. But the good thing they are offering me one more upgrade in June (EVO time) that I have to use by the end of the year. I can't wait for this phone. It's gonna Rock! I hope the speaker is much better and bringing back the kickstand is awesome. I can't to hear about it on April 4th.

I signed up for some BB thing to get 50 bucks extra off regular price of phone for buying from them. So that and even if i only get 100 to 150 for my 3D it will be ok. No one has mentioned where the charger port will be nottom or side. Cause I have a car dock and a home dock for my 3D and it would be cool if this phone worked for me with these docks. I have extra batteries wall chargers 2 nice Seidio cases. And I may buy this charging vault from Seidio if I need too will see.

You guys have read the reviews of Sense 4.0, right? Like this one - http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-sense-4-complete-walkthrough

It's a much better Sense than before and I actually think it improves on ICS in many ways. Let's not forget ICS is quite bare bones and doesn't even include basic functionality like Facebook sync, a decent dialer etc. Many people use the added features in Sense and it is the best OEM skin.

I've been running custom AOSP roms like MIUI/CM7 on my Evo 4G for 2 years and this is the 1st time I'm excited about Sense.